Get ready for some offline watch love. Real Life Horology (RLH) is an event series that will facilitate dedicated to bringing you together with watch makers and other watch lovers. The idea is simple: sign up (below) as a Real Life Horology member and when an event in your area is planned, you’ll be notified and invited. All events will be RSVP only, and anyone can join.

RLH events will be designed to be fun and bring you together with watch lovers and watch makers. The first events will take place in and around Los Angeles, California as well as New York City. Therefore, we invite all readers who are located in Southern California and around New York City to sign up right away. As soon as an event is planned you’ll be contacted. If you don’t live in these areas you can still sign up of course. Future events will most likely take place in larger cities, so be patient and don’t hesitate to sign up no matter where you reside.

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What types of events can you expect from RLH? The events will include dinners, presentations, parties, social gatherings, and educational seminars. Some events will likely be sponsored by major watch brands and focus on helping you to get better acquainted with their products and people. Other events will focus less on specific watch brands and offer more neutral environments for watch lovers and their friends to simply have a good time. Nothing boring, just real life horology.

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Please note that the first events will be located in Los Angeles and New York City – so certainly sign up if you are nearby.

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