Sales at Marcello C. watches don’t come often. Maybe once or twice a year you get an opportunity to own one these already affordable watches at a discount. For those of you waiting to get a Marcello C. watch, a good opportunity has shown itself. Marcello C. watches is celebrating 15 years of watch making; which now makes it an old, young watch company. Though old is good in watch terms, and the exciting, high-value brand keeps delivering solid products that I heartily recommend. There aren’t a lot of places to get Marcello C. watches in the US, so going to their US website at Marcello C. watches is your best bet to get a hold of one of these. My choice is their line of diver’s watches (See my Marcello C. watch reviews here).

So what kind of deals are 15% off at Marcello C. watches going to get you? Lets take the pictured model which is the Nettuno 3 GMT in black. The watch takes a legendary (to me at least) Marcello C. Nettuno 3, inserts an ETA 2893-2 movement (with a fully independent second timezone GMT hand) and a bi-directional 24 hour rotating bezel. The look is very handsome, and the watch reflects what Marcello C. is best known for, quality, functionality, and superb value. The usual price of the Marcello C. GMT is $1429.00, but with the 15th Anniversary Sale discount, that prices comes down to about $1215.00; a pretty nice deal for what you get.

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The terms of the sale are simple. You have 15 hours (12:00am CST to – 3:00pm CST) to cash in on the offer on November 27th. All you need to do is make your order within that time period. Shipping is still extra. Check out Marcello C. for all the Nettuno 3, Tridente, Diavolo, and other fine watch lines they offer. You may not know, but they actually have pretty nice women’s watches. Now you have something to do before stuffing yourself at Thanksgiving dinner. Frankly, any day when I order a watch is a good day. The tough part is waiting for it to arrive!

Information on Marcello C. watches’ 15th Anniversary Sale.

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