Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI Watches: Popular Diving Watches Just Got More Official

Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI Watches: Popular Diving Watches Just Got More Official

Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI Watches: Popular Diving Watches Just Got More Official Watch Releases

Probably the world's most popular analog diving watches just got more official as Japanese Seiko announced that they have become an official partner of PADI. The vast majority of people who have diving certifications at various levels are more than familiar with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) because that is how most people get their diving certification (myself and several members of the aBlogtoWatch team included). To begin their relationship with PADI, Seiko has just debuted two special edition watches celebrating the red and blue colors of PADI along with official PADI branding on the dial.

Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI Watches: Popular Diving Watches Just Got More Official Watch Releases

Why is this a good idea for Seiko? To most watch lovers, the importance of this relationship is obvious. Time and timing are an essential part of diving and learning to dive, and Seiko just entered the market to produce an amazing souvenir for anyone who has gone through the PADI certification process. Of course, traditional analog watches are typically more for watch enthusiasts and history lovers, but many people agree that wearing a back-up timepiece along with your diving computer is a good idea. With that said, these limited edition Seiko Prospex collection PADI dive watches are an excellent way of showing people that you aren't just one of many dive watch lovers, but you have at least some diver credibility to back it up. It doesn't hurt that the watches aren't half bad looking.

Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI Watches: Popular Diving Watches Just Got More Official Watch Releases
Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI Automatic Diver SRPA21 watch

Seiko released their first diving watch in 1965, which was about 12 years after the first commercial diving watches were released to the public during a time when recreational diving was booming. Seiko's first titanium dive watch from 1975 is a serious collector's item, and in 1986, the Seiko "Tuna" was first released having a ceramic outer case. In 2000, Seiko reportedly came out with the first Nitrox Dive computer watch. More important is the vast universe of Seiko dive watches that continue to come out each year. Probably everyone on the aBlogtoWatch team has at least one Seiko dive watch, and I wouldn't be surprised if the same applies to much of the aBlogtoWatch audience. Whether you take them into the water or not, Seiko is often quite synonymous with dive watches - which just happen to be the most popular genre of sport watches.

Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI Watches: Popular Diving Watches Just Got More Official Watch Releases

Seiko and PADI's relationship not only begins with two special edition Prospex collection watches, but also support for PADI's Project AWARE, which is a global initiative to protect ocean environments. It is unclear how the watches are related to Project AWARE, but Seiko does claim to support the conservation initiative. The two special edition watches are based on relatively current Seiko divers in the SUN and SRPA collections. First is the Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI Automatic Diver's SRPA21 which is the mechanical model of the two. With its classic Seiko-style Pepsi bezel and metal bracelet, this is likely to be the most popular of the two. Some Seiko lovers have come to call the SRPA collection the Seiko "Turtle."

The Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI SRPA21 has a 45mm-wide steel case that is 13.4mm thick and is water resistant to 200 meters. The dial has a Hardlex crystal and the case has magnetic resistance of 4,800 A/m. Inside the Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI SRPA21 is the Seiko in-house-made caliber 4R36 automatic movement that operates at 3Hz with 41 hours of power reserve, and offers the time with a day/date complication. The Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI SRPA21 comes on a matching steel bracelet and the blue and red colors along with the nicely integrated PADI logo on the dial are very attractive.

Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI Watches: Popular Diving Watches Just Got More Official Watch Releases
Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI Kinetic GMT Diver SUN065 watch

"Special Edition" in this context means that the Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI watches will not be produced as a limited edition, but rather selectively and with selective distribution. It is also special because of the co-branding on the dials. While traditional watch lovers may prefer the mechanical Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI SRPA21, the more high-tech of the two Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI models is the Seiko Prospex SUN065 Kinetic GMT Diver. aBlogtoWatch reviewed a different color of this watch in our Seiko SUN023 Kinetic GMT Diver review here.

With a 47.5mm-wide and 14.1mm-thick steel case, the Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI SUN065 Kinetic GMT Diver is water resistant to 200 meters and comes on a black silicone diver's strap. Once again you have blue with red accent coloring and the PADI logo on the dial. Inside the Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI SUN065 Kinetic GMT Diver is Seiko's in-house made caliber 5M85 Kinetic movement which is quartz but that uses an automatic-style rotor to charge the battery, giving it a total battery life of about 6 months without being charged. In addition to the time and date, the Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI Kinetic GMT Diver has a GMT hand for a second time zone on the dial indicated in 24-hour format. A pusher on the case allows for easy adjustment of the GMT hand in one hour increments.

Diving and watch enthusiasts with any positive PADI experience will be hard-pressed to resist these Seiko Prospex Special Edition PADI watches. Prices (in euros for now) for the Seiko Automatic Diver SRPA21 is 430 euros and the Kinetic GMT Diver SUN065 is 630 euros.

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  • ProJ

    Nice overall, but after that article on date windows, I am finding it difficult to like those dials..

    • Imo the SRPA21 one works better as it kinda balances well with the 9 index, but yeah, the Kinetic date window just looks bad.

      • Charles Ford

        I own the black dial Kinetic of the same model, it’s a great watch, very big, lots of wrist presence. The dial has a real 3D effect with the steep raised applied markers that you cannot realize from the photos here.
        I also find the date window unobtrusive and also very legible, it’s a great watch, very classy looking with the sapphire AR crystal, the only fault I could think of is the case height, which makes it ride very high.

  • SuperStrapper

    That automatic will be a real hit on the forums with the desk diving elite.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Wow,…i bet i look super manly with this on. I can wear it in the bath !. I’ll just echo the previous comments about the position of the date window,…………………..why ?


    a bit pricey when you can easily get a Prospex Blumo for 400 bucks with the 6R15 movement in it but i am sure the forum fanatics will go nuts over it.

  • Richard

    200m seems overkill considering the majority of people aren’t qualified to go over 30m. I’m also a little surprised that a stopwatch wasn’t included to allow you to do your 3 minute safety stop.

    Sure, people may use a dedicated dive computer – but at least you could claim that the watch had something vaguely related to diving. This just feels like they took an existing watch design and slapped the PADI logo and colours on it.

    • It’s part of the ISO rating for Diver’s Watches, and it involves a lot more than mere static pressure at 30m.

    • drspaceman

      200m is part of the standard for dive watches – ISDO 6425. Yes it’s overkill for recreational diving, but Seiko has been over engineering their dive watches since the beginning and it makes sense to operate with a buffer. Furthermore, a stopwatch (chronograph) would be entirely out of place here. Most chronographs can’t be actuated underwater (there are exceptions, but few) and the unidirectional dive bezel can easily time a safety stop without adding any complexity to the design. These are most definitely existing designs that just have PADI logos, but the original designs also happen to be great dive watches.

      • Richard

        I learn something new every day. Thanks for the information.

    • Sonny Koo

      funny, can u dive 100m ?

  • dennis

    As a PADI diver and instructor i like these watches, brings back fond memories, let’s check
    out the reef, Seiko.

  • Considering the cumulative price of the courses, PADI should give these away to everyone attaining the Master Diver Cert. It’s advertising, after all.

  • SuperStrapper

    Taking a closer look at these, there are some rough looking elements on the kinetic watch that appear to be very un-Seiko. Mainly the large hour markers. I’m sure the lumibrite is smooth and richly applied as in all other Seiko divers, but they are framed so roughly you can almost see burrs. And, those markers are floating over the dial for an admittedly cool effect, giving the watch a lot of depth, but you can actually see traces of the ring the markers are attached to, which is a cheap aftertaste. I would expect much better from this on a Seiko at this pricepoint.

    • Dinkee, H. O.

      “…you can almost see burrs.”

      That’s what people who know something about computer images call “pixelation”

      I have better things to do than to explain it to you, but I don’t want you misleading people yet again on here, so here is a link: .

      You’re welcome.

      • SuperStrapper

        No, you’re horribly incorrect, but nowhere near worth arguing with Skeletor.

        • Adam Anava

          You should take the time to see the watch in person before posting comments like this. I have a SUN065 and the finishing is flawless

  • ?????? ????????

    I wish it was automatic GMT though.
    Also date windows on GMT model looks not right to me. It’s in place in Automatic model.

    • funkright

      Yes, so do I, but then it would be considerably more $’s.

  • PleaseSpellRoman4AsIV

    So ,not limited edition, but selectively distributed? Does this mean that only PADI certified people can buy it? Or simply desk divers have to go an extra mile to pick one up?

  • Larry Holmack

    I really like the Kinetic GMT Diver SUN065, their blue dials are fantastic looking….but really don’t have any use for it. Only place I would be able to use it is in my physical therapy sessions….and I’m only in 5 feet of water.

  • cg

    Dive shop I use sells 4 different watch brands and Seiko is not one of them. Most dive shops are too small a sales volume for Seiko to bother with even though that’s where the PADI market is. Seiko offers a verygood dive watch under $200 on sale sans PADI logo that is basically the same. Wonder what the % kickback PADI is earning. I can see it now… PADI boats shoes fins regulators lights snorkel swimsuits suntan lotion margueritas etc etc etc

    • mclonts

      I got the PADI version SRPA21 not so much for the PADI logo, but for the overall Pepsi color scheme and shimmering blue dial. It’s really great eye candy!?

  • Mark Baran

    I really like the PADI affiliation. A PADI shop did my training in Maui many years ago. Looks like I will need to add a SUN065 to my existing SBDB009 and SBGX115 mini-collection. Thanks for the article on these two pieces!

  • otaking241

    I like the case on the kinetic but the dial execution leaves a lot to be desired. The hour markers in particular are pretty gnarly–like they’re cast as one piece and shrouded by the rehaut? I expect more from a Seiko at this price point.

    PADI co-branding is kind of cool but you can get the same color scheme in regular production models. Pretty “meh” overall.

  • funNactive

    I am PADI certified. Out of these two watches, I like the look of the Kinetic GMT but prefer the automatic movement of the other. My preference would be a PADI branded Seiko Monster (I have the older model of the Orange Monster).

  • Yojimbo

    I’m not sure what I think about that selling price

    • Charles Ford

      Just ordered one for $383. that’s a more then fair price.

      • Yojimbo

        which is about $200 more than the ‘normal’ kinetic and a good hundred less than the claimed list for the automatic in the story above where they’re listed at just under $500 and just over $700 U.S. for the kinetic respectively

        • Charles Ford

          Anyone who pays list price for any watch is nuts.

          • Yojimbo

            So if the starting MSRP on a ‘deluxe edition’ is stupid at first instance, and you get a reduction on that, but are still paying a premium on the normal package are you a genius?

            yeah didn’t think so, go blow your arse trumpet somewhere else dude

          • Charles Ford

            You are a really moronic jerk-off aren’t you Sparkles?
            Save your money and buy it used on the bay then you buffoon!

          • Yojimbo

            you’re like the stupid guy who gets upset when someone on jalopnik makes a remark about the MSRP on a new car aren’t you? The only jerk off here is you in your echo chamber posting comments and not even fully grasping what you’re talking about.

          • Charles Ford

            Hasn’t your attendant at the Mental Institution revoked you computer privileges yet?

            Just reading a couple of your posts is enough for them to have them sign permanent commitment papers on your insane ass!

            Run along now you buffoon, you are starting to bore me!

          • Yojimbo

            yes, the first ad hominem didn’t work so by all means double down and see if I cry

          • Charles Ford

            You started it, you stool gobbling beta-male fairy

          • Yojimbo

            You know when the entire series of the conversation is available to scroll through in chronological order it doesn’t make sense to lie about who was rude to whom first. Also there you are again with the ass trumpets braying away like a donkey.

            Buddy you’re not going to get a rise out of me, go play with children your own size.

          • Charles Ford

            You obviously a mentally ill troll, run along now punk!

          • Yojimbo

            Oh and you come back with a third attempt at personal attack? Again, I invite you to scroll through the remarks, we have me being called a moronic jerk off by you and I simply compared you to the “stupid guy who gets upset when someone on jalopnik makes a remark about the MSRP on a new car” in response.

            Apparently I was granting you too much perceived intelligence because still you chug along.

            Thank you for expressing concern about my mental health, truly touching, I hope you have a team of specialists dealing with whatever your own disorder is.

          • Charles Ford

            You mentally ill retard, the first invectives hurled, were hurled by you, in response to my stating “Anyone who pays list price for any watch is nuts.”

            You responded with a photo of some hill billy moron with a mullet (must be one of your kin) and state “,go blow your arse trumpet somewhere else dude”.
            You are a maniacal POS, and kindly GFY!

          • Yojimbo

            Dude, that is a kid who looks like he farted, which I directly said you were doing with your contributions; blowing hot air.

            That is an insult, sort of like me calling you an asshole right now. Those are not examples of an ad hominem which is not synonymous.

            The more you give evidence of it, the more I can definitively conclude that you are in fact stupid, which means saying you are one is not an ad hom, it is both an insult to you because of the manner I am stating it as well as a statement of fact.

          • Charles Ford

            Listen you feces eating retard, this is the last time I respond to your Trolling.

            Now do the world some good and go gargle some carbolic acid, it may improve the stool stench emanating from you rotten pie hole, you low voltage rodent!

          • Yojimbo

            You must really love your own words with the way you post. Comes on a 3months old string of posts and starts calling people nuts, they say he can go fart his comments somewhere else and then shit goes sideways. Yes, I’m a troll for not agreeing with you and thinking that you’re of demonstrably poor child rearing.

          • Charles Ford


          • Yojimbo

            I took a peek at some of your comments, they are those of a sock puppet. An amalgam of whatever your actual personality is and what you want the world to perceive you as. It’s kind of sad, you can fuck off anytime brietbart mouthbreather

      • Nick Chang

        Just picked one up at $360 out the door from a nearby Seiko dealer. It’s my first Seiko ‘turtle’ and I love it. The dial casts a very nice deepsea blue luster under the sun. My wife also loves this watch worn with my red, white, and blue plaid shirt. Excellent value 🙂

        • Charles Ford

          Got mine a couple of days ago, sweet watch, put mine on shark mesh.

  • JPonce

    I think it’s a smart move for Seiko, and the color is nice too.

  • word-merchant

    I’d rather have the Rolex Deepsea D-Blue, and luckily for me, I do!

    • mclonts

      Good for you! But I’d rather have a few thousand dollars left in my pocket and have a great Seiko to boot!

      • Nick Chang

        Wise choice and it’s nice to have even a few hundred $$ in the pocket…for booze and lapdances 😛

    • Charles Ford

      For what you pay to service your Rolex, you could own both of these great Seikos

      • Nick Chang

        …kind of like the 2yrs maintenance cost of a McLaren F1 can afford you a brand new Corvette Z06

  • I_G

    ’70s called, they want their sci-fi font back from the PADI logo!

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  • Lee Cole

    Rolex are good, but I don’t like the fact you can pull off the bezel on older models with your fingers.

  • Kelvin de Leon
  • Andrew Hughes

    Hi Ariel. I happen to own the kinetic version so I wanted to point out a small correction to the article. The GMT hand is set with the crown. The tiny screwdown button at 2:00 is actually a power reserve indicator. If you hit that, the seconds hand races forward to indicate the battery charge.