SIHH 2013, You Control The Watch Coverage

SIHH 2013, You Control The Watch Coverage

SIHH 2013, You Control The Watch Coverage Evolving ABTW

In about a week I will be on the ground in Geneva covering the 2013 edition of the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH). Read this post fully because the important stuff is at the end. This will be our 4th SIHH show, but our week in Geneva doesn't stop there. In addition to the SIHH we will be at the Geneva Time Exhibition (GTE), and meet with a number of other brands who will be presenting in the area. SIHH sounds hectic but in reality it is much more relaxed than the ten plus days you can spend in Basel at Baselworld madly meeting with as many brands as possible.

Seeing that many watches can be overwhelming - even for us. And by us I mean that this year it will be more than just me (Ariel Adams) walking around with a bunch of photo equipment. aBlogtoWatch as a team, continues to grow in cohesion. Nevertheless, I will still have all that equipment (which this year will be a pack including two DSLR cameras, multiple lenses, and a video camera). Sadly, they don't allow pack mules at the show (not luxurious enough I guess).

To augment our editorial coverage of articles on watches that we will be publishing over the next year, you will have two places to check out more immediate coverage. That includes the aBlogtoWatch YouTube channel, and the aBlogtoWatch Instagram account. Also, you can monitor those two account updates (and more) by following the aBlogtoWatch Twitter feedOur Facebook page will also be kept up-to-date throughout the day, so be sure to like the page to get the stream.

OK, now that we've satisfactorily plugged those, we'd like to mention something a bit new. We'd like your feedback on what to cover first and the most from the shows. By commenting on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and on YouTube videos, you'll be able to tell myself and other aBlogtoWatch writers what interests you most during SIHH week. That way you won't have to wait a few months for us to get to the article. So use your words and hands to help shape what you see on aBlogtoWatch.

While some other watch or luxury publications have a vested interest in showing you what they want or curating content to try and frame what is cool, we have a different philosophy. That's because I think the readers inherently have good taste and know what they like without needing to be herded. If you don't have enough confidence in your own taste and are reading this - experts like me will agree that you probably actually have good taste. The aBlogtoWatch crew is gonna show you as much as possible, but you are gonna be in control of what we focus on most. We will be your eyes and fingers touching and testing the stuff hands-on with the watch makers and brands next week. Keep in touch watch lovers...


  • gffuentes

    Ya know what, i never see any watch blog do articles on Panerai. Personally, i love the look of the watched but since I have never seen any articles on them, i really dont know much about the brand or the watches. It would be awesome to see a little coverage of the brand during SIHH!!

    • gffuentes We don’t always feel that Panerai is innovating or offering a lot of news things to the table. Having said that we have a meeting with them this year and will cover what we feel is cool.

  • hoyaeldridge

    I also would like to see your take on what is new with Panerai.  My Luminor Marina was my gateway into the world of fine timepieces and I would appreciate your take on their newest in-house movements and designs.
    At the GTE, please give some American love to RGM Watch Co.  
    Also – and this may be a bit too specific – I would love to learn about new and different pieces that hover above/below the $5,000 price point.   I may love the technology and craftsmanship that goes into many of these brands, but the sub-$10,000 watches are the only ones that I will be able to save for and choose from in the foreseeable future.

    • hoyaeldridge We have a meeting with Panerai so sure. And we will also be meeting with RGM. Coverage for both is ensured. Thanks. $5,000 watches at SIHH are rather rare!

      • hoyaeldridge

        aBlogtoWatch Ha. Very true on the $5,000 area. Perhaps that is more of a general request for your website this year and not as SIHH or GTE specific. 
        Glad to hear you’re visiting with Panerai. I know the brand can seem stagnant at times but they do put out the odd piece here and there – the Tuttonero! – that are worth the ABlogToWatch treatment.

  • Thanks Ariel for “Globe Trotting” for the rest of us, But we will be with you in sprit.

  • Zeitblom

    I’d like to second the motion about RGM. The 801 aircraft is really beautiful. Please downplay the american-made aspect, it’s insulting to suggest that RGM has to rely on that nonsense to sell their excellent watches.
    Also, I’d be grateful for focus on under-rated brands like Glashuette Original and Zenith that we don’t hear enough about.

    • Zeitblom Glashutte Original and Zenith are at Baselworld which isn’t until April this year.

  • gyang333


  • Kris C

    I have great taste in watches: does Invicta have a booth this year? I’d like to know what new innovating they’re up to these days…

  • Ulysses31

    Oris and Glycine perhaps?  I remember loving their designs but almost never see them at dealers anymore.

  • cluedog12

    Speake-Marin and Piaget are my choices. Piaget’s ultra-thin watches are impressive in-person. I’d like them to shrink their best design, the 43 mm Altiplano, down to 39 mm. Also, could you ask them about the feasibility of a dress chronograph with a thickness under 9 mm. Their target market of 1 person is dying to know.
    RGM has a shaped caliber – I’ll echo the hive mind. I like to read an in-depth report on the watch it is placed in.

  • BobsWatches

    Sounds great Ariel…we are all looking forward to it.

  • Scott A

    Love to see coverage on the following brands. Hope you like them Ariel as much as I do!
    Romain Gauthier
    Urban Jürgensen

  • Scott A

    Just a few others to consider too.
    Lang & Heyne
    Paul Gerber
    Ariel, ever heard of this brand??

    • Scott A Yea, I have heard of Heritage Watches. We will cover them more eventually. I’ve discussed them on other sites like Centurion.

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