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You gotta love simplicity. Every woman – and let’s face it, every man – needs a nice, classy watch that they can wear every day.  Because you can’t wear diamonds every day.

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Well, at least most people can’t wear diamonds every day….

But every day needs a bit of sparkle.

So, here comes Skagen. Answering the everyday needs of everyone. Defining and shaping its brand with Danish culture and style, Skagen shines with simplicity in every model.

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The Skagen Silver Mesh and Crystal model 644LSS for women is a pretty timepiece. This design, along with many other Skagen designs, reflects the landscape and early evening in Denmark, like sunsets over still waters.

To capture that beauty and clarity in a watch is ridiculous to even imagine. Yet, they totally do it.

Except… Did they have to put the word STEEL on the dial? Really?  I would imagine that most people would assume what the watch is made of… so what benefit is there to stamping the word STEEL on the otherwise clean dial? It’s a bit distracting and destroys any chance of passing the watch off as something more than it is…

Circling around the face of this simple watch, the word STEEL not withstanding, the crystals made with CRYSTALLIZED —Swarovski Elements, surround the case of genuine Mother-of-Pearl and create such a sweet, classy image – a dreamlike state, capturing time. Again, please forget the STEEL stamp.

The 32mm Stainless Steel case is the perfect size for any young woman. And at 6mm thick, it feels light as a feather. This is especially important for a young mover and shaker, as the watch is not weighing her down or holding her back. A heavy watch is nice, and is always a conversation starter, but Skagen is giving women the option of putting on a classy watch and not thinking about it for the rest of the day. Because who needs one more distraction…

Skagen Silver Mesh and Crystal Profile Shot

The absence of hour and minute indicators makes this watch look that much more mysterious – as the woman who wears it ultimately must be. It’s simple and sleek. Really the best intro piece for young woman who are just starting to find their style, taste, and footing.

With a posted battery life of approximately 5 years, this watch will definitely carry a young woman on to her next, more adult purchase. The quartz analog powered timepiece is really all you need – especially in times like these.

This is an entirely appropriate model, from a brand that I expect to do very well – right now and in the future. Skagen proves that affordable watches do not need to look cookie-cutter and boring. The addition of the Swarovski Crystal elements makes the watch truly sparkle – and inspires the woman who gets to wear this piece.

Check this picture of a wrist, rocking the Skagen Silver Mesh and Crystal. You can just see that this is a great accessory for today’s young women.

Skagen Silver Mesh On Wrist

One thing that did catch my eye immediately, though, was the silver mesh band. This metal mesh trend started (again) a few years ago, and was incorporated into so many watches and fashion jewelry items… but I still can’t figure out why. It’s a hard design to pull off from a manufacturing perspective, and often comes off looking cheap sometimes. I understand what the desired effect was, but cannot say that it works all the time. Here the mesh strap feels quality made, especially for the price – and while it is possible to critique minor points of it, keeping in mind the price makes it an overall positive aspect of the watch. You either love it or hate it, either way Skagen does pull it off here.

It makes sense that Skagen has seen an outpouring of support from such countries as China, Taiwan, and Japan, where a constant need to meet trends has moved consumers towards purchases that lend instant gratification.

This design perspective also works for a younger generation of watch aficionados, who want everything. Now. For Cheap.

Critics love to say that watches are dead – people get their time from their cell phones or computers – blah blah blah.

But, with watches like this one and brands like Skagen, younger people are allowed an opportunity to get into watches. Start rocking them now, when we can afford them and match them to current trends, and you can bet that this will be a luxury that we entertain into our later years.

Fortunately, with a retail price tag of $130 (cheaper ‘street’ price) and many distribution points across the nation, this is an attainable watch. For all of us.

Read a review of similar, but men’s line, Skagen watch here.

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