This is one of the rarest Xemex XE 5000 watches out there, and perhaps the most interesting. This is Xemex trying to be even more avant garde and succeeding. The XE 5000 line of Xemex watches was intended to be a higher budget Offroad, and offered complex chronograph and standard three hand models in various flavors.

This particular XE 5000 model features a complex perlage polishing on the steel face. This type of polishing has been common on high-end machinery for well over 100 years, and in some realms is a lost art. While this type of polishing is no longer technically needed, it still looks pretty cool. You’ll see this on the dashboards of some high-end sports cars like the Spyker as well. Best of all, despite the impressive dial, it does not distract the view of the hands and hour indicators that are surprisingly conspicuous. A testament to the talent of Mr. Kulling of Xemex. Having owned a Xemex watch, I can easily say that the large arrow hours hand looks great, and the linear minutes hand is assertive and clear.

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This particular XE 5000 model is likely to have an automatic movement, though it might have had a quartz movement option. The one on sale on eBay right now is likely to be an automatic. Probably with an ETA 2824-2 movement that Xemex seems to favor.  There was also a chronograph version of the Xemex XE 5000 that shared this type of polished face. The strap is rubber, but you can get leather or metal bracelets as well for all Xemex watches. Price on eBay is $500, which is good considering the rarity, and the fact that I don’t think these are made any longer. Original prices were about $2000. These are very comfortable watches that are perfect conversation inducers given the unique combination of polished steel and modern looks.

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