This is SUPERLATIVE: a podcast about watches, the people behind them, and the worlds that inspire them. On this week’s episode, our host and aBlogtoWatch Founder Ariel Adams is joined for a second time by George Bamford, the Founder of Bamford Watch Department. George is no stranger to podcasts and even hosts his own series called GB Talks, where he explores some of the unusual watches that push the boundaries of design and speaks with other collectors and enthusiasts from the industry. Two podcast hosts means having double the questions, and this episode offers a unique double format in which Ariel and George decide to do two podcasts in one. 

The first half of the show consists of George interviewing Ariel, while the second half switches back to our normal SUPERLATIVE format with Ariel asking George the questions. They start the show talking about Ariel’s dream watch and the earliest days of aBlogtoWatch before diving deeper into Ariel’s perspective on the watch industry, collaboration pieces, and the concept of a brand personality. As the show switches back to Ariel asking the questions, the pair discuss George’s interest in limited-edition pieces and the time that he ran into someone wearing one of his watches on a plane. In addition to discussing how traditional luxury brands can stay relevant in the modern world, Ariel also asks George the very simple question, “How do you get the world’s best luxury brands to make your designs?”

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Show Notes:

1:53 The beginning of aBlogtoWatch and Ariel’s first encounter with oddball watches. 

11:15 — Ariel’s perspective on the watch industry. 

20:50 — Connecting with customers and the idea of a brand personality. 

23:53 — Collaboration pieces within the watch industry and Swatch Group as the kings of product.

34:55 — (Switch to SUPERLATIVE) How to get watch brands to make your idea.

39:04 — Reasons why George is interested in buying limited edition watches. 

44:50 — The time George saw someone wearing one of his watches in the wild. 

48:40 — Fitting in while standing out and the associations of monetary value. 

55:50 — Staying relevant as a luxury brand in the modern world.

1:02:42 — Creating your own custom collaboration watch.

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