This week on the SUPERLATIVE podcast, the tables are turned, and you won’t want to miss it! Richard Atkinson, host of the aBlogtoWatch Weekly podcast, joins the show and interviews Ariel. Ariel shares his first watch purchase, how he managed to end up in law school, and why he hates classifying anything as his “favorite.” Rick has Ariel dive deeper into the beginning days of ABTW and what the media landscape looked like at that point in the industry. The two talk about the site’s relationship with media as Ariel was starting ABTW, and at what point Ariel started to grow it into a real company and brand. Rick tackles subjects like which came first, ownership, or the desire to talk about watches, and they look at what the future may hold for aBlogtoWatch and Ariel Adams. Listen below or on the player of your choice.

Ariel Adams is the founder of aBlogtoWatch, host of the Superlative podcast, co-host of the aBlogtoWatch Weekly podcast, as well as a writer for multiple outlets, and author of the book The World’s Most Expensive Watches. After finishing law school and dabbling with a career as an attorney, in 2009—the world around him having crumbled in economic collapse—he decided to make the watch blog he had started two years prior a full-time endeavor. Thirteen years later, the site is one of the most highly regarded in the industry, and Ariel remains a respected watch expert and journalist, having written for Forbes, Centurion, Departures, and other luxury publications.

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