This week on the Superlative podcast, our host and aBlogtoWatch Founder Ariel Adams is joined by Zach Weiss, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Worn and Wound. To start the show, Ariel and Zach talk about the place of the American market in the watch world and how Worn and Wound transitioned into also doing social events under the banner of The Windup Watch Fair. They discuss what kind of brands are showcased at these events, and how identifying a need in the industry led to the birth of the concept. Ariel asks about the relationship Worn and Wound, as well as the Windup Watch Shop, has with brands, and what he looks for in a brand that the company may end up working with. Ariel asks about some of the behind-the-scenes stories from their events, as well as where Zach sees the show and company headed in the future. Ariel talks about the risks involved with being an online retailer in this new frontier of sales, and Zach talks about the effort that is needed from brands and retailers in order to sell a luxury product today. Listen below or on the player of your choice.

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