Marcello C. Tridente Watch Poster Funny enough, there was another Marcello C. watch sale I posted about recently. Just after mentioning how rare such sales are, another one pops up, and straight from the US distributor; In the month of April, you can get 10% off any single watch, and 15% off two or more watches! That is a good deal. This means that the high quality Marcello C. Nettuno 3 would only be about $780 with a 10% discount.

The sale is limited to watches that are in stock, and the sale ends on April 30th. Also, you need to pay with a wire transfer or cashier’s check to get the discount, but this really is not a big deal and the reason is obvious because PayPal and credit cards take a good chunk of change for the pleasure of doing business with them. Marcello C. is trying to give its customers the best possible value.

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Unlike the previous sale I mentioned, the sale here directly from Marcello C. offers a greater selection of Marcello C. watches. What this means, is that you have a chance to get a range of rare Marcello C. watches that are almost impossible to come across even used, and in April you can get them for at least 10% off. I do like the sound of that.

See full details on the Marcello C. April watch sale here.

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