Nivrel Wild Sea Chronograph

The Nivrel “Sea” watches have always impressed me. They are basic diver watches, with a colorful twist. The chronograph version is the Wild Sea. It comes in standard steel, and PVD steel. This watch is perfect for when you want a classic look, with a bit of an edge.

The Wild Sea goes with the red color trim approach. The hands looks like daggers tipped in blood. At least in my morbid sense of observation. For this reason I state that the watch “cuts through time,” with hands like knives… The larger chronograph dials are effective, and I like how the standard seconds dial is made more diminutive. It is a functional, and designer approach to the somewhat generic look of the ETA Valjoux 7750 dial orientation, which of course is the movement inside the watch.

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Size again is very ordinary at 42mm wide. Not too small, not to big. Perfectly medium in all ways. The elegant curves on the bezel are also welcome. I like how they focus on functionality, but there is just something nicely nautical about the look. This otherwise straight forward diver’s watch has all these little hints of character that make it standout, but never in a bad way.

Smaller round hour index markers help to “unclutter” the look of the face, but are still effective, and filled with luminant. Lengthening the hour indicators would detract from the appeal of the watch. A sapphire crystal and high grade steel add to the quality of the watch. There is only 100m of water resistance, so unfortunately this watch is not ideal for actual diving duty, but that is ok for most people’s uses.

Pricing is competitive at about $2000 on the high end, $1500 on the lower end. Nivrel German watches are not the easiest to find, but you’ll get one if you look online hard enough.

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