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Sport and Sports watches are what people are most looking to buy these days. Watches under this category get the most internet searches, and enjoy the most interesting releases. What is a sport watch? And why does everyone want one? The answer is simple, and goes to the heart of what a watch is. First, you need to know what a sport watch is not, namely any watch whose purpose is to be time-telling jewelry. A sport watch is any watch whose purpose (at least historically) is to provide special utility during some activity or event. There are many categories of sport watches, but the main ones are; diving watches, racing watches, pilot watches, military watches, and all purpose rugged watches. Within these categories are tons of sub-styles and types based upon special features or requirements of an activity. In some instances, new watches today evoke a style from the past whose purpose is obsolete. Take polo watches. These watches were meant to flip around (Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso for instance) to protect the delicate glass faces during the shock involved during a polo game. Today’s watches are far more durable, and glass is no longer used to make watch crystals.

Sport watches are in demand because of what they say about the wearer. That is the whole idea of the sports watch, the SUV for city dwellers, and sneakers for people who do not play basketball. All about showing that you could at least be into something you are not. Sure plenty of people who wear diving watches dive, but the majority of them will not see depths lower than that of their swimming pool or sink. Regardless, sport watches are seriously in because they are interesting and emit a message. A “classic” watch can be all gold, or have loads of diamonds, but won’t have the same effect as a sports watch in terms of making the wear seem more active and more hip. Besides, there are so many sport watches to choose from, you are bound to find at least a few you cannot seem to live without.

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Watch makers are obviously aware of the popularity of sport watches and have reacted in kind. You can now get sport watches as cheap as a couple of dollars to many thousands of dollars. Sport watches are for every occasion and person. When looking to purchase a sport watches, it is wise to at least have some use for the features on the watch. Some sport watch features are very specialized, and will only serve you if you participate in those activities. Examples of this are Regatta times for yacht races, and depth meters on certain diving watches. There is no point to investing in watches with these complications unless you are going to use them, ever. Other complications offered are of more universal value. Chronograph functions and rotating bezels are used to measure elapsations in time. Most people have uses for stopwatches often enough. Otherwise, when choosing a watch, go with that appeals to you. Most quality sport watches can be obtained from about $1000, to $5000. This is the largest and most popular segment of watches sold today.

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Few watch brands specialize in sport watches exclusively, but some do. Tag Heuer and Omega for example sell mostly sport watches, but offer dress watches as well. These are obviously very mainstream brands, but by no means the only brands one should consider. It is not possible to make an exhaustive list. The best idea is to search on eBay, or online for “diving watches, racing watches, pilot watches.” As you explore, it will become obvious which ones you like or are not so fond of. One you find models you like, you can explore similar types or brands until you find the watch that has the perfect set of features you are looking for.

Sport watches are here to stay, and it is really only in the last 30 years that sport watches have differentiated themselves so much in look and feel than “classic” watches. Watch makers love sport watches because they offer opportunities to be innovative, creative, and avant garde. Personally, it excites me to see each new line of sport watches that are released.

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