Tudor Pelagos LHD ‘Left Hand Drive’ Numbered Edition Watch

Tudor Pelagos LHD ‘Left Hand Drive’ Numbered Edition Watch

Tudor Pelagos LHD 'Left Hand Drive' Numbered Edition Watch Watch Releases

"For those who like it right" – this is what the first teaser on Tudor's official Instagram account said about this new piece and, when you're a real watch nerd, you just know that whatever is coming up, it'll have to do with the placement of the crown. Left-handed people tend to prefer to wear a watch on their right wrist for self-explanatory reasons, and with the new Tudor Pelagos LHD "Left Hand Drive" Numbered Edition reference 25610TNL, Tudor has just launched a new piece designed just for them – and, well, everyone else who likes a bit more unusual of a layout.

Stay tuned... November 17th.

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We have written so much about the Tudor Pelagos and its titanium-clad body that there really is no point to us go into great detail here once again – for a full-review, check out our James' amazing, in-depth look at the Pelagos with the blue dial. To give you a quick rundown on the new Tudor Pelagos LHD, we'll say that it comes in a 42mm-wide titanium case matched to a titanium bracelet and micro-adjust buckle, with a black rubber strap also being added to the package – there are no other strap options or dial color combinations available at this time.

Tudor Pelagos LHD 'Left Hand Drive' Numbered Edition Watch Watch Releases

The crown on the Tudor Pelagos LHD "Left Hand Drive" Numbered Edition is on the left, yes, and Tudor mentions their Reference 9401, a left-handed dive watch made for the French Navy in 1981 as a vintage predecessor of this new piece. While the Pelagos is an appreciably more modern take on that model from some 35 years ago, the resemblance and "core DNA" is of course still there.

Introducing the New TUDOR Pelagos LHD! #tudorwatch #pelagos #watch #watchoftheday #diving #left

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Tudor Pelagos LHD 'Left Hand Drive' Numbered Edition Watch Watch Releases

The case is water resistant to 500 meters and is in fact tested by Tudor to 125% of that, to 625 meters – just in case you took a really deep breath and wanted to go really, really deep. There is a helium escape valve on what is now the right hand side of the case too for saturation diving.

Tudor Pelagos LHD 'Left Hand Drive' Numbered Edition Watch Watch Releases

Tudor says that the introduction of this new model into the Pelagos line means that Tudor is able to offer a complete range of technical divers’ watches at the same time as bringing a little-known part of its product development history to light. "A complete range of technical divers' watches" sounds a lot like these were intended for highly professional use – a challenge that the Pelagos is of course more than capable to handle – but another important reason is, of course, that there is a strong market of faithful Tudor collectors and enthusiasts who are constantly craving for something new, and such a noticeably different new piece will likely end up high on their "must-have" list.

Tudor Pelagos LHD 'Left Hand Drive' Numbered Edition Watch Watch Releases

The dial and the titanium bezel's ceramic insert are both very black indeed, while trademark Pelagos block indices and hands feature some vintage-vibe-emitting off-white luminescent paint. Just like on previous Pelagos models, the bezel's numerals and indices are luminescent as well. The Pelagos remains heavy on texts on the dial, with a total of seven lines of text (and a logo) remaining – for vintage Rolex and Tudor fans the red (or should I say: "single red?") Pelagos designation will be an appreciated detail; for mere mortals, it will just be a nice splash of color that spices things up a bit. Add to this the beige colored date disc that has its numbers displayed in red and black alternating for even and odd numbers respectively – nicknamed the "roulette" date by collectors.

Tudor Pelagos LHD 'Left Hand Drive' Numbered Edition Watch Watch Releases

The movement inside the Tudor Pelagos LHD remains Tudor's MT5612, though in this version it is the MT5612-LHD variant with the roulette date and the crown at the 9 o'clock position. It still runs at 4Hz with its silicon balance spring, has a healthy power reserve of 70 hours and, as noted on the dial, is COSC chronometer certified. The matte, sand-blasted, and machine-tooled finishings of the movement match nicely the high-tech look of the all-satin finished, warm silvery color of the titanium case... but movement finishing you won't be able to appreciate due to the solid case-back that, to make up for blocking the view, features a unique production number bang in the middle.

Tudor Pelagos LHD 'Left Hand Drive' Numbered Edition Watch Watch Releases

That is not to imply that the new Tudor Pelagos LHD will be limited in production, which we believe it will not be – it is a numbered, but non-limited edition. Price for the new Tudor Pelagos LHD "Left Hand Drive" reference 25610TNL will be CHF4,200, the same as it is for other Pelagos models. tudorwatch.com

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  • Giacomo T.

    This watch is absolutely gorgeous, although I must say I would have appreciated it even more if they had put their engineering departement to the task of a GMT rather than moving the crown from 3 to 9 o’clock. Coulour combination is lovely, also think the roulette date is an interesting (although gimmicky) addition. I for one own the blue model and I dearly love it. Most of the pictures don’t do it justice, it has many nuances that you only see in the metal. It has seen a lot of wrist time since acquisition and is as good a desk diver as well as a true diver ;-). David as always great littel round-up, I remember telling you that I wanted to buy it this year at Basel. I got it one week after, it had stolen my heart! Cheers

  • It’s not just for southpaws – many right-handed people appreciate destro orientations to keep the crown from digging into their wrists, especially whilst diving. And the addition of the red lettering really breaks up the novel-length text.

    Thanks for this timely article, by the way, David, I was literally a couple of days away from pulling the trigger on a pre-owned first gen Pelagos; there’s no way I’m not picking up this LHD instead. Merry Christmas to me….

    • Giacomo T.

      Great choice, You’ll thoroughly enjoy it!

    • This watch news was literally released today. The watch press knew there was going to be an announcement today from Tudor but they had no idea what it would be. Sometimes there is pre-knowledge which is “embargoed” from being published. But not in this case. So there was virtually no way to know before today that waiting to pull the trigger was right for you. Cheers.

  • Matt

    Its too much of a mash up for me. Taking “vintage” inspired colours onto a very modern piece. It has softened the look of it, BUT not enough to make it seem like a BB with a date. Its probably a “grower”, but just looks too half baked.

  • Bill W

    That metal is more brushed than Cousin Itt with O.C.D.

  • word-merchant

    Very nice indeed. Tudor are really going for it aren’t they?

    Unfortunately the Word Merchant discretionary budget for 2016 is absolutely exhausted after the happy arrival of a Black Bay Bronze (greening up nicely) and a Ceramic Daytona (aka ‘The Mayer Artifact’) so I must step aside.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Thanks for us lefties for this, makes a big difference having the crown on the left side.
    Other than all it’s a bit boring but i would still wear it.

  • SuperStrapper

    Attractive, just like other Pelagos iterations. $4500+ attractive? No.

    I hope no one is buying this thinking that they’ll put their kids through university one day on the value of a ‘single red’ Pelagos lefty they bought way back in 2016, cause it ain’t gonna happen.

    I wish there was a universally accepted idiom for left-handed watches so that they were easier to search for. I have a disturbingly high number of southpaw friends and customers that are always asking for help looking for watches like this, and you can search for ‘left handedly’ and see some stuff, and then search for ‘destroy’ and see different stuff, and then use other terms for different results still.

  • Dinkee, H. O.

    The addition of a left-handed version makes this now a highly desirable timepiece.

    • Chaz

      James Dowling is ALL over it!

  • The warm vintage hues and the cold titanium work very well together! Surprised I don’t see it more often!

  • Peter D

    I’m a lefty and wear on the left, are their many lefty’s that wear on the right? Better to not have the crown dig into your hand in that case surely?

    • Raymond Wilkie

      On the left always.

      • Ryan B.

        Are you left-handed?

        • Raymond Wilkie

          I am yes, it feels really weird having a watch on my right wrist so i know what crown crush feels like.

          • Ryan B.

            LOL …. crown crush is now my new favorite word. that’s awesome.

          • You have something in common with Ariel Adams. He is also left handed but as a rule wears watches on his left wrist.

          • Bill W

            Does he trim his right arm hair for balance’s sake? 🙂

          • Bill W
          • I find the shaved right eyebrow disturbing.

          • As I recall, that would be yes.

          • Avoid crown crush with a watch with its crown at 12 (great for lefties and righties). I wonder where you can find a watch like that. Hmmmm… Maybe there is a post from Nov 13th that might help.

          • Faiz Awang

            There’s Omega “Bull head” for you Sir…

    • Bill W

      I’m a lefty and I also usually wear on the left. My right wrist is a little bigger so sometimes I wear on the right (for those watches where one strap hole is too loose and the next is too tight).

    • DanW94

      Weird to hear that other lefties wear them on the left wrist. I thought every lefty did it my way : )
      I’m left-handed and wear my watch on my right wrist. It feels strangely out of place if I put it on my left wrist. No problems with the crown digging in and if I need to access the crown I’m going to remove it from my wrist anyhow. Accessing the pushers with my left hand coming across the watch face or above it on my right wrist is somewhat awkward but you get used to it.

    • the

      It’s quite funny that I am right handed, and I wear watches on the left, but I find the crown in the normal position uncomfortable as it digs in my hand. I even modified one of my watches to have the crown at 9 like this tudor. If the watch has an eta 2824 and no date it’s quite easy to do, but anyway manufacturers only need to make a date wheel with numbers moved half step forward (as there are 31 cells, an odd number, so if you have a number fully displayed at 3, when moved to 9, relatively to the movement, the date window will show between two numbers)

      • But they will be upside down. The date wheel needs to be printed differently is all. Funny that they call this movement the “MT5612-LHD” when all that is likely different is the printing on the date wheel.

        • the

          Moving the date window from 3 to 9 will result in an upside down number, but then you turn the dial 180° and the date is right again. Anyway the printing has to be different because the numbers have to be shifted by half a notch. The only requirement is that the pins on the dial and its anchors on the movement have to be symmetrical, wich probably is because they used the eta 2824 on the same watch.

          • You are right of course. I was thinking of if the date window was truly at 9 (not at 3 but with a 180 rotated movement). With their “roulette” alternating date colors, Tudor has custom printed date wheels anyway, so the 1/2 day offset would be no big thing to do. Cheers.

  • Anna Nuehm

    Will these niice colors come left-hand only?

  • Ryan B.

    As a lefty I really dig this watch. The crown doesn’t seem like it would be a problem compared to other monstrosities I’ve seen.

  • cluedog12

    So…who is going to be the first to wear a Pelagos on each wrist? Fashionably-redundant doesn’t even begin to explain how awesome this idea is.

  • Shawn Lavigne

    awesome watch.

  • Thomas Halvorsen


  • I’d take this over a Submariner.

    • Chaz

      At half the price.

  • Juan-Antonio Garcia

    Very nice, built like a tank and screams quality. I just would have skipped the retro look (not a fan), and gone for all white and let time do its job.

  • Richard Baptist

    I like it, but not sure at that price. I’m not sure about the vintage lume and date wheel. Had they added a GMT hand, I think it would have made this pretty special.

  • Larry Holmack


  • RobertJWhite

    Should have a silver date wheel. Like the old subs/sds.

  • Nateb123

    This might be the single dumbest special edition I have ever seen.

    Steps to making a left handed Pelagos:

    1) Take a regular Pelagos and open the back
    2) Remove the movement from the case by releasing the crown
    3) Remove the movement from the dial
    4) Remove the date wheel and adjust it by a half-notch (the numbered plastic wheel will be attached to a brass ring with the teeth for advancing the date)
    5) Re-attach the dial to the movement after rotating it 180 degrees
    6) Make sure the hands are set correctly and the date advances at 12

    You now have a LHD Pelagos and didn’t piss away money on a special edition that amounts to nothing but a numbered caseback.

    • Luke S

      …aand you’re now reading the date upside down.

    • KiwiRob

      But it’s not a special edition, I’m left handed, I wear my watch on my right wrist, this is perfect, if it came as a gmt I’d buy it tomorrow.

    • Sergei

      As long as you buy from AD there is no price difference and any AD will give you discount today. Pelagos is less popular then BB due to the size, price and thickness. BTW LHD watch is better looking then original black my friend has it but it build like a tank.

  • Ulysses31

    As nice as it ever was, except for the red “Pelagos” text. I wear my watch on the left so this has no special appeal for me, but for those who wear on the right it’d be perfect. I wonder what percentage of wearers use the right wrist?

    • IG


  • funNactive

    This would be an interesting watch to get. I change the time off wrist so a crown that would not dig into the had would be interesting to try out.