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UNDONE watches is releasing the new Urban “One World” Chronograph collection featuring Peanuts comic strip characters, making it the first customizable Peanuts watch. There will be six models in the limited time collaboration “One World” collection, which includes the customizable version as well as a limited edition model. The collection launches today on November 26th to commemorate the birthday of Peanuts creator Charles Schultz’s birthday, who is also honored through the 150-unit limited edition version.

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The customizable Urban “One World” Chronograph has you choose from either tachymetre or step bezel version and take it from there. You can choose between one character or a pair of characters, and the fun is in experimenting and playing around with the system. Also in our “Lookbook” you can check out the styles featuring Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock, Linus, Lucy, Pepperming Patty, Pig-Pen, Sally, and Schroeder. 

Of course, as usual you can customize the dial, case, bezel, hands, 20mm strap, and case back (exhibition or solid). There are four case finishing options here: Black PVD; Silver; Rose Gold; and Gold.

The limited edition version is in honor of Charles Schultz’s birthday and there will be 150 versions of this edition, which has a Panda dial featuring Snoopy and Woodstock. This step bezel Urban One World Chronograph is also characterized by a special UNDONE X Peanuts Charlie Brown caviar brown leather strap.

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This limited edition version is numbered out of 150 on the engraved closed case back. Finally, this special edition comes in a Snoopy Dog House package made for this 150-run. 

Hong Kong and Macau Retail Exclusive Edition starting from US$330

Finally, for the Fixed Design Urban (non limited-edition or customizable) there are two retail versions for Hong Kong or Macau, each with the option of a tachymetre bezel or step bezel version. The Hong Kong edition with tachymetre bezel is done in a stainless steel finish with white dial featuring Snoopy, with the step bezel version coming in a black case with the classic orange and black Peanuts color scheme that Charlie Brown wears. 

The Macau editions are both done in black coated steel cases for the tachymetre bezel as well as the step bezel version. The tachymetre bezel model has a black dial contrasted with Woodstock the yellow bird at 9 o’clock. The step bezel version has a white dial with Snoopy napping on his yellow doghouse. 

All these editions come with an exhibition caseback featuring the Peanuts cast around a globe. The tachymetre bezel versions measure 41.8mm wide (excluding the crown) with a case + crystal thickness of 13.5mm, while the step bezel version is 40mm thick (excluding crown) and 12.7 mm thick. The watches are water resistant to 30M. All the Urban Chronographs use a Seiko mechanical-Quartz hybrid flyback chronograph movement.

Price for the UNDONE X Peanuts Urban “One World” Chronograph Hong Kong/ Macau retail exclusive versions start at $330, the customizable range starts at $360, and the limited edition version is priced at $450. You can learn more about UNDONE here and check out and customize your own UNDONE X Peanuts Urban “One World” Chronograph here.

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