Uniform Wares 200 & 300 Series Watches

Uniform Wares 200 & 300 Series Watches

Uniform Wares 200 & 300 Series Watches Watch Releases

Designed in London, Uniform Wares presents their second collection of timepieces with the 200 Series watches. UPDATE: Just when I was about to publish this article I learned that Uniform Wares also announced an upcoming 300 pieces Chronograph watch. The collection is based on the design on wall clocks (clearly), with a case that enhances this look featuring a lugless design. In the spirit of pieces such as the Mondaine Swiss Railways watch and the famous Max Bill watches, this functional minimalist design is a modern Bauhaus style classic and arrives with a reasonable price. Thanks to Ivan by the way for pointing this brand and collection out to me.

The 100 Series watches were of the same exact design design vein. Looking at the collections side by side (you can see their 100 Series watches here), the 100 Series pieces feel like women or kid version of the 200 Series watches. Both collections are quite nice, but the 200 Series is more refined, has better components, and is larger.

Uniform Wares 200 & 300 Series Watches Watch Releases

Uniform Wares 200 & 300 Series Watches Watch Releases

At 40mm wide in a steel case, the 200 Series comes in a variety of finishes. The collection has 5 pieces in it each with a different finish, 3 models comes with a different PVD coating (black, gray or rose gold), and 2 models are in either polished or brushed steel. The watches have very easy to read dials in colors that match the cases nicely. For comparison's sate, the 100 Series watches are 37mm wide in aluminum, and come in 7 colorful varieties.

Contrast on all the dial is ideal, but strictly speaking the lengths of the hands feel a bit wrong. They don't effect the legibility of the watches too much, but the minute hand should extend just a little bit more to touch the minute scale, while the seconds hand should extend almost to the edge of the case. This mistake is often made in "designer" watches such as this. But like I said, this issue is minimal and should not otherwise detract from genuinely pleasant timepiece experience.

Uniform Wares 200 & 300 Series Watches Watch Releases

Uniform Wares 200 & 300 Series Watches Watch Releases

The watches include Swiss ETA 956.412 quartz movements with the time and date. The 100 Series watches have a Japanese quartz movement without the date. The watch cases are pretty thin at 8.5mm thick, and look at though they would be quite comfortable. Uniform Wares matches the cases to straps in various colors of Italian calf leather.

Uniform Wares 200 & 300 Series Watches Watch Releases

For the 300 Series Uniform Wares goes with a 42mm wide steel case in PVD black with a black and gray dial. Movement in the chronograph model is a Swiss ETA 251.471 quartz chronograph. A nice looking piece in its own right.

Satisfying and stylish, the 200 and 300 Series watches certainly beg to be worn when having a simple feeling day when you don't want to think too much about telling the time, and want feel calm when looking at your watch. Price in the UK for the 200 Series watches direct from Uniform Wares is 215 British Pounds, but that price is lower (because of no VAT) in the US, giving it a price of about $300 (don't forget that I am converting currencies here). The 300 Series watch will be priced at 480 British Pounds.

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  • Kris C.

    Hm. The pictures make these look a lot bigger than they actually are. I’ve always been a fan of sterile dials, but these are kinda boring. When I first saw the Max Bill series by Jungjans, I really wanted one, and ended up with the chronograph model – the other were just too plain. I wear it, but probably not as often as I should, so I wouldn’t be fooled twice; the chrono model here is appealing, but I wouldn’t bother.

    • luis

      Hey Kris.
      Are you interested on trade/sell your Maxbill?

      • Kris. C.

        Hi Luis:

        Sorry, no, I’m not.

        While it probably deserves more wrist time than it actually gets, I bought it for a reason (that I’ll figure out one day…) and am not a “watch flipper”.

        Also, you’d never offer me what I paid for it, and I’m not interested in taking a loss on something I’ve had for like a year.

        I appreciate your interest, and should I ever have an interest in selling anything from my collection, I’ll keep you in mind.

  • Ivan Y

    I could live with hands as they are if they could only switch the tips of hour and minute hands around. On a watch with minute markers every minute, you could get away with having hour hand with an arrow tip, but having a flat end on minute hand is very strange (I know, GO Sports Evo has both hands with flat end, but somehow they make it work while this feels like an egregious oversight).

    Secondly, how difficult is it to color-match date wheel to dial color? 🙁

    Lastly, Chrono (300) looks okay, but what’s up with having black hour and minute hands but white second hand? I mean, having black hands on grey dial is bad enough, but if you are going for a “blackout” look, go all the way.

    Bottom line — Mondaine looks better and there are many other German brands (Stowa, Limes, Archimede, etc.) that do Bauhaus style better.

  • I agree with Kris C. I think they are on the boring side.

  • Paul F

    Looks very much like a knock off of the Martin Larson collection from Danish Design . Danish Design look nicer for less money. Defakto one hand watches are more appealing than these.

  • I love the pictures of the watch brands. We at Highglowonline. greatly appreciate your informative blog.

  • Nate

    Does anyone know if the second hand tics or sweeps?

    • ticks, crisp/silent tick.

      I find the Uniform Wares perfect. basic function.

      Material/Color/Finish: They nailed it.
      The form IS similar to the mentioned like ‘Martin Larsen’ but I think the Uniform Wares is much classier with its slim hands, hash marks, and adjust dial.