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WATCH & EXPERIENCE GIVEAWAY: Ocean Adventure With Zodiac Watches & aBlogtoWatch In The Bahamas

WATCH & EXPERIENCE GIVEAWAY: Ocean Adventure With Zodiac Watches & aBlogtoWatch In The Bahamas Giveaways

As a special year-end giveaway, one lucky reader will join Zodiac Watches and aBlogtoWatch for an ocean adventure in the Bahamas for some of the world’s best diving, snorkeling, and underwater exploration. The winner will also receive a Zodiac Super Sea Wolf watch and make new memories above and below the water’s surface.

The Zodiac and aBlogtoWatch experience giveaway winner may have various underwater skill levels but must at least be comfortable snorkeling. The winner must also be generally available during June through August 2019, the anticipated timeframe of the trip (final details to be arranged at a later date). Zodiac will cover travel from the US and accommodations for the winner and a Zodiac Super Sea Wolf watch of as a soon-to-be-cherished memento.

Zodiac has been producing recreational and professional dive watches since 1953 and continues to do so with the Super Sea Wolf collection which includes a number of styles and classic designs featuring Swiss mechanical movements. See more about Zodiac watches here. To enter for a chance to win this exciting giveaway follow the steps below.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, include an answer to the following: Zodiac cares about its community. Tell Zodiac and your fellow timepiece enthusiasts what you’d like to see next from the historic watchmaker.

2. “Like” or follow the following social media accounts:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on December 31, 2018, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Thanks to Zodiac, sponsor of the Zodiac Watch & Ocean Adventure Giveaway here on aBlogtoWatch. Good luck!

The terms of this giveaway are subject to change or modification either during or after the giveaway entry period. Additional legal terms may apply and fulfillment of any giveaway offer may be subject to additional legal agreement.



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  • Louis Tong

    I’d like to see a dual timezone watch or GMT. Something I can travel with that can easily indicate local and home time. Since it’s a travel watch, it shouldn’t scream, “look at me”, but subtle and if seen has good wrist presence.

  • Dávid Tóth

    As I know Zodiac watch was used by Navy Seal in the past. If I’m right a limited edition Navy Seal modell would be stunning.
    Heritage watches are quite popular nowadays and it can also strenghten the “historic watchmaker” image.

  • Stefano Setè Marini

    Stunning watches! why not a gmt version to go everywhere in the world with a dive watches for new adventures?

  • Zak

    I wholeheartedly agree with others calling for a GMT. In a reasonable case size. A robust GMT that doesn’t get in the way would be my go to watch for overseas deployment.

  • John

    Love Zodiac watches have a few in my collection including a Sea Dragon Reissue. That was my first Zodiac and after that I have followed them on all fronts. Of course there are many items I would love to see them do. I like watches that are more distinctive in design. I would like to see something off the norm a little more daring like the OLYMPOS which I love but it’s small for me otherwise I would have one.


  • tokicsek

    Maybe Zodiac could try to come up with a supercompressor style watch to broaden the selection of dive watches.

  • Stiffler

    Zodiac makes some amazing watches in my opinion. I would like to see a super compressor style watch. Now that would be awesome!

  • John Corp

    I would like a Sea Wolf with a brighter dial

  • Steve Loader

    So busy getting excited about the adventure I forgot to say what I want to see from Zodiac next.
    Well, the dial of the Jetomatic is stunning, so perhaps that style with an internal rotating bezel and compressor style case with a screw down crown and 100m waterproofing?
    Better still the above as a diving chronograph!

  • Tom Venables

    I love the sea wolf edition but maybe in the future they may make a chronograph sea wolf ltd edition watch.

  • Steve Bowden

    Dear Zodiac Watches,
    I am in love with your ZODIAC SUPER SEA WOLF AUTOMATIC STAINLESS STEEL WATCH (watermelon edition) ZO9269. I firmly believe you are on the ‘right track’ by using an inventive, lively sense of colour. Yes that’s ‘colour’ with a U. I’m Canadian! You are developing a wonderful series of watches using colours you rarely see used. Another great example of this is your ZO9264, which uses a bezel with Robin’s egg blue. I hope the market rewards you the wonderful work you are doing.
    —> What I would like to see next from Zodiac Watches
    I’m not looking for a new style, a new movement or a new approach. What I am looking for is this:
    If your watch uses lume, then your website should always have a lume shot of that watch!
    You’ve heard the old bible expression ‘Don’t hide your light under a bushel’? Hey Zodiac! Stop hiding your lume under a bushel!!!

  • Jon W

    Love Zodiac watches, would like to have one some day. Have to agree with a few others in that a GMT complication or at least a 12 hr bezel would be something nice to see from them. Would also like a watch in the 42mm-ish range, which I don’t think I see in their current lineup.

  • Tim Sexton

    I would love to see their modern take on the rounded TV shaped SST models from the 60s.

  • Ednelson

    The Zodiac watch does have a lot of history. What sets them apart is the fun color schemes and unique case designs of their watches. I would love to see a GMT complication next from this wonderful watch company.

  • Janko Bajagic

    I think Zodiak should do something navy specific like Citizen does with the blue angels series.

  • Lukas Westling

    How about a zodiac with a ceramic case or at least bezel to further enhance the pristine watch

  • Leo C.

    I would love to see a Super Sea Wolf 53 time-only watch (no-date). There’s something about a fully symmetrical dial that sings to me.

  • sidney004

    As an owner of a vintage non date SeaWolf as well as wearing an STP 1-11 powered SeaWolf as my daily beater, I’d like to see Zodiac continue on the vintage revival theme with an update of their Triple Date.

  • Jonathan

    I’d like to see a sea wolf in smaller size (like 38mm and less)
    applied numerals would be great as well

  • Warsh

    I’d like to see Zodiac put out more watches like their titanium LE. It’s one of their best!

  • ijg projects

    Some beautiful Retro-Inspired Watches.
    The one area I see that they have not seemed to have tapped into is the classic field watch.
    I would love to see their take on a rugged field watch.

  • Alberto Blanco

    Beautifully designed watches. I would like to see a world time or gmt variant with the same water resistance as the diver.

  • Adrian Lessek

    I’d like to see a vintage watch model ?

  • Dave D.

    The new Super Seawolf looks great. Big fan of the new blue Topper edition. Would love to take my first dive with one on the wrist.

  • Martin Chiu

    I would love Zodiac to have a GMT pilot watch.

  • NDL1

    The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf is an inconic piece of watchabilia. The original, released in 1953, may have been the first diver. It’s, at least, tied with the Blancpain Fifty-Fathoms and beat out the Rolex Submariner. It’s so cool that I own the red Bakelite/acetate bezel version and the stainless with blue dial. Winning this one would complete the collection for that model! In addition to the Jubilee, other cool steel bracelet designs would be very nice! Think Tudor BB or Pelagos spring clasp.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I guess I don’t really appear on the radar, stuck all the way over in Europe on a windy rock north of England. Scottish and proud.

    • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

      I would love to see a loyal regular poster win. They will pick someone that only shows up for something free.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Winning the watch is really neither here or there, but that does annoy me. Maybe you need to have 100 comments or something to enter.

  • Norman

    Trying again. I like the idea of a GMT watch or a Zodiac Diver inspired pilot’s watch. Some new take on a watch with Zodiac flare.

  • drThrillman

    if Zodiac brought back some of their vintage chronographs design, manual movements etc.

  • Daniel D.

    I would enjoy a Zodiac GMT Pilot.

  • Brian Crawford

    Bring back the Marine Life. Loved the one I had, but it was two tone, quartz. Make it a premium automatic steel piece and I’m all over it!

  • Randy Bradford

    I would enjoy seeing a 24 hour watch similar to the Gruen Airflight designs from the 50’s and 60’s. Mechanical movement of course.

  • Dave

    Sounds like the trip would be a great way to test out one of the watches. I think they need to extend the wolf pack, with a chronograph ‘air wolf’ (a cool helicopter tv show when I was a kid), and a grade 5 titanium GMT ‘grey wolf’ for land.

  • Ryan Butters

    I would give my right arm for a bronze watch body diver with super simple face no complications like date, Chrono, etc just simple hour minutes seconds. Basically a K.I.S.S. Bronze watch!!

  • Roy

    Love what Zodiac have been doing recently, some great vintage reissues. Continuing this trend a revisit to the 1960s Aerospace would be amazing. A tool GMT with the mineral bezel like on the new Sea Wolf line in a good size would be amazing. Especially a ‘true’ GMT with a quick set hour hand

  • Marc Wensauer

    I dig the look of Zodiac watches. What about an offering with a white watch face and black dials?

  • Paul Selalmas

    Nice watch

  • Rhino67

    Zodiac has had a great diver focus. I’d like to see a no-date diver at 39-40 mm with that same 11mm thickness of the Super Sea Wolf, but a more subdued face than the Super Sea Wolf. A deep blue face with blue lume would be nice along with a ceramic bezel.

  • Carl Anderson


  • Steven Servantez

    I would recommend donating 5% of sales to charity

  • Bob Sebastian

    I, too, am a fan of a GMT. I would also like to see additional bold color combinations.

  • Mike H

    i think a gmt diver would be great and maybe have some of the sales proceed go to saving the coral reef. perhaps an australian theme?

  • Mikita

    Zodiac Aerospace GMT.

  • at1time

    A vintage look in bronze.

  • iBradcon

    I can’t believe you don’t already have a bronze diver

  • Jose Felipe Garcia Vivanco

    The watch is a medium for the buyer to get status and get an objective. Zodiac can be an enabler of more messages to the community as climate change. A zodiac watch with materials that do not affect the planet and have and ecological approach can be interesting for some of us that take care of where we live.

  • andy h

    Fun referencing Zodiac’s vintage: check out this Sea Skate

    Now picture it in bronze . .

  • Dan Baxter

    Like a few others, I’d like to see a GMT diver. Although the idea of bronze is a good one, too.

  • Trey

    Love the a vintage inspired automatic GMT diver! Would be a great addition to the collection!

  • Imaginary Person

    Wow! A watch and a trip? Crazy amazing!

  • More great exotic trip giveaeays

  • Andrew Billisits

    Keep with the fun color combos! As a thought, pulling off an exhibition case-back on a diver is always unique, even if it isn’t super true to form.

  • Vino

    I would love to see a bronze watch, a field watch, a 3 dimentional time only dial, a 38mm watch, either in different watches or all in one watch (something in the spirit of a seiko alpinist). And I want to see a susbstential no compromise case and finishing.

  • Mauro

    I think that a bronze diver could be a good idea!

  • Cenk

    Amazing trip with a wonderful gift,thanks for all organization and wish enough luck to myself (:

  • Vincent Kruse

    It would be awesome to see a complication that could measure water quality. Brining you closer to understanding the environment our wonderful sea creatures live in.

  • ???????? ????????

    I’d like to see an affordable….ish pilot watch with useful well blended subdials and great readability AND to be semi-dress looking, so that would mean sub 42mm/12mm. A dash of color would be really good too.

  • Cesar Augusto Guerios

    i d like to see titanium case pilot watches

  • Russell DeJulio

    This would be a great oppty for me as a 65 YO newly minted certified scuba diver to have an awesome adventure I would love to win !
    Re Zodiac I am very happy that Zodiac is “back in the game “with some exciting new models ! I need a diver – I gave my Omega Seamaster chronometer diver to my 28 year old son . I have 3 humble suggestions for Zodiac produce more models with their beautiful blue dials . Consider an Exhibition case on self winding dive watches with a scuba diver or an image of POSEIDON engraved on the rotor . Consider producing a Limited Edition copy of the original Sea Wolf with a run of 500 / 1000 watch worldwide ?! Thank you for the oppty to enter this awesome contest ! Russ

  • Christopher Higuera

    I’d like to see different materials that pop and really catch people’s attention.

  • Jest Geoking

    I love how Zodiac has always shied away from being a copy cat. The zodiac designs have always been their own and are truely originals. I would like to see a way to get customizable features and colors. A pick and choose on complications would not work so well but dials bezels hands etc… would be a fun undertaking IMO

  • Daniel Harper

    I’m really impressed by modern Zodiac. I’d like to see a bronze sea wolf in the round case in addition to the bronze oval case that was recently released. I’d also love to see a high beat watch to carry on the Zodiac 36000 history

  • George

    i’d love to get one like yours, but it’s no longer available on Zodiac site.

    • Marcus Mannel

      Try at Toppers Jewellers, George!

      • George

        Marcus: Thank you for the tip. Toppers site doesn’t show it, but I’m going to email and ask them. Best.

  • Ronald Ash

    Really Beautiful watch.

  • Michael

    There’s nothing quite like a time only time piece. Just classic. Zodiac can always stick to the basic history of time only pieces

  • A Nelson

    I would like to see more zodiac adventure watches with numbers at the hour markers – 3,6,9,12 – 2,4,6,8,10,12 – 1-12. It makes the watches easier to read. I would like to add a Zodiac watch to my collection.

  • Scramjet

    Zodiacs unique designs are really cool. I would like to see a zodiac watch in a tri-metal band.

  • Lurch

    I would like to see solar powered choices in many of the current styles and designs.

  • Bas Peperkamp

    I’m not familiar with Zodiac, but the more I see them, the more I like them. The truly have a look on their own! And that’s special these days!

  • funNactive

    I’d like to see a triple date sport diver.

  • Josh Slimmer

    Would love to see a GMT.

  • melikegarfield

    I love the Zodiac style and quality. My boyfriend has wanted one but would really love one in bronze. That is something we would love to see.

  • Mickey

    Zodiac has unique designs, I really love them! For the future I’d like to see ceramics as well being used for the bezels 🙂

  • Mike Etienne

    Nice watch, and would be an especially nice way to test it in real terms. Barbados, time and memories – what could be better?

  • Bryan K

    I will echo the rest of the community and request a GMT from Zodiac.

  • KipThug

    I await more innovation and vision from Zodiac which includes sports and adventure; all done with the signature zest for life and accuracy we’ve come to expect and respect.

  • Nice watch in the right place!! Looking forward to win such a good combination…

  • Y Til

    I’ll be happy to see from Zodiac a massive diver with chronograph, not titanium,
    If you could find a tougher metal than the 306/4 it will be so special, uniq
    and absolutely great.
    Good luck!

  • David Humphrey

    I would love to see a Zodiac hand-wound watch!

  • Mark

    Wow, with Zodiac’s rich history, I would love to see something that has a combination of older watches, yet with its own vibe. Personally, I’d love to see a watch with a blue dial from the older Astrographic models. It is a very rich sunburst pattern. It would like great to see the hands and indexes from an Olympos. That is one very legible set where the hands actually touch the indexes. I would love it with an orange seconds hand to give it a splash of contrast. Also throw an a rotating diver’s or 12 hour bezel.

  • Huseyin Emrem

    I prefer not to see Zodiac Pilot’s collection like many other brands doing..
    I would love to see Zodiac sticking to their roots and making another good, simple looking watch (time only) with a Nato strap which can be a both sporty & classy.

  • Jimi

    Wow, what a great give-a-way. I’d love to see a new Zodiac GMT. Either a GMT Diver or a GMT Pilot watch.

  • Bryan A

    Sustainable manufacturing and supply chain management tactics please.

  • Gary Aerne

    Most of my watches have been dive watches. I haven’t been on a dive in years. Would love to do it again!! Would love to see them built with (tritium or trillium gas) (sorry not sure which word is correct), to light it up during dives! That would be helpful in dark waters or night dives!!!

  • TKoren

    The Bahamas is such a beautiful place, I would love to see a strong iconic Zodiac watch in colors that embodies and symbolizes the natural beauty and problems of the Bahamas. If part of the proceeds went to global climate change, plastics in the ocean, saving the coral reefs, over fishing etc. that would be wonderful. A GMT dive watch would be really cool! I love that Zodiac cares about the community and is offering such a great giveaway.

  • angela

    ceramic, bronze or copper. multiple time zones, contrasting colours. perhaps something showcasing a sea creature.Solar powered

  • David Rainey

    It would be great if Zodiac sponsored reduced price scuba lessons

  • Humphrey Mar

    I hate to say it, but is there a way to make a beautiful dive watch that is much much more affordable?

  • Gregg Turcich

    Who wouldn’t be happy to win a Zodiac Super Sea Wolf and a trip to the islands too!

  • Peyton Wesley Randolph

    Please reintroduce the Kingline Chronometer. That was an absolute classic dress watch.

  • Je Sen Teh

    Zodiac pieces have always interested me. Some of their pieces are already at a very nice size of 40mm, but it would be really nice to see a return to the classic sizes of 38 or 39mm. That would be amazing.

  • Sam Mattar

    a gmt watch would be awesome

  • Andrew Kimball

    I would love to Own a bronze dive watch and see how it showed it patina through multiple diving sessions! Diving has always been a bucket list item of mine!!!

  • AAW

    I would love to have a crazy over built deep dive watch that is scratch resistant with drilled lugs, but in a smaller package with all of the charm of the other vintage divers.

  • vasilis mavroidis

    the dive series is amazing

  • Kwanghyun Kim

    they do make good watches except one thing,
    they do try but theyre not good at marketing.

  • Uriar

    I love Zodiac’s designs. I’d love to see a solar yellow or orange sea dragon. Sorry 😉

  • Pete Jones

    I love the Sea Wolf 53 in black with a nato strap, such a cool watch.

  • Prest

    A bronze diver would be awesome! Something with multiple time zones as well.

  • james

    Hi, I would like more of those vintage inspired pieces

  • johnwithanh

    Any number of things on the product side: diving chrono, triple calendar (if they don’t have a tri-compax style in the archives it wouldn’t be that hard to reverse engineer one), or GMT. On the marketing side it would be great to see Zodiac watches in Fossil stores. Great way to showroom as well as get a whole new audience aware/interested in mechanical timepieces.

  • barbarian1534

    Frankly, I’mn’t familiarise with Zodiac watches but I did heard about the brand name. Yet, by mentioning “Zodiac”, the first thing coming up in my mind is “zodiac signs”. I expect different series could related itself to a zodiac sign, I m not saying to put the zodiac sign symbol on watches. I believe each zodiac sign has a story behind and that already means a lot and design could extract the element from the story to the development of the dial or more. In that case, it will truly draw my attention back more to the brand.

  • jimley815

    I love Zodiac watches- I bought myself and my wife one. What I would like to see next is a re issue of some of the very first zodiac watches ever made. Go back to some of the first watches ever designed- of course use modern movements, but go with the same styling as the first created. The Super Sea Wolf was used by US NAVY SEALS- how about a watch for different Special forces groups too?

  • Tomasz Uzar

    I’d love to see an Olympos with asymetrically placed chronometer dials – west and south-west of date window and a blue-black dial.

  • patrick bremer

    A watch with a depth meter would be pretty amazing.

  • Raymond

    New to high end watches. So please bear with my ignorance. Best considerations, Watches that time astrological phenomena. Pretty amazing.

  • Jaros?aw Pr??yna

    I just love Zodiac watches. I have 3 watches in my collection: Vintage Olympos from ’60, New limited edition military olympos and Sea Wolf with silver dial. I am happy and proud that Zodiac is one of the few brands that follows its heritage and draws inspiration from it. My biggest dream is that the brand will be available in every country in the world and created a model with a hand wound movement with chronograph function like: Sea Wolf Chronograph, Sea Chron and Hermetic Chronograph 🙂

  • Sam Ward

    Tritium illumination would be a neat addition.

  • luis bouxo

    relogio muito bonito. tem de me sair a mim!

  • BrandonS

    Would love to see Zodiac design a monocoque case designed diver with a thickly domed sapphire crystal

  • Nate Horlick

    I would like to see more vintage inspired pieces.

  • Auto Correct

    I would like Zodiac to be a modern brand instead of remaking stuff from the past. You are not the same company anymore. There is a great amount of history and designs to draw from. Don’t just regurgitate them. Make something new and exciting but keep the brand aesthetic and cohesiveness. It doesn’t have to be wild and it doesn’t always have to look like a watch from the 50s.

  • TicTocGoesClock

    Limited runs for charities

  • Ed Yu

    I’d love to see more resizing of the zodiac watches to 38-40 (but no more than 40mm).

  • Tim

    I’d like to see something in titanium.

  • Manzur Dan

    Zodiac line of diver’s is already perfect, for my skinny wrist I just want a 38-40 mm tough and bright diver. Zodiac stand out with their colours and I love that, already to many black and white diver’s on the market.

  • Jeff Durocher

    They have a great look to them already but I feel like they could do a fantastic art deco inspired dress watch.

  • Pedro Quaresma

    Would love to see more colorful watches from Zodiac!

  • Unruly ElA

    Zodiac under the direction of Fossil has allowed for them to flourish once again like a phoenix of sort. First, I want to thank Fossil (I am still waiting for a call HR) for saving Zodiac from becoming a memory of the past or being sold to a company that would just create throw away gaudy watches to be sold in retail stores. I am pleased that Zodiac went foward in creating their in-house movement and with that I would like for them to concentrate producing more automatic watches using their STP movement. I look foward also in seeing more limited editions along the way but not too over saturate the market with numerous releases. I am surely needing a replacement watch indeed as I parted ways with mine years ago.

  • Mark Martinez

    First, let me say that Zodiac is doing a fantastic job reviving the classic aesthetics of a brand with tons of history. Personally I would like Zodiac to stay on course with the amazing offerings in the dive watch field, with just one small change. I believe that there is an opportunity between the Super SeaWolf, and the Skin divers. Maybe a 42mm, with a minimum of 300M water resistance and maybe, just maybe a sapphire bezel?


    Mark A.Martinez

  • Eric Shen

    I’m going to echo what several people have already mentioned – a smaller sized dive watch in the range of 38-40mm in diameter, 20mm lug width.

  • gchahinian

    I’d love to see them manufacture a bronze Sea Dragon Chrono. More specifically, when the manufacturing process is over, the piece lands directly on my wrist 😀

  • trainman

    Zodiac already has an amazing lineup! The colorways are breathtaking. Would love to see their take on bronze as others have said.

  • cassfan3

    Would love to snag that Sea Wolf! Zodiac already dose funky retro so well, would love their take on a funk power reserve!

  • Roland Singer

    I’d like to see historic watchmakers draw on their histories to create more retro inspired pieces… using smaller, thinner cases, and simplified design elements like markers and fonts, etc.

  • John S.

    Agree with a lot of folks here – a smaller dive watch, but keep the 20mm lug width.

  • Kevin Beard

    I love that Zodiac is re-issuing updated examples of their classic lines. I love the old watches and seeing the re-issues is fun. I’d love to see more of the old Zodiac versions come back.

  • Greg Cat

    The bold retro styling of Zodiac watches is fantastic. Dive watches are my favorite, but the weight can become uncomfortable on long days. Titanium is a great way to solve this problem. I prefer wearing my watch on a bracelet. Therefore, It would be amazing if Zodiac offered the titanium Super Sea Wolf on a titanium bracelet.

  • Tanis

    Eclectic vintage looks.

  • Matt Scoggin

    When I hear community I think of people in need. The one thing I don’t hear about at all in the watch community is giving back to communities where there is significant need. Since this is directly asking, it would be nice to see Zodiac give back to the community where there is a need.

    O the watch end, I would venture to say that I would like to see something in the field watch genre.


  • cjjohnso

    I would also love to see Zodiac do a classically styled (50’s or 60’s) dive watch in bronze, preferably under 40mm. For something a little more unique, but undeniably nautical, I wonder if anyone has ever done a watch in brass?

  • Gabriele Fiera

    I may be anachronistic, but I’d really like to see a limited edition of the historical Zodiac Autographic, exactly as it was once

  • Ire Ben

    I’d love to see a series of Zodiac watches for kids, with very colorful dials inspired by tropical fish

  • Avi Kallmeyer

    I am loving the fantastic colors that zodiac is coming out with. Really interested in seeing how they would do a chronograph version of the “watermelon candy” or some of the other watches they have been releasing lately. Or even a panda styled chrono by them would be fantastic.

    Keep it up zodiac.

  • Matt

    I would love for zodiac to do some more small watches for a guy like me who has 6 inch wrists. That 38mm is the sweet spot.

  • Daniel Park

    More of what you’ve been doing!

  • Joshua Jones

    I think a small, classic field style watch… Somewhat along the lines of that limited edition of the Olympus Military.
    As I’ve read from others below, my initial thought when community was mentioned was giving back as well. As dive watches are a major part of their line, something to the continued care of reefs or sea creatures would make sense.

  • Trevor Hirst

    I would enjoy seeing a zodiac skin diver. Something light, streamlined, relatively modern, and on a great nylon or modern milanese.

  • ???????? ????????

    All Zodiac watches are great! Fine style and look. However, i would like more smaller watches, under 40mm. No more big watches! I am seeking small watches, regardless of watchmakers and brands. Santa, note my wish! 🙂

  • TedNugent2

    Thanks for this opportunity.

  • M. Rogers

    I second some previous mentions. GMT, without question. In house movement would be very nice. But also, just keep it up. The retro look, the cases, the colors…I love them.

  • LanceXYZ

    I’d like to see Zodiac issue a watch with the styling theme and dedication to the science of the sea. As diver with a love of ocean life and with a son aspiring to be a marine biologist I believe the solutions we seek regarding protection of the earths environment and our ability to live in harmony rest with knowledge and understanding of the nature would. The sea has much left to teach us – learning the secrets of what lies beneath is time well spent.

  • Horacio Razuk Filho

    Zodiac Super Sea Wolf ZO9205 is a very nice looking watch

  • Horacio Razuk Filho

    Zodiac should do more limited editions like the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf ZO9205

  • Jeremy West

    What I’d like to see, Zodiac just announced (via Toppers)…a watch on bracelet, dial with flag markers, no date, sapphire bezel. Keep them coming!

  • shanekleinpeter

    I really like what Zodiac has been doing lately. What I would LOVE to see is an updated Aerospace GMT. The original was fantastic, but at 35mm is a tad small for modern tastes. A 38-40mm version would be totally on-point.

  • Calvin Lamb

    What a cool giveaway! I really like the look of the Jetomatic, and I think it could make a really good starting point for GMT watch. Also, as ABTW pointed out in their Jetomatic review – Perhaps some additional refinements to the case and finishing would be welcome.

  • John Hillyer

    I would love to see a GMT that lends the design cues of the Super Sea Wolf Topper collaboration. I love the look of the lighter (lumed?) bezel against the black dial. Absolutely love that piece and I don’t yet have a GMT in my collection but if Zodiac put this togetjer I wouldn’t be able to resist.

  • Declan Thefaine Coleman

    Id love to see something with design cues from the Aerospace GMT

  • Brett Lintvelt

    I would love to see Zodiac get into the use of ceramics for dive watches. The K1 movement by Accurat Swiss would make an ideal replacement movement for their range or they could get involved and potentially use the open movement as an alternative to developing an in house movement.

  • BlueSmokeLounge

    Being only loosely familiar with modern and historic Zodiac models, I browsed the Zodiac site to look for obvious holes in their lineup, or historic cues that might have been squandered. What ensued was a trip down the rabbit hole of Zodiac offerings; models I was unfamiliar with and subsequent Googling to learn more about them. I’ve failed to come up with a recommendation for future Zodiac watches, but my interest is definitely more piqued in the brand now.

  • fearlessleader5

    A super sea wolf and the blue waters of the Bahamas… with my Seamatic too. Sounds great to me. Can we get dive certified there too? I don’t recall a gmt option, but if there’s not one yet… there should be.

  • There were a lot of nice revived divers from Zodiac lately, so I guess this part of the heritage is covered. I see some limited issues like astrographic or olympos are sold out, so I’d love to see Astrographic reissued. with new dials or probably in a different case (there was a round UFO-shaped astrographic back in the day). Generally, I love vintage SST line, there’s a lot to use for reissue. I like oval-shaped cases with recessed fluted bezel. But of course, reviving SST watch AND putting a high-beat inside would be a total blast! With STP developing and producing movements for Fossil group, a 36000 bph watch from Zodiac is a possibility I would enjoy greatly!

  • JacobSaaby

    I would love to see Zodiac do a GMT world travelling watch (various timezones). Preferably retrostyled, crossover between the cleanliness of the Jetomatic, and the sassyness of the Grandrally.