WATCH GIVEAWAY: Stranger Ocean Predator Diver

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Stranger Ocean Predator Diver

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Stranger Ocean Predator Diver Giveaways

It must be dive watch season because we are going on a few dive watch giveaways in a row here on aBlogtoWatch. For February 2017, you can win an Ocean Predator Diver watch by the Stranger watch company. The winner will get to choose their favorite model from the Stranger Ocean Predator Divers including versions such as the Orca, Barracuda, and Bull Shark (depending on Stranger watch inventory and availability).

The Stranger Ocean Predator watch (debuted on aBlogtoWatch here) is 44mm wide in brushed steel with various color coating options such as rose gold tone or black. The watch is water resistant to 200 meters and includes an internal rotating dive-style bezel. Powering the watch is a automatic mechanical Japanese Seiko caliber NH35 movement. The watch dial is protected with an AR-coated sapphire crystal. Retail price for the Stranger Ocean Predator Watch is $549. Enter below for your chance to win one this month on aBlogtoWatch.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you've signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, mention a question about watches that you'd like answered.

2. Be a pal. If possible, "like" or follow all or any of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on February 28, 2017, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Stranger Time, the sponsor of the Ocean Predator Diver watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • Carol Roberts clark

    what are the difference in expensive watches and a regular 300 dollar watch the quailty or the name

    • Word Merchant

      Usually both, but the law of finishing returns does set in. I’d find it difficult to wear a watch called a Stranger Predator on my wrist – but that’s ok, my chances of winning an ABTW competition are pretty much zero.

      • Carol Roberts clark

        maybe not you never know how things go

  • Lakpriya

    Another wonderful time piece i would really love if i can get….

  • Koh Li Yip

    In an era of robotic automation, are watchmakers making enough of an effort to incorporate automation into the craft so as to reduce price point and remain relevant in a digital age?

    • ProJ


  • Word Merchant

    Take away the ‘Ocean’, and this watch’s name is like the headline to a Daily Mail article. Unfortunate.

    • Andrew Buckley

      “The Stranger Danger Diver”. I like it…

  • SH

    A very nice diver in my opinion. The big question is are watches now just jewelery for men, especially with the cellphone telling perfect time? A supplementary question is do people dive with watches now with dive computers? I know i don’t, hate to scratch it.

  • ??????

    Are we in the age when the marketing is solely ruling the watch industry?

    • ProJ

      Not yet.

  • Martin

    Since a dive watch nowdays is mostly used as a daily (sports) wear or a field watch, why do we still call it a dive watch? What would be alternative names?
    Btw, I like the watch, especially blue dial with steel color (I am not fan or rose or pwd Black)

    • ProJ

      Every watch is a daily watch.

      A dive watch is just one type of sports watches.

      • Martin

        Yes, a type supposed to be for diving (and probably you ll not go diving if you r like me)

  • chris_1860

    Does the Quality and Design of Luxury watches really justify their pricetags?

    • The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang


    • ProJ

      No. Never.

  • Marcus Fischer

    Who will be leading the watch industry in the future: the big players or the small “boutique”-styled handcrafting manufacturers that produces more taylormade products (but with an affordable pricemodel)?

    • Word Merchant


    • ProJ


      • Andrew Buckley

        Snapple. Tasty and refreshing.

  • nclt

    I can’t see anything else other than sporty watches on my wrist now and not because I’m scuba diver: one day I’ll try it, just to give a reason to my diver watches … maybe a Stranger Ocean Predator too!

  • Ryan G

    What are the pros and cons of an inner rotating bezel compared to a normal outer bezel… I wonder

    • ProJ

      The outer is functionally better.

  • Aldous Francisco

    Should the cost of an heirloom watch matter when it comes to making the decision of whether to wear it or keep it in a sealed box?

  • Peter Duggan

    Gotta go desk diving!

  • TPaulD

    Another great prize to be won.
    My question is; Why do mainstream manufacturers of watches seem to only produce Mother of Pearl dials on Ladies watches. A 44mm MoP dial on a gents dress watch would look fantastic however unless one is purchased custom made, the chances are you will not see one. I am in the UK so this may differ in other countries.
    very best to all

  • Azhigaliyev Maksat

    Nice watch!

    When people buy a diver watch, they go diving or use it as a desk diver?

    • ProJ

      They can do whatever they want with it.

      • Andrew Buckley

        I wouldn’t recommend it for muff diving.

  • Damien Scott

    Can we use a dive watch as an every day watch ?

    I’ve been looking for a watch recently to constantly wear without having to take it off. Something you can wear as a beater, a diver, something that looks classy and basically something you can wear as an everyday watch. I would like something where you can change the strap to give it a new look each time.

    I just love dive watches though.

    • ProJ

      Anywatch can be an everyday watch.

      Everyday watch is not a watch category.

      Only on Hodinkee there’s something called everyday watch.

      But of you say: casual, sporty, dress etc. now those are watch categories.

      • Damien Scott

        That’s what I mean. An everyday watch to wear for work, interviews, sports, casual, going swimming. And so on.

  • abacab

    Can I throw it into the ocean if I win it?

    • ProJ

      Just make sure it’s not strapped to your wrist when you do so.

  • Mark Mason

    Lovely watch, think I’d have to go for the Leopard Seal variation for Summer wear.
    My question is; Are high quality Japanese mechanical watches as good as Swiss made watches – movement and build?

    • ProJ


  • The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    Nice watch. Looks legible and durable.
    My only question:
    Why the angst about ‘dive watches?’

  • Joe in WI

    Why no inexpensive—less than $500 USD—world timers with a city disk that rotates? That is, not rotated by a crown.

    • Andrew Buckley

      Great question!

  • Would not like to be caught swimming in a run-of-the-mill strange ocean….let alone a Stranger one with a predator in pursuit!

  • Ethan Jones

    What are watch companies going to do about overproduction? Would they fire employees to equalize the cost to profit ratios? Or would they increase price of their watches while decreasing production?

    • Andrew Buckley

      Or perhaps reduce the price and sell more? A revolutionary concept, I know. Apparently, it’s called finding the profit maximising price point on the supply and demand curve. I don’t think many of the big brands have heard of it (yet).

  • ProJ

    What’s the thinnest diving watch with an external rotating bezel?

    Let’s see who knows the answer.

  • Tauseef Anwar

    Loving the white face!
    My question is ‘Would a mechanical watch work in the vacuum of space?’

    • ProJ


  • Jason Sheppard

    Why don’t many dive watches have a day function? Personally I would find it more useful than a date function.

  • Josh Graves

    Looks interesting. Good luck to all. My question…How much does it cost to add a sapphire crystal to a watch?

  • JF Schnell

    I have a chronograph by a famous affordable brand which I like a lot. Still don’t own any dive watch and pilot (aviator) watch. Question what does it take for a watch to be considered as a diver other than being Water resistant?

    • ProJ

      Luminescent hands AND hour markers, legibility, WR (generally >10bar)

  • Samson Chung

    How much of the luxury Swiss watch brands (Patek, Rolex, IWC, Hublot) is done solely by hand or done by machine?

    • ProJ

      13.4% by hand.

      • Samson Chung

        ? awesome. Those watches must cost a fortune!!!!

        • ProJ

          I was kidding man

          • Samson Chung

            …..? lol….seemed reasonable. -.-

  • Fabian Schwarz

    Can anyone recommend a book to me with which I can extend my knowledge about time in general?
    I want to know how all the different timezones have occurred and how they are exactly distributed around the globe, and I want to understand why it is necessary to have watches with an equation of time complication, or how long a full circle of a moonphase is measured exactly and stuff like that…

    • Andrew Buckley

      Try “Timekeepers” by Simon Garfield (published in the UK by Canongate Books, 2016…not sure if there’s a US edition).

      • Fabian Schwarz

        Thanks a lot, i will try that one.
        As long as they can ship the book to Germany, i am fine!

        • Andrew Buckley

          It might not answer your specifc questions, but it is an interesting discourse on the concept of time nevertheless (just in case you hold me responsible for wasting your hard earned money!).

  • Andreas

    Do you consider BRONZE as a valid material for actual diving watches?
    Thanks for this great giveaway.

  • Anders Sederholm

    What function has a helium release valve have on a dive watch?

  • Benny Reidiboim

    how long does it usually take to produce a quality watch?

  • David Singer

    I would like additional information on the watch lume

  • Alvaro Hart

    In the opinion of you, Ariel, what you think is most beautiful? Enamel watches or guilloche ones? And why?


    Why is the new Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic only water resistant to 30m? That means don´t wear it if it rains which in a watch costing over €10,000 is pretty poor.

    • ProJ

      It’s a shame. Big shame indeed.

  • George Tsatalios

    Why small watch companies do not get the same attention as hi-end brands in the web?

    • ProJ


  • Demonix

    Stealth black dlc Ocean predator for me (if that is the black coating available?) or good old SS, Rose gold meh! – that’s one for the fashionista’s colour coordinating with their mobiles [;-p

  • Jeff Story

    My question: how long until high-grade 3D printing of parts makes it to a major watch production line, and will this impact the cost of personalization?

  • Brett Lintvelt

    Why don’t we see more watches with the Seiko NH35? Its reliable, robust and affordable. Good choice.

  • Jim B

    This watch is georgous! Will frequent dives in salt water tarnish that beautiful finish? Thanks Mr. Adams and have a great week!

  • Simonh

    Great looking watch at a good price, Seiko works so well.

  • Trevor O’Donnell

    Nice watch, got engaged while diving with 42 bull sharks, so Id have to pick the bullshark

  • Shagen

    Nice piece. Everyone these days is wearing a diver, and I rarely see classic dress watches. Have sports watches become the new dress watch?

  • Matt

    Question: How do watchmakers fit complications like chronograph, perpetual calendar, and mooonphase into one movement? It just blows my mind that a series of levers, gears and springs can offer so much finctionality and work so efficiently.

  • Jeff Durocher

    I love bezels like this, handsome watch. My question would be how does someone getting educated enough so they don’t get burned in the used watch market?

  • Stefanos Stylianou

    Why don’t more watch companies play with different luminous material colours? It seems a relatively cheap and easy way to differentiate your watch with an interesting dial

    • ProJ

      Well they do. But who likes a red lume anyway?

      • Stefanos Stylianou

        It could be an interesting play between them.
        Best combo I’ve seen is C3 with BGW9 (Green with Blue)

  • Jason

    great watch, brushed Rosegold case…why not Bronze??

  • Jack Sexton

    Interesting watch. What is the most popular watch ever made?

  • kubanm3

    You could do your grail watches article v2.

  • julien

    Nice watch! My question would be: How can one learn the art of watch making without having a horlogerie school near or what scholar path should one take in a country other than switzerland?

  • Dezianjo

    Has anyone outside us ever won a give away? Can´t remember I ever seen that. According to the resent survey we are legion so it should happen now and then.

    • abacab

      I remember a guy from England winning, a guy from Singapore winning. There’s no conspiracy going on.

      • Dezianjo

        Thanks for clearing that out. Wouldn’t have though I was one of those conspiracy guys, but maybe i have a streak of conspiracy in me after all. :o)

  • Jeffrey Gougeon

    Nice watch.
    I’d like to know on average what percentage of watch’s cost (Rolex, Omega) is materials and manufacturing?

  • Omri Suissa

    Great looking watch at a good price, Seiko works so well.

  • Cody Nelson

    Looks like a nicely made piece. Do they come with band options other than what’s shown in the pictures above?

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    My question. Would ABTW to consider doing a series of articles on basic watch care, and servicing. Battery replacement, checking gaskets and seals, etc?

  • Claudiu

    How is the internal bezel crown protected from water getting in? Is it safe to use it under water?

  • Jerry Davis

    Great watch. I want to know what kind of companies make the watches that don’t come from big name brands who have their own factories.

  • Dan Baxter

    Pretty nice looking pieces, good movement inside.

    My question: Has Seiko pretty much taken over for ETA as the primary supplier of automatic movements?

    • ProJ


  • Tomislav Kranjcic

    What company first used internal rotating dive-style bezel?

  • Kyle Herret

    Good looking watches. Love to see something in that price that compares with the style of more expensive watches.

  • Niall Boland

    How do you think the microbes trend will continue in 2017? Will it continue to expand or are we reaching saturation point?

  • Timothy Mattison

    Fine looking watch. My questions is, What smartphone apps (if any) do you use to manage or inform your watch collecting?

    • ProJ

      Chrome for reading, Chrono24 for browsing watches for sale

  • Sebby Borriello

    great looking sporty watch. I’ve mentioned this before..seems like “orange” in the faces of watches has become pretty popular. I like the orange in the band as well.

  • par167

    Love these watches. Which watches have the longest lume times and what is super luminova made of?

    • ProJ

      Ball-> longest lume

  • Janko Bajagic

    Looks good, the lettering reminds me of Sinn.
    Heard rumors that ETA movements are going to be more restricted as to who can purchase them in the near future. Is this correct?

  • Brian Hemphill

    Fantastic, another giveaway, sure do love them. I’d like to know what gray market sites you would recommend for watch purchases? Also, know any resources for DIY watch cleaning and repair?

    • ProJ

      Chrono24, jomashop, seiyajapan and many others

  • Tom Wisdom

    Amazing looking watch. I’d like to know where the term sport watch came from ?

    • ProJ

      From the word sport.

      • Tom Wisdom

        I understand that but when people refer to something as sporty or being a sport watch. Is that referring to type of watch that was used during a sport of some kind. For example the JLC Reverso being used for Polo.

        • ProJ

          The Reverso with its current iterations is more of a dress watch.. so I don’t think sports nomenclature has to do with history of the model.

          Generally speaking, sport watches are supposed to have good lume, excellent legibility, decent WR, available bracelet or rubber straps. Some sport watches will have a sport related feature like rotating bezel (and deeper WR) for diver’s, a chronograph complication for racing/soccer etc.. Some will go the extra mile and add antishock systems etc.

  • wmoconnell

    Is Seiko going to replace the ETA movement as the ETA gets more restricted? Any reason to think this is necessarily a bad thing?

  • Jlh5683

    Is too many watch companies a bad thing

    • ProJ


  • jahenson

    While I understand that building a watch collection is a very personal thing, I’d like to see a column that includes some/all of the site’s contributors answer the questions: What are some common watch collecting strategies? Alternatively, what is your personal watch collecting strategy?

    • ProJ

      Buy only when you have a disposable income.

      • jahenson

        That’s not quite what I meant, but a very good point, nonetheless.

  • Mickele

    Watches movement are usually made out of steel. Recently Silicon has became a luxury watch movement material due to it durability, easy to manufacture, chock resistance and so on with some draw back such as it can not be hand finished and has to be used as it is.
    My question is, what will become of the art making of watches movement in tomorrow watches, if this is the trend? and what material might be a replacement for steel and Silicon for watch movements?

  • Eric

    Great looking watch! Really like the dial!

  • Andrew Robinson

    Good looking watches. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that my name comes out of the hat.

  • Paul Beatson

    I have a few divers in my collection but wouldn’t say no to adding one of these. My question is – will the tightening up of the ‘Swiss Made’ criteria have much of an impact on the smaller producers?

    • ProJ

      Perhaps positive impact.

      • Paul Beatson

        In what respect?

        • ProJ

          Sorry, I’ve probably misinterpreted the term “small producers” as “independent makers” , e.g. Kari, P. Dufour etc. who are already doing really well from the ‘Swiss Made’ perspective.

  • Andrew Buckley

    A syllogism: all watches tell the time; smart watches are capable of telling the time; does that mean smart watches are watches? Come to think of it, my microwave oven tells the time; so does that make it a watch? (postscript: in the name of science, I tried strapping my microwave oven to my wrist; unfortunately, it fell off).

    • Omegaboy

      Your wrist?

      • Andrew Buckley

        Well, I tried to strap it to my wife’s wrist, but she wasn’t having it.

    • I like oversize watches so I will try that with my stove. If not, my shiny new smart fridge.

  • Dani Cyr

    I would like to see an article/series on the (history of) the face design and especially on the numbers e.g. classical all the numbers, or just the 2,4,8,10 or just one number 6, or … and how it is used / enforces the overall design of the face

  • Truthinthedetails

    From the classic 36mm Datejust to the 50mm+ Invicta’s (and others), what drives a watch manufacturer in deciding on case size?

    • ProJ

      The boss decides.

  • Benjamin Denay

    What is the best spot to learn horology for beginners?

  • Omegaboy

    How are cap jewels manufactured, their little retention springs, as well?

  • eitan

    Interesting watch. Everyone these days is wearing a diver,I’ll keep my fingers crossed that my name comes out

  • Albert Niebla

    Ok, these days dive watches are everywhere and they are really cool and stylish, and I just love them. But I am wondering, does anyone actually ever use these watches to dive?

    • ProJ


    • funNactive

      I still use a dive watch & charts when I dive. I have purchased all my own dive gear with the exception of tanks (because you can’t fly with them) & a computer. & even if you have a computer, a watch is a good backup.

  • That’s a good looking diver. Could you use a dive watch to punch a shark in the snout?

    • ProJ

      Given that sharks don’t have snouts, the answer is no.

      • Damn! But at least I got an answer, no? 🙂
        By the way, how about a Hammerhead? Will that work?

  • Dustin

    Are quartz powered watches really more accurate than a mechanical movement?

    • ProJ

      Of course they are– generally.

  • Pete Perez

    With divers mostly using dive computers these days, the term dive watch to me refers to a style, a chunky, durable, legible adventure watch. Something you can wear to a ball game, camping or kayaking. They are definitely appealing to a large demo. I’m digging that rose gold that looks like a bead blasted finish, definitely like nothing else I have.

  • cyklopz

    Ariel, how many watches do you own?

  • Michael

    I would like to know if there is any benefit to having an internal rotating bezel as oppose to the standard submariner style one?

    • ProJ

      Sand won’t get entrapped between the bezel and the case. That’s about it I think.

      • Michael

        That is actually a pretty good reason 😉

    • funNactive

      Less likely to get bumped & change the dive time. – Cool factor, less common.

  • Ciaran M

    The Ocean Predator Diver certainly is a fantastic looking watch, and I would love to add it to my small collection. My collection is mostly Seikos, so my question is, is there really any difference between K and J designated Seikos considering they are all assembled by machine anyway?

  • Steven Reizer

    Should I let my automatic watch winder run continuously or is it better to have some down time where it doesn’t run at all?

    • abacab

      You’ve got to give your watches some rest. Even if you wore a watch while you slept, you wouldn’t be moving around too much. So it’s okay to have it off the wrist and off the winder for long stretches.

  • Jeremy

    What is the low temperature limit of an automatic watch to maintain accuracy? Will an exposed watch function in -40 F wind chills while trekking?

    • ProJ

      The watch is ok as long as it’s on your wrist and you are ok no matter how cold.

      If not on your wrist, movements can start to be erratic at about -15 Celsius.

  • Mike V

    If one was to source out components as do most micro brands, approximately how much would it cost to produce a dive watch using an ETA 2824?

  • Todd Haldeman

    The idea for the tourbillon came about to counter the effects of gravity, thus improving accuracy of the watch. While they look impressive, I hear they do not improve accuracy much. What is the biggest invention / advancement / improvement in the history of horology to improve the accuracy of mechanical watches?

    • ProJ

      Co-axial escapement and antimagnetism.

    • Auto Correct

      Synthetic lubricants and computers.

  • Dominick Jones

    Interesting and seem cool. I also like the price point although I’m not sure of the target market as most people I know would be saving until they could afford a well known luxury brand

  • Mike Potts

    I do think someone would bring some design magic to work on dive watches – they are so same old, same old, which is a real shame! I wonder why they never stand back and see, like I do, how alike most dive watches are? I will say that at least these two do stand out from the crowd a little more than usual. A pleasant change

  • Boryueh1

    What do you think the popular size of watches will be in 5 years? 10 years? Do you think any size will remain timeless?

    • ProJ

      40 will probably remain timeless.

      Popular should be anywhere from 39 to 44 (talking men’s)


    Of the Japanese movements who is building the most accurate? Seiko or miyota?

    • ProJ

      Seiko, because GS and spring drive.

  • Liutauras Balsys

    What difference does it make whether the watch is water resistant 200 meters or 300 meters or 1000 meter if the most people would get is 40 meters underwater?

    • Theodore Ntinias

      No practical reason, it is just cooler to own a 1000m watch than a 100m one.

  • Al Herrera

    Will Ariel ever say how many watches he owns?

    • abacab

      Some guy did a video about his collection, they’re were a lot of watches. You could go through that and try to count them up.

    • IG

      Why would he?

  • Eric Speelmon

    What is the brightest, longest lasting lume material? Is there something better than Superluminova C3?

  • Tim

    That SS model looks sharp.

  • Tony middleton

    Why do some watches have the crown on the left hand side?

    • ProJ

      For wearing it on the right hand.

      • Tony middleton

        I thought that myself,but then I saw some adverts with a left hand crown watch worn on a left hand and wondered if there was any other practical reason.

        • abacab

          Well, I think the logic behind that is if the lefty crown is particularly large then it would be more comfortable against your forearm than it would be against the back of your hand.

          • Tony middleton


  • Gary Aerne

    I get a real kick out of reading this blog. I love the Ball watches that have the trillium night illuminators. Why don’t more watch companies offer them?

    • GratisShark

      I agree with you. Tritium is very cool and I wish more manufacturers would include it at least on some of their offerings. Some of the best illumination I’ve seen have a combination of Tritium along with traditional light absorbing coatings. This gives you the high initial lume of coating materials as well as the never ending lume of the radioactive Tritium gas.

      • Gary Aerne

        absolutely!! Ball had an anniversary watch that ABLOGTOWATCH reviewed about a year ago on sale with the trillium and big numbers for easy reading. Wish I would have bought it. Haven’t seen one like it since.

        • Gary Aerne

          Do you know other manufacturers that do that?

  • Kevin Johnson

    What is the most accurate Japanese Movement?

    • ProJ

      Any radio-controlled quartz movement.

  • TresGut

    Very nice. Why do some right handed people wear their watch on their right wrist?

  • johnwithanh

    Do watches w/ integrated bracelets/straps have higher or lower resale values than those with standard lugs?

    • ProJ

      Depends on the watch. But last I checled, the Submersible holds price better than the Aquatimer.

  • Dan

    Best watch site around!

  • Shinytoys

    If we’re talking about a dive watch, how about taking it diving for a day. At the very least, throw it in a glass of water. The question I would ask is ” can you use the watch for it’s intended purpose” , “Is it waterproof”. How about testing the watch in a simulated dive situation like a pressure water proofing device?

    • GratisShark

      Maybe I’m not understanding you but most reputable manufacturers do pressure & leak testing although it may be simulated. Certainly, many of them are not ISO certified but that doesn’t mean that they are untested. I’ve seen several videos of factory testing equipment particularly at Seiko.

      • Shinytoys

        I agree with everything you say, but for the consumer, It would be interesting to see if what the factory claims as factual. The watch reviewed here is a random test sample. Wouldn’t it be to a divers advantage to really put the watch through its paces? We do it with car reviews all the time. But the most important issue to a diver when it comes to his watch is accuracy, and whether his dive watch can deliver under pressure. I am of the opinion that more than a few watches would not meet their water ratings and would fail.

        • GratisShark

          I think you’ve hit on an idea for a new organization. I’ve seen other industries particularly financial services that gave way to rating entities for investment vehicles like stocks and mutual funds. Why not one for the watch industry that operates outside of Switzerland? I think you should go for it; I’d support an effort like that.

  • Dan

    Who are your favorite boutique watch makers?

  • bryan arent

    Always curious if the weight of a watch matters to most consumers and do manufacturers alter/add weight without functional need in order to raise perceived quality?

    • GratisShark

      I have always preferred a heavy watch so I always opt for SS as opposed to titanium but that’s just a personal preference. I know a lot of guys who feel encumbered by a weighty piece. As for functionality, I think the only significant need for increased weight is a divers need to withstand pressure. Can’t really think of any complications that would account for significant weight gains.

  • Vexed

    Honestly im curious why few watches seem to use silver for cases. I mean it seems like the perfect middle ground between steel and gold/platinum for dress pieces.

    • ProJ

      Dunno, probably it’s too soft of a metal

      • GratisShark

        I don’t know the real answer but I would tend to agree. I think they might scratch rather easily.

  • dennis

    100m is all one needs for sport diving.

    • ProJ

      100m is good for swimming.

  • What is your favorite microbrand and why?

  • William Warshauer

    Almost all dive watches are now only used for “desk diving” and real divers use dive computers, which give so much information.

    • GratisShark

      I think you’re absolutely right but regardless of that fact, dive watches are cool as hell and I prefer them on

  • funNactive

    Do many people adjust the time of their watch while wearing it? For right handed people, the crown is on the right had side. I’ve always taken off my watch for any adjustments. When a left handed watch comes out ( ), I’ve considered a purchase to wear on my right hand – if the crown is on the left, there is less chance of digging into the wrist.

  • Deniz Ultanur

    Love this watch. Isn’t it strange that the ‘best’ dive watch would actually be a dive computer? I wonder why quartz watches aren’t considered as cool as mechanical (in a lower price bracket maybe, but still cool).

    • GratisShark

      I think yours is a great question. Maybe I’m just “old school” or perhaps just old but here’s my simplified thought. Quartz = CDs vs. Mechanical = Vinyl.

      • Deniz Ultanur

        LOL yeah you got it right, I think. Although I love vinyl for it’s warmness, I still do most of my listening through high res downloads… I only have 4 quartz watches in my collection, so I guess I agree with you 🙂

  • Ang Wei Shi

    How does anti-reflective coating work?

  • Nathan Schneider

    Why don’t we see more skeleton watches? Is it just a matter of taste, or are they more difficult to manufacture/assemble?

  • Saddler Brown

    How many watches make a collection?

    • ProJ

      Probably 2.

    • abacab

      A Reverso Duo face counts as 2 watches.

  • Brandon Banchiere

    I have to say, these watches look pretty damn good. I’m glad there are more and more of these (particularly the US based) Kickstarter watches coming up. I am often weary of the quality though… I would love to get my hands on one and try it out.

  • Mat,

    I like that it is running a seiko movement

  • Sameh ElTahawy

    Nice watch would love to win it and thank you ablogtowatch for all the reviews..

  • Andrew

    Why does everyone on here hate Bremont?

    • Andrew Buckley

      One word: “smug”.

  • Michael Tomlin

    Great looking watch that allows you to go deep, go long and go high.

  • Then Vun Chun Christian

    Just wondering how does one price a watch? E.g What are the components that assembles the price of a watch?

  • Brian

    My questions are who is ProJ and how does he know everything?

  • Alex

    It’s a nice looking watch, looks robust. A general question, do you have to remember the watch references to be considered as a collector? I’m new to watches, thanks.

  • christopher jensen

    Nice looking watch that i’d love to win. Why don’t they make bezels that are easily swapped out to enable easy color/style changes?

    • ProJ

      Diver’s watch needs to be really reliable. More features means less reliability.

  • Brad Herndon

    My question: when determining a watch diameter, how much does the movement come into play in making that determination? Great looking watch, btw!!!

  • GratisShark

    The name of this watch alone is cool and it looks sharp! My question about watches pertains to divers and is simply the following. Is there any legitimate purpose for depth ratings of anything past 300 meters other than a “cool” factor and/or bragging rights? I’d love to hear opinions but more so maybe any real facts that might support ratings of 1,000 meters and beyond. Thanks!

  • Luke

    Nice looking diver.

    My question is what’s the next big trend for watches? What to expect in 2017?

    • ProJ

      Perhaps more integration between mechanical and smart watches.

  • Ewan McNally

    The watch looks rugged and cool. My question is: why are so few companies focusing on online/social media presence to market their products?

    • ProJ

      Because the world is changing.

  • Thomas DeLucia

    Nice design Would enjoy wearing it. The question I always ask is why would a dive watch need a date function

    • ProJ

      So that it can also be useful when the person is not actually diving. Which is pretty much 99.9999% of the time.

  • Dominik Rocchi

    What makes this watch different from others in that particular price- and specs- range ?

  • thedonn007

    Those are nice looking watches. They remind me of my SKX009, which just started running 3 hours fast a day.

  • GhostlyProduct

    One question about watches that I can never seem to find the answer for is why brands inside of certain holding companies like Richemont seem to cannibalize one another in terms of style or price? Boggles the mind.

    • ProJ

      Because they were independent before being bought by Richemont, and because each still have their own loyal customers.

  • Benoit

    How do watchmakers decide a watch price ?

  • Steve

    Watch looks nice, but in kickstarter it only cost usd200 – usd299 for different style and different spec. Why should I pay more for it if I can get similar watch ?

  • Vincent Paul

    if i were to buy a Rolex replica.. because i obviously can’t afford a real one.. what would be the best way to go about getting one.. as in what to look for, whats the ideal price range and some places where i can find a good replica.. thanks..

    • ProJ

      Fake watches are for fake people. Buy yourself a decent Seiko for the same price you would pay for a replica.

  • Fritz Duppon

    Will Rolex ever make another truly complicated watch?

  • tim blanz

    I’d like to know more about the new trend in titanium. It’s super strong and ultra lightweight, but sure as heck takes a beating, scratches and gouges easily. Also, it’s much better in corrosive saltwater than stainless steel, BUT not as recommended for pool divers and chlorinated water!

    • ProJ

      You pretty much said it all. I would add: more difficult to restore/remove dings and scratches.

  • Jarett Schaumberger
    question: how do I learn to make watch movements

  • Iggy

    Great looking watch. What does the second crown do?

    • ProJ

      Move the internal rotating bezel.

  • Mike

    Why don’t watch companies have more models that are hand wind instead of automatic?

  • awildermode

    I like blue lume, yet green is the ‘common’ lume. Is blue more expensive? Why not other colours (other than lack of vision) of lume?

  • O Emmanuelli

    Looking forward to a new watch. Hopefully it will happen!

  • Ted Cole

    Are there any “easy” ways to assess the quality of a watch without having it looked at by a professional?

  • stumpelriltzchen

    How can I learn to construct my own watch movement? Can anyone learn that? How long does it take to learn that?

  • Wyatt Collier

    Lume generally seems sketchy to me. Why don’t more watches have tritium markers?

  • erfan ardian

    why dont you go with NE15 for that price range?

  • Bogdan B

    Why are swiss quartz movements (e.g. Ronda) so expensive compared to some (basic probably) automatic swiss movements (e.g. ETA/SELITA) ? Can’t think of any reason as quartz cannot have too much more added value like complications. I also must underline the fact that I am not speaking about chronometer movements. Are they all COSC certified ?

  • Manzur Dan

    I read about brands and watches alot and I still don’t understand how some brands justified the price of theirs watches, because I saw watches at 5000£ with same movement like watches at 800£, it’s a big difference and I don’t think that details and materials (not gold or other precious metals) can justify the price.

  • Word Merchant

    Bremont. Why?

  • Michael Bell

    Can I have a watch-making school close to where I live?

  • SuperStrapper

    Why is blue?

    • ProJ

      Now THAT is the question.

  • István Rei

    I like the placement of the date window (between 4 and 5). That allows the dial to have the date, but not take away from legibility. I think the number direction is not good (from inside to outside). The date number direction is better on the Stranger Alpha Mínimo White watch (from 4 to 5). Why changed the direction?

  • Dan Howe

    What goes in to the decision process when deciding on case width during Watch design? (So, why did Stranger choose 44mm over 40-42mm?) What other logic and gut feelings come into play when designing a watch that is not just aimed to appeal to the larger enthusiast market but to satisfy the appetite and yearnings of the designer? What goes into deciding the right balance between complexity and simplicity?

  • Mischa Vladivostok

    I remember these watches go quite the beating when they were reviewed here first (then again, just about any watch gets the same treatment). I actually would wear one, always liked hands with arrows, and that orange stitch bracelet would match my black/orange surfing wetsuit.

  • Justin

    How will world wide events affect the economy in Europe and will that in turn affect watch prices?

  • Sean Kim

    Why are watchmakers obsessed with the idea that they have to put a date window in a watch?

    • ProJ

      Many people like having a date in their watch.

  • Christian Henriksen

    When will blog sites that cover the watchmaking industry do a giveaway of an A. Lange & Söhne?

  • Elliot

    Why do a lot of watches not have see-through case backs? I understand if it is a necessary for a dive watch, but personally I would rather look at a completely non decorated movement over a high end case back art.

  • Abjarv

    Interesting watches for sure. Can letting your watch wind fully down affect its accuracy?

  • Jason Yee

    Thanks for the giveaway! My question: Given the “patina” that occurs over time, do you think bronze/brass watches will still be structurally sound in 20-30 years or longer?

  • Larry Holmack

    Nice watch for a giveaway. My Question: ” Why is it that ALMOST every startup watch we see on ABTW a Submariner Clone? Where has the creativity gone in watch making?

  • Apostolis

    Interesting watch, thanks for the opportunity!
    How does the helium valve thing works on dive watches?

  • David W

    Solid-looking diver at a rational price. What I wonder is whether there are ideal bezel-size-to-thickness ratios for different watch categories. I’m a dress watch guy, and I like cases about 40mm x 10mm, or 4:1, but that might look odd on a diver. Is there a standard or ideal for that in each category?

  • D.C.

    Nice giveaway! My question is, why are certain vintage stainless watches more valuable than a white gold version of the same model and vintage? Is it just due to scarcity?

    • ProJ


  • BrandonS

    Why are movement makers not using more non-metallic materials? It seems technology has gotten to the point that it would make sense.

  • Karl J Seward

    Will we in future see the use of a fully ceramic movement, is this even viable?

  • flsc

    Went to study abroad for a semester and just brought one watch….thats to less

  • Joshua Smith

    Can we ever expect to see miniaturization of movements to the point that a normally sized mechanical wristwatch (35-42mm) can have as many complications as the Vacheron Constantin ref 57260 and be sturdy enough for wearing?

  • Luis Horacio Velez de la Pava

    Has a good design and is resistant to daily mistreatment by salt water

  • Mark Krebs

    Great looking watch!!

  • Chris Davis

    Nice watch. One question I’d like answered is can you get a full on dive watch (e.g a proper tool rather than desk diver) with a sapphire case back? It seems like the two are mutually exclusive but I love seeing the inner workings and I’d quite like a diver.

  • A D

    Why are there no reliability ratings for watches?

  • Travis Cannata

    I would love to know, what face did Abraham-Louis make when he finished his first Tourbillon and watched it start?

  • jra716

    I’m a noob when it comes to automatic watches. I picked up a GT&FQ M005 and so far I’m really liking it. How do people feel about NATO straps going along with this style watch?

  • Michael Harvey

    The Ocean Predator Diveris a beautiful watch! Easy to read with those big hands! Are any Chinese manufacturers approaching the quality of Japanese movements?

  • kizzle

    with exceptionally well made ‘in house’ movements coming from the likes of seiko, do you believe the term has any sway these days, in the light of most watches being filled with eta & valjoux

  • Steve Jacobs

    So here’s my question: how scratch resistant is the gold or black coating?

  • Pete L

    Love these Seiko movement divers by small manufacturers.
    Question: What is the cost implication for manufacturers to create a 300m depth rating over say 200m?

  • Chris_sim

    These divers look great! love those omega-style arrow hands

  • Patrick Kunkel

    Are 3D printed movements a possibility?

  • Ivan Machuca

    Why some 200 meter resistant watches are oversized?

  • Steve Russell

    Dual crown, internal bezel… very nice

  • Paul

    Great looking watch. Do I really need a helium valve when I’m at a pool side bar?

  • BobTheBuilder


  • Caglar Gursoy

    What kind of lume is used?

  • dr.alexandris

    Great watch!!! Could you (members of ABTW) provide an update on the famous question: “Single Watch You’d Own With An Unlimited Or $1000 Budget”??

  • Steve Russell

    Why don’t we see more internal bezels..?

  • Ben Garner

    When will Ariel get back on the Hourtime Show?

  • Kyle Dorsay

    Nice use of colors in these watches.

  • Curt Thompson

    I’d really like to see more information on the machines that make watch parts. What are their specs and how much work goes into producing watch cases and movement parts? Also, I’d love to see some information on how rose engines work for guilloche.

  • Miguel -MO

    Nice watch, I would like to see some different color faces.

  • Alejandro Cifuentes

    Nice watch!

  • Zeljko Ergic

    Nice watch! What are the top 5 watch trends for 2017?

  • Chris MoJo

    Why aren’t there more practical chronographs like the Omega Seamaster “Soccer-Timer” ?

  • Y Til

    Does a chronograph action influence the accuracy of the watch?

  • Rene van Oosterom

    What is the big trend around dive watches?

  • Patrick Cuba

    Watch case or no watch case? are they necessary when getting into watches?

  • David Ljungberg

    What should be the basic watches to have in every persons watchcollection?

  • madgraf

    How often should you pressure test your watch? Anytime you plan on going swimming/diving or every certain number of years?

  • Taylor Glenn

    Great looking watches. Are bronze/brass divers watches even usable as divers watches?

  • Alessandro Montanari

    Nice looking diver watch. Micro brand can be fun! And from my experience the nh35 caliber is bulletproof!

  • 112010

    I need a dive watch! Yes!

  • benjameshodges

    Are these shark proof?

    • GratisShark

      Sure thing, as long as you put a shark mesh bracelet on it! ?

  • Arshy

    Orca looks nice

  • Daniel Park

    What are the different types of materials used to make watches (band, face, glass, etc.) and what are the pros and cons?

  • Lauri Mäkinen

    How much usually it costs to do the basic service for a watch?

  • treefroga1

    How often should a mechanical watch be serviced?

  • Josef Schmid

    How does the Ar-Dehumidifying Technology from Sinn work?

  • rhyino

    I’d like to learn about standards and methods of testing water resistance of watches.

  • Matt

    Nice, thanks for another giveaway!

  • AM

    What are the typical % margins per watch made by large brands vs micro brands?

  • Antoine Rollin

    About the price of watches : what’s the part of marketing in a $1000 Hamilton watch and in a $5000 Breitling watch for example ?
    What do we pay for when we buy watches ? Good swiss workmanship or just marketing ?

  • edmoree77

    Why Omega watches are so expensive? They certainly don’t deserve the price asking…IMO

  • Ashkan Garshasbi

    how long the water resistiblelity remain intact over time?

  • How is the day-to-day of a watchmaker working for a big company?

  • Benson Choi

    Great! How can vintage leather straps on panerais last when diving back in the day?

  • David Flegg

    What is the process and who is involved for a new watch from design concept through to the brand new watch being placed in the (no doubt beautiful) box for sale.

  • Terry Pitts

    Beautiful giveaway, for sure!! Why don’t all manufacturers use “movement holders” in their builds?

  • Adam Goldstein

    What’s the best place to get vintage watch bands?

  • Keith Ritchie

    Great giveaway, what are the industry standards for water proof testing?

  • Gus Strand

    I’d like to see an article/answers to 2017’s top “up and coming” boutique brands under $1000. Who are they?

  • Nate White

    I’d like to know who buys and flips all these AP Roos? Look at watchrecon, there’s a ton, and they’re $10-30k. Who are these chronic AP flippers? :p

  • Tristan

    Great looking watches Stranger. Similar question to one below. Does a watchmaker pressure test each dive watch that goes out the door, or is the WR rating based on the features of the watch, all of which are assumed to be implemented properly in each unit?

  • Easy Quindo

    How robust is the gold tone coating?

  • papa_giorgi0

    Why aren’t all OEM straps fitted to cover the gap between strap and case?

  • Tiri Pest

    I’d like to know if there are any regions which are establishing themselves as a new watchmaking haven, much like Geneva is 🙂

  • Brandon Teo

    we’ve seen Rafael Nadals Richard Mille watch being worn for all his tennis matches. just how robust are mechanical watches under frequent shocks and impacts? Field test maybe?

  • Joe McHugh

    Good looking watch.

    My question is how much waterproofing on a dive watch adds to cost. In other words, does it cost 5 times as much to make one 1000 metres water-resistant compared to one with “only” 200 metres.

  • William Hargen

    I agree with @gusstrand:disqus , that’d be really cool

  • MydogBuck

    Big fan of divers, would love to add this one to the collection.

  • Prem Kumar

    Love this watch. I have been thinking of adding a watch with sailcloth. Does the strap absorb water.

  • mattron

    I liked this when it debuted and thought about purchasing. Ultimately decided against because of a watch purchase made earlier in the year.

  • Brian Mazanec

    Awesome watch! I’m interested in learning more about innovation in watch making, particularly with new synthetic materials and with additive manufacturing. What “game changers” are on the horizon for the watch industry.

  • Nikhil Edward

    How much shock can an average, say 300m water resistance, dive watch withstand from an impact before it damages the movement enough to stop working?

  • Aha! Finally, this most certainly will be mine; a giveaway can’t get it wrong so many times in a row!
    And, I’d like answered: why can’t we have a digital watch in a SS case, like the T-Touch or G-Shock, but all digital? The V-Tec Alpha and Sparc from Ventura were really onto something!

  • tknospdr

    These look really nice!

  • Laurie W

    I’d like to know the most expensive dive watch ever made…or what watches famous water related people use.

  • ZBT71

    In my opinion you simply can’t beat a dive watch with an internal rotating bezel, it’s both vintage and modern at the same time. The Barracuda would be my pick since I don’t have a diver with a brushed rose gold case and a white dial. My watch question is why are all the watches I like and want too expensive for me to afford?

  • APajic

    Good looking watch, and a great fit in my ever growing collection of diver’s watches – and if I do win, my wife can’t even say anything about another watch, since I didn’t buy it. 🙂 I was recently wondering, why there’s only a few companies using the STP 1-11 instead of the NH35 or the Miyota? It is a great movement, and the emphasis is on sourcing the materials in CH, as well as modern production techniques. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my 8 Seiko workhorses. Also not affiliated with STP in any way, btw. Just a big fan, since my Magrette MPP is coming in soon.

  • ???

    Nice watch.Does the strap durable for sea water?

  • Douglas Weedman

    A very nice looking timepiece with simple sophistication!

  • Chris MacEwen

    Is the Ocean predator Diver waterproof ? If it is water resistant , does that mean that water will seep in eventually and ruin the watch . For instance , I own a watch that I can have on when I swim and it is waterproof , but it can’t be used if I want to dive.

  • M.M

    I dont have a question but i would like to have one

  • SeanM

    What goes into a good quality watch movement and which ones are considered the best for the various categories like luxury, mass produced etc?

  • Bill Flannery

    Great looking watches that get away from the same old same old look by having the bezel internal. Is the AR coating internal or external?

  • Jay Reyna

    Thanks for the give away opportunity. What’s Stranger’s history and origin in the industry? Do their designers come from other well known watch brands?

  • louis martinez

    Nice watch, How long does a automatic movement last?

  • Marcus Santos

    Thanks for the giveaway! The inner rotating bezel sure is a nice feature! As for my question, why don´t we see more Japanese high-end pieces on the market? Would the simple answer suffice: because the market aims for Swiss high-end products?

  • Eric Gordon

    Terrific giveaway…..AGAIN! Keep up the dive watch run. Does the way I store my watch really affect accuracy (dial up, dial down, crown up, crown down)? Or how often I wear it? Why or why not?

  • Mike K

    I have multiple manual wind watches. Is it okay to let them run down intermittently, or should I wind them all every day?

  • Nice watch! Dig the inner rotating bezel a la ROO Scuba.

  • Kare

    I’m really interested in why there aren’t many dive watches with smaller case diameters (<38mm), that maintain the features without playing to the fashion trends (currently, oversized watch faces).

  • Allen Cloutier

    I always hesitate with kickstarter watches, this would be a great to try out.

  • Jose Felipe Garcia Vivanco

    Really nice watch with class, looks really robust and with personality. The question to be answered is, what is the most exotic jewel used in premium watches and what it gives as an advantage in mechanic logic?

  • Paul Morris Carfoot

    An interesting combination of many Dive Watches

  • Horacio

    What actions did Panerai took after the 318 scandal?

  • IVA the LT

    I have a couple watch maintenance questions that are inter-related:

    I am curious if the standard 5-year service for watches is still required when you have a decent rotation of watches and they spend a significant amount of time not running? Do the oils break down when not in use or do they break down more from constant use (like in a watch winder)? Is it there more wear on components from constant running of the movement vs. the start/stop of a movement that is constantly running out of power?

  • Jesse B. Jiang

    Great looking watch! My question: what model vintage omega did Ryan Gosling wear in the movie “La La Land”?

  • Tony G

    Do precious metal cases impart any technical advantages, or are they purely for prestige and exclusivity?

  • Aalok

    What are some recent mechanical advances in watch-making when it comes to dive watches?

  • Kazakh

    Which market segment should I target if I want to open my own watchmaking company?

  • Jonathan Cohen

    if you had to wear just one watch for the next year, what would it be?

  • Barzuma

    One of my favourite movements, too.

  • ????????

    Is the Ocean Predator Diver suitable for scuba diving?

  • Mihails Solovjovs

    How good this AR-coating is?

  • Super???????

    Awesome dive watch! Does the strap absorbs water?

  • Valentina Leonova

    Why mechanical watches added gems?

  • Julian

    Is there any possibility mechanical watches will ever be as accurate as quartz watches?

  • Gerard Cardinal

    There is a thing being done putting pocket watch movements into wrist watches. My watchmaker suggests this is folly because the pocket watches had no shock absorbing system and would break the balance if used on the wrist. It seems to make sense, but what do you think of this trend and those watches?

  • Mehmet Kasap

    Do these watches come with extra straps, any strap change tools included in the box? Thank you

  • Rajeeva Jayaratne

    when can i buy a cheap watch with a nuclear powered battery.

  • Sverkos

    Nice watches ! What is the time imprecision of the movement ?

  • Rauli Simonen

    Is the Orca PVD or DLC coated since its case is black?

  • Bruno Marcic

    Amazing watch! It would look even cooler with metal strap.

  • j4m3z

    What classic dive watches are making a comeback soon?

  • Chris Naise

    How well does the lume hold up in the dark?

  • vikacong

    Is there such thing as a recommended quartz watch? Something like a high-end quartz watches?

  • nsbancroft

    I’d take either one!

  • James

    Lovely watches. What will be this years ‘look’ when it comes to high end watches? Classics aside.

  • Scott Macmillan

    Is there going to be a return to more reasonably sized watches,like a 38-40 mm size?

  • Prasenjit Enigmatic Nandi

    Why are the newer high end independent brands like RM. HYT, urwerk etc looking to innovate in terms of materials, complexity, lights (as in HYT) etc. whereas the old established ones like Rolex, JLC, etc, dont want to leave the cocoon and venture into new avenues (even though they have prestige and history on their side which can drive sales) ?

  • gtbr

    i’d like for you to review some of those cheap chinese watches sold on ebay.

  • David Fisher

    I would like to hear some industry opinions about the future of watch design especially as it relates to case size. Great looking watches btw.

  • Joseph Jordan

    I’d love to know where the industry plans on going in the future in term of a struggling marketplace for high end watches. More specifically, what sorts of innovation will the industry produce in order to combat the onslaught of fashion watches and smart watches?

  • Diana Shenderovich

    would love to win for my husband

  • grandma 1

    it would be perfect my grandpa

  • MikeC

    How do watch manufactures manipulate items such as meteorite to use in watches?

  • Tan Qing Wei Philemon

    I’ll like to ask whether watches with interchangeable modular parts to change the way a watch looks as well as the complications it has will be a possibility in the future?

  • angela

    I’d like to know if watches will become larger or smaller in the near future as the larger ones have been fashionable for a while now

  • kramdrallim

    I love the look of these. But how are new products like this getting to retail at such reasonable prices?

  • VandyChiver

    Great classic diver look!

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    I like toknow how the watch evolve.

  • Tom Alfano

    A question I’d love to have answered is where the best place to find preowned watches would be.

  • Mike B

    Is there a ratio that describes the ideal relationship between watch size and wrist size?

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    What happen to tritium tubes after 25,30 years?

  • Amazing dive watch.
    I’m joined.
    I wish to win.

  • ik299

    What is the most accurate automatic mechanism ever build?

  • Andrei Mihaila

    Beautiful watches! But i’m curious, how does the coating of the watch cope with the salt water? What are the chances for the black pvd or gold coating to degrade if used frequently in the water?

  • Nelson Lima

    I have been eyeing a watch with a nylon strap or Nato band. Let’s do this!

  • Andrew Metri

    What is the best way to authenticate a watch?

  • Gabi Balas-Baconschi

    Another great giveaway, thanks for the contest.

    I’d like to see more skeleton watch options, in affordable range of prices, but not too cheap (chinese copies of unitas, with arabesque decorations are not an option).

    In the same time, why big names don’t invest in creating technology to have more interesting watches, at lower prices ? some of the best watches are still very expensive. I hope this year we will see some interesting movement in watch industry 🙂

  • Steve

    At what number does jewel count make no difference?

  • Paul Aislabie

    If you can afford to buy a high end watch are you really paying for quality workmanship?

  • lefrog

    Is it possible for a mechanical movement to be completely different from the classic mainspring, balance wheel, escapement layout?

  • johnnyc40

    How easy is it to get hour / minute hands re-lumed? My faithful O&W 3066 is starting, after a hard life, to lose small flakes from the hands 🙁

  • Darh109

    Will there ever be a mechanical watch that needs almost no service?

  • Jeremy Bell

    How do watch companies justify prices upwards of £100000?

  • Randy Bradford

    Very nice looking timepiece! This is a functional looking watch, would not be adverse to wearing
    daily or on a upscale occasion.

  • at1time

    Great looking watch. I see the word rare overused in so many sales ads,what makes a watch rare?

  • KJRye

    Interesting design, always like inner rotating rings.

    I would actually like to know why there appears to still be such a trend of oversized dive watches coming from the micro-brands of the watch world. Not to say there aren`t a number of 40mm sizes available…but even your survey clearly shows 40-42mm being the most preferred sizing. Yet, there still seems to be a disproportionate amount of sub $1000 tool watches that push beyond these sizes. Are there other factors to consider, or is this part of the market a little out of touch with what the consumers prefer?

  • Christian Kipp

    My question is how often do I make a service for my automatic watch?

  • Eugene Najera

    Why did you use the internal rotating dive-style bezel and did it increase the size of the watch or compliment the size of the watch.

  • Sam Ward

    I’d love to see more about the durability of watches. My question is, what is the most durable automatic watch on the market?

  • Doctor Ben

    How do you pronounce Omega?

  • Wayde

    What is your best selling watch?

  • Douglas Johnson

    That’s an impressive dive watch.

    Question I’d like answered: how do watch designers choose fonts? What general principles guide the choices?

    • GratisShark

      I have no idea about how manufacturers make those selections but I know this. Number one priority for any diving watch in particular, is legibility!

  • Siwash

    Nice masculine design. Send it my way!

    Question: how many design iterations did this run through before the final one was picked?

  • Scott

    Can you guys try to do an article about Bill Clinton’s watch collection? I hear it is impressive.

  • MCT

    Great, rugged looking time pieces. I’d like to know where the best value is in automatic/mechanical watches in the under $1000 price range. Who makes the most reliable, rugged time pieces in the industry at or under that price point?

  • Lumo

    Great diver!
    My question:
    What are the main differences between a turbillion and a “normal” automatic watch?

  • Bryan M

    Love internal rotating bezels.

    My question: How does what appears to be a “scattered” gear train transfer motion to central hours, minutes, and seconds hands?

  • Stevie J

    Nice timepiece.
    I would like to know how long it takes to make a complicated watch from scratch?

  • Humphrey Mar

    Nice watch!
    Why do watches rated 10m only good for light splashes at the sink, and not truly for going 33 feet (ie., actual swimming in a swimming pool)?

  • Benjamin Noren

    What’s the deal with watches?

  • Kyle Weber

    I’ve always been weary of damaging my mechanical watches. How much force can a mechanical watch movement actually withstand?

  • Crazy cool watch. I’d love to give it to my partner for our anniversary.

    Do modern watches give off any radiation or other emissions? Reason I ask…my mum had an old Bulova watch and other vintage, heirloom watches from the 20’s – 50’s which had their faces painted with paints based on radioactive substances such as radium that need treating with caution. My mum refused to wear the modern watches we gave her, and my sis would tell her that her watch was as dangerous as carrying a cell phone (in terms of amount of radiation emissions) or sitting too close to a TV screen (which my mum also did, watching her “soaps”). My mum told us we were crazy, but she ended up getting cancer on her left side of her body where she wore the watches, and we’re still convinced the watches were to blame. Do modern watches contain any substance we should be worried about?

  • C. Dator

    Excellent, contemporary looking dive watch! How many jewels are in the watches pictured above?

  • billy

    Looks like a nice diver!

  • Ben from LI

    Looks like a great watch!
    I’d love to see a basic primer on watch parts – this is a column wheel, commonly used in x type of watch, function is this. Same for balance wheel and other parts. Does this exist?

  • Kris Brunsden

    Love an internal bezel!

  • Evnhn

    Great looking watch! I like the texture on the dial and kevlar strap.

  • I read an interesting article recently, which explained the economies of mass production and other reasons for the near-disappearance of the central-minute-register chronograph. My question is, even so, why aren’t more companies making new calibres with this useful (but apparently not simple) complication? Talk about “in-house…”

    PS: my other question is which $500 watch that’ll hammer at a cool $2.3 million in thirty years I should by?

  • RalphT1

    I absolutely like the Bull Shark model!
    Any watch that combines: “diving on a wreck, at the ocean front bar, or out at one of the many clubs that make up the unique South Florida lifestyle” – now, that type of watch is for me.

  • Trond Bjørshol

    How do you think the Swiss luxury brands will meet the current market? By lowering prices? By reducing supply? By selling (officially) through online stores? Thanks.

  • Daryl Okayama

    Thanks for doing the giveaway Ariel!
    My question:
    I would like to know the how/why jewels were chosen for use in the respective movements?

  • Michael J Malloy

    Great looking watch

  • Neill Levine

    My question: would today’s entry-level watches (eg Hamilton Khaki King ) be the equivalent in quality to something like Rolex Explorer from the late 50’s? If the two were put side-by-side in as new condition.

  • enfinityx


    My question: With the big push towards in-house movements. How will the risk of parts being unavailable or watch movements being too fragmented be in 30 years time?

  • Jes

    How do internal rotating bezels work?
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Ezra

    can a watch survive the sarlacc pit?

  • JPLQ

    Great looking watch. Question is, How long will the Luminous dial and hands glow before they need to be replaced?

  • Maryna Jedrzejak

    Amazing watch!!! Thanks for giveaway!!

  • NC

    I’d like the question ‘what’s up with patina on bronze watches’ about watches answered! Nice watch 🙂

  • Joey Picard

    Looks like an awesome watch. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I hope I win!

  • Loueichjr

    Great looking watch. I wonder what is the future of the mechanical watch? It survived the quartz crisis. But will it survive the smart phone invasion? I hope so.

  • Muhammad Usman

    I want to ask that when do you think that a proper integration of smart functions (what we currently have in smartwatches) could occur in mechanical watches?

  • Rodney Stone

    Nice watch

  • John Simpson

    What in particular has made the Seiko the go-to brand for boutique makers.

  • Jeff Addison

    I really wonder if the Swiss can continue to charge such a high premium as Asian manufacturers continue to steadily improve the quality of their products. Some would argue that Seiko already can compete with the highest of Swiss brands

  • billy mclaughlin

    Nice watches. I like the black and stainless models more than the rose gold. Why put a coin edge on the bezel if it’s internal rotating?

  • Krishna

    cant think of a question except for perhaps…why buying watches is very addictive?? I buy one today and immediately start thinking about what to get next!

  • RDA2

    That’s a sweet watch – I’d love one.

  • Nixa

    I love the Bull Shark model! Great looking watch and nice Seiko movement. My question is: There is quite an abundance of diver watches in the market. However, why aren’t more watch makers using tritium gas tubes technology instead of SuperLumiNova?


    love the rose gold coated one!

  • Eradsilky Sylcox

    love the dial face, here is a question…why are watches so nice to wear?

  • Alex van Rensburg

    When will I be able to wear an atomic clock?

  • Gal Sh

    my question: why does gold watches cost significaly more than their stainless steel counterparts, excluding the price of metals themselves?

  • Jasmina Lambergar

    watch – to make my life full of nice memories

  • Erik Sorensen

    what’s the best cheapest watch that will get me laid and keep cosc time and have the most complications?

    Asking for a friend 😛

  • Guestasaurous

    The rose gold one looks very nice…

    Q: which complications are really worthy and not just show off?

  • lisa kakish

    What is the difference between the Orca, Barracuda, and Bull Shark? Which ones are in the picture?

  • Kevin Beard

    How hard is it to learn to repair your own watches? I change batteries, but I’m scared to try anything on an auto.

  • janim

    What’s the most simple design of a mechanical watch with as few components possible?

  • rpste

    “mention a question about watches that you’d like answered.”
    Will ABW reviewing Credor (Seiko) on this year?

  • Mochamad Zakky Hidayat

    Will ABW reviewing Credor? Especially automatic and Spring Drive version

  • trainman

    Interesting looking diver. Q: How is Orient able to keep their pricing so low for the quality they deliver and what is the history behind the relationship with Seiko. Thanks!

  • Rust

    Best sport watch for the price for a young twenty-something outdoorsman?

  • Mitch

    Nice looking watches.

    Why do mechanical watches cost so much more than quartz watches? Is it mostly a labor issue?

  • BoseFrog

    I am the 473 th comments yeah… Any way the buttons on this watches will definitely dig into my wrist. With these watches designer just draw stuff up and get it mfg. I don’t think they wear them themselves.

  • I’ve always wanted to see standardized benchmark scores for things like accuracy, power, durability, etc. regarding similar automatic movements from various manufacturers. Basically, what are the “best” ones in a given class?

  • Rose gold

  • Alberto

    Horology 101, what are the basics?

  • cassfan3

    When did watchmakers start using “IIII” instead of “IV” on the dials of watches with Roman numerals and are there other oddities in the history of horology that sacrifice “correctness” for aesthetic?

  • Mark1884

    I like the the Barracuda model. The hammered dial is a nice touch & the rotating bezel is not the average seen. Very legible with nice hands.
    My question is: Is the AR coating on the top of the crystal or on the inside. Some companies do both inner and outer.

  • Shane Kleinpeter

    Nice looking watches. How do manufacturers determine the recommended service intervals for their mechanical watches?

  • Coprocephalic

    What the hell are bezels used for? Do they function the same on all watches?

  • Chris

    What’s the next up and coming microbrand for 2017?

  • nm

    How do helium release valves work??????

  • sam-b

    I am still wondering that a lot of premium manufacturers (such as ‘IWC’, ‘Glashütte Original’, ‘Grand Seiko’, ‘Jaeger LeCoultre’, ‘Patek Philippe’, ‘A. Lange & Söhne’, et al.) explain in epic broadness how they perfect their timepieces in all technical details, while they offer watches for $5.000, $10.000 and more with a water resistance up to 3 or 5 athmospheres at the same time.
    Do they think one is exempted from doing the dishes, if he can effort such a purchase?

  • eboldo

    Tourbillon is really useful or just a gimmick?

  • Joseph Luzzo

    I love dive watches, their useful and machined to withstand enormous amount of pressure. What’s not to live?

  • Rahul Joshi

    Why is it that Swiss made watches and movements are seen with greater respect in comparison to Japanese made, when the Japanese made watches and movements are also well built?

  • GalaxyGuy

    This is a fun discussion with a ton of great questions. I haven’t read them all, so my question will likely be a repeat, but here goes! Why are Swiss watch manufacturers so opaque? That is, why is it so very difficult to get good, unbiased, non-marketing information about watches directly from Swiss manufacturers? One might think that the biggest distinction between brands is ultimately the different take that they make of the centuries old technology of wristwatch movements, yet it seems like pulling teeth in order to get real information from manufacturers. What’s in it for them to hide this information from consumers?

  • wataugariver

    What is the “AR-coat” on the sapphire crystal of the Ocean Predator Diver watch?

  • Uriar

    Nice watch. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Murray Kreeger

    Nice watches. What is the part between the stems on this watch for?

  • Martin

    Are mechanical and automatic watches the same?

  • wisper

    What benefits are there to Hublot’s modular case construction?

  • eric

    The watch is nice! The question is: Is there any standardised method to test the strength of the lume? Not only by the type of lume, but the amount, how it’s applied affect the result (the brightness and durability of lume).

  • Patrick Dooley

    I’d love to add one of these to my collection. I’d like to know what is the average markup on watches sold at ADs?

  • luvmywatches

    My collection is mostly dive watches; however, I do own a pilot watch and two military style watches. Would love to add this to my collection.
    I’m sure this question has been asked repeatedly. Why has the industry moved to such large case diameters?

  • Giorgos Antoniou

    I really need to add this tough diver to my collection. The question is, how often do I need to wind a watch that I do not wear on a daily basis, sometimes not even for months. Is it ok if I do not wind it at all while in its case?

  • iamanh

    What’s the differences between Diver and Aviator? Count up and count down bezel?

  • Hrvoje Holett Hadzic

    Is the NH35 upgraded version of NH25? THat is 24 jewels movement, right?

  • Daniel D.

    Do you see the trend of large diameter watches finally at a peak and now turning back to smaller sizes?

  • RRR

    What’s the best Longines automatic watch that you can buy under 1500$? Thank you!

  • Jayden Navarro

    What do the different accuracy measurements for watches mean? Isochronism, daily variance, etc.


    How many watches are likely to increase in value as time goes by (ie investment watches)? Any examples?

  • Brian Bezel

    What are the indexes filled with on the Stranger Ocean Predator?

  • Nick Baron

    Is the case backing see-through? Their site doesn’t show any pictures from that angle.

  • David Wallace

    Considering the price point that’s a very nice watch.

  • Trey Hawkins

    Great looking watches. Here’s my question: why are you advised to not change the date on some (most?) automatic watches between 10pm and 2am?

  • Bryan

    What watches have the best investment potential ?

  • GKS

    What is the deepest-rated diving watch ever made? Who’s got the bragging rights?

  • CoreyFong

    Thanks for the chance to win

  • Ibrahim Mohammad

    I’d love to know what makes an automatic movement more precise than another?

  • David Smith

    While it is the centenary of the First World War, I’d be interested in the development of watch technology throughout the course of the war.

  • Joe Grubenhoff

    With so many start-ups out there,what proportion of new indie watch companies survive more than a few years or cycles of new offerings?

  • Pacheaco

    The only question I had is who thought it was a good idea to combine the names Stranger and Predator. Nice watch though.

  • Wonderful! My question is, why do some watches cost over a million dollars? Do they really cost that much to make?

  • Windhund

    Nice! Will my watch fever ever be cured?

  • Balkamos Neoklis

    Will Breitling maintain its independent status?

  • ?????????? ???????

    Very nice watch but whos is gonna put this beauty in the water?

  • Tommy

    If You had a choice, what would You like to choose Christopher Ward C60 or Omega Seamaster and why?

  • Lawrence BonForte

    They typically add two or three hundred dollars worth of gold when a watch is made with a solid gold case rather than stainless steel. Why is it that the price of the watch increases by eight to ten thousand dollars?

  • Maxtor

    Nice watch! So, why do most watch lovers prefer automatic watches when quartz is more accurate and has lower maintenance costs? I get asked this one all the time.

  • dan negoita

    My question regarding diver watches is how indie watch producers do cases water resistant up to 4000 m? Are they really testing the cases?

  • Ulysses31

    Are large watches easier to machine than small ones? I’m’ assuming that it is but still, I am interested in the answer.

  • Anders Malm

    Will Seiko do a reissue of 6139?

  • John Chapdelaine

    It seems like I see a new tourbillon watch every day in ABTW and other horology sites. Do these really make a difference in time-keeping accuracy or just something to ooh and aah over?

  • Doober

    Can you see Rolex ever getting into manufacturing some significantly lower-priced timepieces, as well as some updated design models?

  • A good addition to my dive watches!!

  • Volker Rose

    What actually makes the difference between a – say 2000€ watch and a 20000€ watch – regarding quality. I do see the difference in materials and complications. But speaking of reliabilty, durability and accuracy I can’t figure out the difference.

  • Bryan Mc

    I always wonder why more attention is not paid to the finishing/ergonomics on the case back side of a watch and to the fit and finish of the supplied bracelets and straps. I know the movement and face are important but I compare it to building a supercar and using plastic lawn chairs for seats and AstroTurf for carpet. The feel of the piece on your arm is every bit as important as to how it looks or how it runs yet it seems to be the area most overlooked.

  • Reed Marshall

    These look very nice

  • Martin Vrlik

    Nice watch… and the question – why are watches getting bigger and bigger?

  • Tim Sexton

    Those are great looking watches! I have always wondered about how much cost a sapphire crystal actually adds to a watch? I generally pass on anything without sapphire because I know it will get scratched in no time.

  • Grayson Parker

    Very distinctive. I’m not sure if I could pull it off, but I’d love the chance to see for myself.

  • Mike F

    Good looking watches with an excellent movement. I would love to give them a test on a northern lake.

  • Jens Harsem

    At what point is a watch too expensive?

  • Jordan

    Great industrial design! Would love to try one on…

  • Caimin Dempsey

    Nice watches they would look lovely in bronze. with all the chinese tourbillons poping up online and how there quality has bein improveing over the years ,do you think down the line they will be able to compete with the swiss market in terms of reliability and accuracy ?

  • Michael Yaquinto

    Why are tourbillons so expensive still? Considering technology and manufacturing advancements, I would figure they would come on a lot more watches nowadays.

  • César Héctor

    I’d love to know the processes for mechanical movement’s design; specially those with a lot of complications.

  • Bob Sebastian

    What is the market in the US for someone who would like to be a watch maker?

  • Jarrod Portwood

    What is the best way to save up for a watch above your pay grade, so to speak?

  • Jonathan Davies

    I can’t think of a question, do you mind if I don’t ask one?

  • Audun G. Kjørsvik

    Other than Ebay and Chrono24, what “renowned” auction/aftermarket websites for buying/selling watches is out there?

  • Duncan Gray

    Why is accuracy of timekeeping so unimportant when buying a watch?

  • Alex Strîmbeanu

    Why did watches keep getting bigger?

  • BillyJackHD

    A perfect prize for a scuba diver in the Carribean! I would love to have one for next time I dive the Leeward Islands looking for riches!

  • Irvin Walser

    Would it be wise to finance a new Rolex, or should you save up enough money to buy one.?

  • What are some guidelines for starting in investment-grade watches? What kind of insurance should one get? What are the best places for selling such watches? Thank you!

  • ted

    Could you make your own using a diy kit

  • bastien koert

    What is the benefit of an internal bezel vs an external bezel?

  • John Woodward

    What is a true tourbillon?

  • Joerg Pasch

    another cool diver! Are there any cool divers for women? would like to get one for my wife 🙂

  • Corey Brindisi

    Why did Switzerland, of all places, become the epicenter/gold standard of watch making?

  • rpatrick1

    How is it possible to have watches that don’t need batteries?

  • Michael

    How much time goes into the production of making an Omega Speedmaster?

  • Valanin

    Is it possible to make a mechanical smartwatch?

  • Steven Servantez

    Is it possible for the layperson to service a watch?

  • David

    What is the most overrated watch brand and overrated complication?

  • John Soltis

    Do Diver watches need batteries to power watch? Good Luck!

  • gchahinian

    Why is this watch not on my wrist already?!? 😀

  • Upul Ratnayaka

    What is the best number/or range of jewels in an automatic watch one should look at when purchasing?

  • Justin

    Will Nomos ever make a quartz Tangente?

  • Shaun S

    I’m not usually into gold watches, but that rose gold with black strap kind of has a Yachtmaster look. I like it.

  • matthew marsden

    Since ETA is more and more only linked to the SWATCH Group, what are the other reliable workhorse movements out there?

  • Elias Schön

    Is “Swiss made” going to lose its status over time in your opinion because of the 60% value directive?
    For me personally the Swiss name has lost a bit of personal value for me and i’ve been looking more into brands from other countries. Mostly considering the possibility of chinese parts in such an investment.

  • Chris Bos

    Why do so many people get addicted to watches?

  • jonathan walmsley

    I’d like to know why Titanium isn’t used more frequently in watches. Stainless steel is cool, bronze is a great touch too. But why not Ti for some editions too?

  • Mads D

    What is the most expensive wrist watch ever produced?

  • Skootertrash

    How long will a mechanical chronograph run in chronograph mode before the power reserve is completely exhausted?

  • Paul Elam

    Question regarding HE valves and water resistance…for watches that have a manual HE release valve, does one have to keep the HE valve closed in order to maintain the water resistance rating? In order words, can I leave the HE valve open when I am swimming, or should I ensure it is closed before entering the water?

  • Eric Leslie Marks

    How is shock resistance measured by watchmakers? Is there an international standard, as there for water resistance?

  • jake

    I’ve seen some watches on Kickstarter that describe the movement as semi mechanical or semi automatic. Can you elaborate? How does the mechanism work? I don’t a have a true dive watch yet, so this will be a great addition to my growing collection.

  • Matt Jaffe

    What is the benefit of a Seiko kinetic movement? It’s listed as both mechanical and quartz, but I struggle to see how this is a benefit. I recognize quartz can have better accuracy but at what expense in such a hybrid system.

  • Iko

    Why no WR on the dial?

  • Marek

    How will age a watch with ceramic bezel ?

  • Felix Romero

    If I wear this while diving, will it help me fend off shark attacks?

  • Oskar4060

    I have lots of watch-related questions, but I’d like to know this: what exactly makes chronograph movements so expensive, and why watchmakers can’t or won’t make cheaper one?

  • Stanimir Mateev

    Both are incredible!!!

  • Al M

    Why don’t more manufacturers offer silicon main Springs?

  • Chris Martin

    What’s the best way to fix minor scuffs and scratches on a watch face?

  • F Woodson

    What is the average profit margin of a Rolex watch?

  • Valentin

    Why Japanese watchmakers (Seiko-Orient, Citizen, Casio) doesn’t try to educate the younger generation about the qualities of their watches. A lot of people are buying so-called fashion watches without knowing that there is a way better alternative (that’s lost income for them).

  • Sebastian 1234567 v

    Why watches using carbon fiber got so expensive , even though the amount of carbon fiber used is small ?

  • Peter Weir

    The fact that one of the crowns has been assigned to the setting of the inner rotating bezel — instead of being a useless helium valve — is a nice idea. A He valve is useless for 99.9%+ of the divers, as they’ll never dive to a depth that requires a He breathing mix and a stay in a “dry” decompression chamber where He can penetrate the watch case.

  • Michael Chua

    The orange accent on the straps is a very nice plus point.

  • shane

    Those straps are gorgeous; the plain black with rose gold in particular.

  • Walter Tsibula

    What is the difference between kinetic and automatic movements?

  • Siddharth Rao

    Why has Swatch stopped the production of its automatic chronograph watches? This model was a great opportunity for people like me from India to own a swiss auto chronograph. Please Swatch bring them back!!

  • hatster

    Has to be the all-black version. Kinda stealth?

  • Alex Szerzinski

    What is a flyback and what is the purpose?

  • Lucian S

    Is there any difference between Citizen Eco-Drive and Seiko Solar, or other solars for that matter?
    I think it’s the same technology, marketing is different.

  • George Flammer

    Which piece exactly is the rehaut, and how can people tell fakes by looking at it?

  • trxtr

    I know Ressence watches have magnets to connect movement gears with hands. I’d like to know if they are susceptible to damage by magnetic fields. Type 5 is a diver, and can get close to some eqipment that produces strong magnetic fields. What will happen to this watch if it goes through MRI scanner, for example? Is the damage repairable by some basic demagnetizing tools, used for regular mechanical watches?

  • jerry

    why isn’t there more high end solar watches? are people more interested with manual wind?

  • PJ Dechaine

    Have there ever been meaningful Canadian Watch Brands?

  • 0059mike

    Do we expect downward pressure on pricing, see more direct sales on the internet as competition increases and overall industry sales is relatively flat?

  • jorrique

    Are many brands (like Panerai for example) moving up to the luxury market leaving behind their past as utilitary-only watches maker?

  • Brian Leenheer

    What is the best value dress watches for under $1000 and from what brands?

  • Mark ZuVerink

    Why are there not more higher-end quartz watches like the Oysterquartz?

  • Darin Humphrey

    The bull shark is slick! Great price too. As for a question. Why don’t they produce this in bronze? 🙂

  • Abdul Qayoom

    Awesome Design for Hunks…..

  • Marco Gerard

    This looks so Jason Bourne…

  • Andreas

    Why do watchmakers see the need to reduce diving watches rated to 1000 meters plus? Nobody will ever go to those depth and production cost have got to be higher than a ‘just’ 300 meter WR rated watch.

  • Andreas

    Why do watchmakers / companies see the need to produce diving watches with WR ratings of a 1000 meters plus? Production costs have got to be higher for those ratings. Realistically nobody will ever go to those depth and a max 500 meter WR rating would suffice. Thank you.

  • Elliott Cansfield

    Nice contemporary design and the internal bezel ring looks great.

  • Yave Lozano

    Are the prices of Omega watches standardised throughout the world?

  • C Kun

    I would like to know more about hairspring materials, specifically Seiko SPRON 610 and Rolex hairsprings. Also, how to watch company structures affect design and marketing decision, e.g. private company, v.s. publicly traded, v.s. Japanese conglomerate, v.s. being a Swiss charity :)p.s. Visit John Biggs on the Hourtime Podcast! I am glad the shows are coming more regularly! Cheers!

  • Pedro Gouveia

    Should all the automatic watches be kept permanently wounded?

  • Mason Delpino

    Why doesn’t the Swiss watch industry recognize the craftsmanship from Grand Seiko, Credit, Citizens Signature line, etc?

  • ianhinz

    can someone explain me why brands like mido are so underrated?

  • William Hooper

    If you’re buying a budget watch, is there any chance you’d go with quartz so you can get a nicer exterior?

  • sitnstew

    Are there low-end watch brands that could be a decent financial investment over the long-term as far as resale value?

  • Connor Gmehlin

    Are there any well known manual wind dive watches?

  • Edmen Daet

    Does Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime have been featured on this blog?

  • Kevin Dodge

    Is there anything better than a well built diving watch?

  • Juan Ignacio Tibaldo

    What’s the best dive watch around $25,000?

  • Sam Kay

    what’s the most iconic seiko dive watch?

  • Fendy Un

    Could we use the dive watch over its water resistant rating and cause no damage at all? ex: the WR just 300m, but we used it until 330m without any damage?

  • sensemille

    What are some of the future technologies being researched around various types of power in the Watch Manufacturing World?

  • David

    Which one is the oldest documented wrist watch for men?

  • Ollie

    What is the worst watch fad to ever hit the industry? (i.e. what was the “flock of seagulls” haircut of the watch industry?)

  • Roy Radin

    This is a solid looking dive watch, I like the brushed steel one. How sensitive to magnetic force is a mechanical watch without a specialized hairspring, e.g. some examples?

  • Dáire Mooney

    Love this competition already

  • Greg Bouton

    With the proliferation of the internet and access to information about watches available with a couple clicks of the phone, are the days of finding hidden gems in estate sales/antique/thrift stores/swap meets over? I see so many interviews with vintage collectors that talk about finding these bargains and I wonder if it is possible for today and future collectors.

  • Karan

    Looks like good value for money. Is the Ocean Predator Diver brand reputable and reliable, like a Tudor Heritage Black Bay?

  • Scott Macmillan

    What do think the future of spring drive watches will be?

  • Philipp

    Hi! I am looking for a new Divers watch (this giveaway notwithstanding). I am torn between an Orient Ray II and something with the Miyota 9015 movement (Steinhart Ocean 1 or Ancon Sea Shadow comes to mind). Any input?

  • DrFrancky

    Nice diver. Hope it finds good home.

  • MSM

    How often do automatics need to be worn? Can it hurt them if they aren’t worn frequently or kept on a winder?

  • senfnas

    how long will the watch industry survive?

  • Mike Lewis

    Do you think that niche items like canted dials or high-beat movements will become more available with the rise of the Kickstarter watch industry, or less as start-up companies go with broader appeal items?

  • Yan Fin

    Really like the brushed stainless diver. Could you please prepare an article about history of diver watches?

  • Coley Nasr

    Why do most watch makers including titans like AP still print automatic on their dials ?

  • JAS

    First off, one vote here for the Stranger blue dial. Question: what is the fascination, continuation with the date window? Is it the mechanics involved (a connoisseur’s must have) or still demanded by the majority of watch buyers?

  • Jin Zhang

    This watch is one of the best Divers I’ve ever seen. I really like the style and color. I think this watch would definitely be on my top 5 list, probably as the first! Here’s a question I want answered: Do people prefer manual wind watches more, or do they prefer automatic? Thanks to Stranger Times for sponsoring this giveaway! Cheers! 😀

  • Curt Thompson

    Why is it so hard to find good information on watchmaking? I mean, not the movements themselves, but trying to find good information about how to design how bezels and gaskets need to fit together, or tolerances for winding stem clearances, or mounting movements into cases is very hard to find.

  • Brian Scanlon

    What are some recommended companies to go to for straps and bracelets?

  • Wally

    Why anti counterfeiting technology is so under estimated? There are solutions out there that would make watch purchasing a lot easier, and maybe cheaper.

  • Dave Ryan

    Does it cost more to colour match a date window? And when it’s not colour matched is it an oversight or a visability feature?

  • Beautiful watches – thanks Stranger Time and ABTW! With best it being harder to get ETA movements is this yet having an impact on smaller brands that used to use them? And then with Stranger Time using a Seiko I wonder if the Seiko movement isn’t better anyhow?

  • Linus Masimov

    I am very curios to know why, oh why, do even many high end quartz watches not care to align the second hand to the minute marks. Why?

    • larry

      I agree that’s one reason I don’t care for quartz the second hand never lines up!

  • Thom Lier

    Can you tel me why men are so obsessed with Swiss watches ?

    • Ste Kerry


  • Aaron Ryder

    Lovely watches. One thing I’d like to know is why don’t many dive watches come with a depth gauge?

  • Joshua

    Nice watch! Why should you use a leather straps instead of iron, just for the looks?

  • Kevin Johnson

    Nice watch. What are the advantages of a NATO strap vs the type of this watch?

  • Timo Ala-Jaaski

    I like the silver one

  • Adam Kent

    Are watch enthusiasts who are snobs to anything non in house Swiss movement really watch enthusiasts?
    I say not at all

  • br1ce

    I really like that one !
    But I’m currently wondering why I haven’t applied before…
    Quick question: why are dive watches so often supplied with leather bands, knowing that leather bands aren’t meant for diving…

  • Jimmy Tan

    Looks really good, this one!

  • Bizzarrini

    Awesome! Question: when will I finally win one of those awesome watches on Ablogtowatch? 😉

  • Jason Baksa

    Looks like a really nice watch. How can these larger watch companies like Breitling charge so much more for their watches compared to others? Is their quality that much better or just in the name?

  • The Grand Kipis

    Is the leather band waterproof? (Hirsch style?)

  • Eelco Bikker

    Love these give-aways. My question is: why are divewatches so much more popular than other style watches?

  • Nice watches. My question about watches: Do you think that customised watches will be the trend in the near future.

  • Miilu Biilmann

    Nice, can you give Me an example On how to use the orker crown?

  • Tahir Feroz

    Are the internal rotating bezel crowns screwdowns as well? In which case, they would not be adjustable once underwater.

  • cg

    Why, over the past year or so there seems to be a nice selection of very affordable competent dive watches on the market from small companies in limited production? They must sell well at these price points for these small companies. Almost like very affordable limited editions. What can the huge watch manufacturers earn from this? Oops! That’s 2 questions! I guess outsourcing parts is good for Seiko.

  • Mary

    I would LOVE to win this one?
    Question: Any authorized dealers in Puerto Rico??
    I’m in Florida but I want my father to pick his Father’s Day gift over there. Thanks

  • Paul A.Bouchard

    Why do so many “dive” watches have leather straps?

  • Diina Dayaparan Visvanathan

    Not a big fan of dive watches. But let’s give it a shot .
    Question : how luminous are these underwater..?

  • nfromto

    Is vph reserved for mechanical watches and Hz for quartz watches or are they interchangeable?

  • richmor trd

    Love the hammered dial and kevlar strap. A great looking tool watch.
    How do you make the dial? Is each dial unique?

  • Damien S.

    Nice and robust looking dive watches.
    How is the rotating bezel operated, by turning the bezel manually or using the second crown ?

  • larry

    Great looking especially the rose gold!!

  • Jason Surma

    Aweomse to see a great diving watch headquartered in the USA! Also love the internal timing bezel. This is a question I have asked countless times and always with mixed answers — On watches with screw down chrono pushers, does screwing them down actually increase the water resistance, or are they for the sole purpose of preventing an accidental activation underwater. (e.g. Does my watch have the same water resistance with them open or screwed shut?)

  • Anette Rasmussen

    Would this be able to buy in Denmark?
    I especially love the rosa gold version

  • Jonathan

    What are the lug-to-lug measurements?

  • Mischa Vladivostok

    Lovely watches, but the thing about buying from established brands is that it is easier (though expensive) to get them serviced. How does that work with much smaller, recent brands?

  • Nick

    What lume is used and is the bezel lumed?

  • baden

    VERY nice looking dive watches..

  • Dan Day

    Great giveaway, thanks for this opportunity! My question about watches is: do you think the current swing back to vintage model designs is here to stay, or will it fade over time?

  • Sinan yilmaz

    Using seiko caliber is a wise choice rather than an ETA 2824 for the wallet of customer. is it superior or same if you compare with a miyota?

  • HS

    How thick is each model?

  • Magnus Graven

    I’d like to know why Seiko, Orient and Citizen automatic movements don’t have some means of precise adjustment? In my experience they’re quite capable of consistent timekeeping, it’s just a pain to adjust them.

  • JTSHalvorsen

    How are sapphire crystals manufactured?

  • Samuel John

    I’d love know how all the smallest watch parts are machined.

  • LesTheNinja

    I’m newish to the watch world, what makes a watch a “dive” watch? Is it entirely based on the depth that it is water proof to?

  • Alessandro Montanari

    Lately I have been more interested in micro brands such as Glycine and Fortis. Mostly because the big brands start to gets more and more hard to get. Even dough I’m a serious collector there is a limit for what Im willing to pay. My question is the following: How likely is it that the bigger luxury brands such as Omega and Rolex will lower there prices or perhaps creates new basic lines with a more affordable prize tag?

    • Ovis

      17 years ago I could afford an Omega Dynamic Automatic from my student savings (550$), nowadays the lowest entry for Omega automatic watches is like 3200$… And a vintage Omega Dynamic is usually traded around 1000$!!! Talk about brand value!

  • Charlie

    What’s the relative price difference to manufacture a watch with tritium vs lume?

  • Jon Dam

    Why are Jeanrichard watches being sold off at well below msrp and the ADs in North America not carrying the brand anymore?

  • da ss

    How long does the lume last on any given day? And will the beze have lume also?

  • Linus Carlsson

    What is the best mechanical movement out in the market right now?

  • Terry Pitts

    Stylistically, I like this diver. My only qualm is that date window punched into the dial. Somehow I find those off-putting in what, to me, would be a much better look without it! I see many micros using the NH35 and it seems OK to me in the watch builds I own. How much does the movement actually cost?

  • Ovis

    Why there are no autoquartz movements in smartwatches?

  • Paul Dietzel

    This is a very nice watch. I prefer the silver (gray?) version to the rose gold. I would like to know whether watches rated to 10 bar/100m are typically safe for swimming activities.

  • Sam Anderson

    I would like to know why 50m W.R. is not an absolute minimum on all watches over $200, and 100m is not commonplace.
    There are some beautiful and very expensive watches out there with ridiculous w.r. Take for example the IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar at around $40,000 with a w.r. of 30m.

  • Fede Asmussen

    What are the other color bezels and straps? I really like the watch but the black color sounded real nice

  • Daniel Sánchez Gleason

    What is your opinion on startup watch brands like MSTR or Mvmt?

  • Joshua Zike

    Is stranger going to make this model in bronze?

  • Bob Acoff

    What do the various water resistance levels actually mean?

  • Cedric Lau

    Is the coating scratch proof?

  • Justin

    What are some great affordable bauhaus-design watches?

  • handzstudioeditor

    With all the great watches out there (especially with companies producing high quality pieces at low price points), what sets apart a good-looking, functional timepiece versus a truly GREAT watch?

  • Conservatarian TX

    The NH35 movement seems to be fairly commonplace for these micro brand watched. Is this the best choice of movements, or do you think the is a better alternative at this price point?

  • Jeremy

    Why is there not more titanium or nickels free watches under $1000?

  • Eradsilky Sylcox

    will seiko ever put together an automatic that beats at 28,800 that will be in the under four hundred category?

  • dylan

    what a beauty

  • Andrew G

    Gorgeous watch. I’m curious about shock ratings for watches. Is golf safe? Tennis? Are there other things that might endanger sophisticated watches people might not know about?

  • zwe1blum

    how is it possible that a mecanical watch keeps accurate time even in large temperature range say from 5° C to 40°C on the wrist in the sun. It usually looses around 1 or 2 seconds per day when there are 86.400 seconds on a day. Still amazes me

  • Htaylor

    why do you think vintage watches are extremely hot right now?

  • Rhobot

    What time is it?

  • James Wong

    The rose gold version looks sweet!

  • Angshu

    What is a good place to learn about the mathematics of mechanical watches?

  • ndre

    Do you think that movements by Chinese manufacturers will get more credit an be more used in the near future?

  • Josh Galas

    These are really handsome pieces. I would love to own one.

  • disqus_Irkr6nv9Tw

    Great choice for a giveaway. Both look really good

  • Dan Ramirez

    Are Chinese automatic movements any good? Can you foresee them getting up to par with Swiss or Japanese ones soon enough? Or is it still a long way off before they can?

  • Sean Tan

    another great looking dive watch! Pls let it be me.. 🙂

  • Steven Bollinger

    The NH35 seems to be going into watches made by many different companies these days. Can it be hand-wound in addition to functioning as an automatic?

  • Apostolos Agalos

    Very nice watch

  • Mike Andrews

    Why is servicing a mechanical watch so expensive, especially the more expensive brands?

  • Sam

    Why are some brands (ie Rolex) so firmly opposed to putting glass casebacks on their watches?

  • papadakisk

    Is the lume super luminova?

  • sam lam

    i think this watch would look good with a rubber band

  • Mediocre Watchman

    I think my favorite part may just be the strap. Colored stitching adds subtle, yet notable, character

  • Deb

    It’s a simple read of time and not a cluttered face and the fact that it’s a Seiko movement is very nice. You know it’s going to last.

  • Jusso

    I really like the reddish one! (im sorry for my bad english..)

  • Robert Baron

    How would you compare the Omega Seamaster with divers like the Oris Aquis or the Longines Legend Diver? Thanks!

  • George Jones Jr., MAcc, PAHM

    How reliable and accurate is the Seiko caliber NH35 movement?

  • yanuar harmoko

    Two Crown Diver with Seiko Movement .. Nice Combo

  • Rosh qpr

    Difference between kinetic and automatic movement

  • Adam Afiq Mahathir

    My friend has this longines she found in her cellar, auto movement, has a hexagonal case and solid case back. Wonder what model it is.

  • Domenico Alberto Ghio

    When has the oversized watch trend started?

  • zahir

    How long the Lume works for this watch and is the strap fully water proof??

  • mmurayam

    How long is the reserve on this watch?

  • Forever Great

    Are dive watches lifespans harmed (more required maintenance) when worn exclusively for actual diving especially in salt water? I’ve always wondered about that seeing as that many wear only in local pools or the morning shower.

  • P.Panagiotidis

    Why are watches becoming bigger and bigger?

  • Hands90

    These watches (especially the rose gold!) would look great on a nato. Like a distressed black leather nato.

  • Andres

    whats the history behind the Stranger brand?

  • Alex

    Hi guys, nice watches, I like the stranger predator with black case. Looks great.

  • skaapsker

    Why do so many dive watches still come out with leather straps? Surely a metal bracelet or a silicone strap will have a much longer lifespan.

  • Sean Cummins

    What a gorgeous watch! I’d like to know what justifies the price of high end watches costing 5000 USD or more?

  • FollowPhil

    Do quicker oscillations (say 8 vs, 6) provide more accurate time? Love the Ocean Predator Diver!

  • Heigo Protten

    What is the ultimate goal of watchmaking? The holy grail, if you will.

  • Sindre Fidje Nilssen

    Such a beautiful watch! now that the smartwatch industry is growing, how do you think the watchmaking industry will be affected?

  • Mark1884

    I really like this watch. The legibility is great and the dial design is different. Is each dial unique, or are they all “punched” out exactly the same??
    A nice departure from the “wave” design dial.

  • Sebastian Gomez Hoyos

    I will love these watch, not only because it is a brand with a lot of prestige but because i am a watchlover and i can say that having this watch in my wrist will ge me a lot of prestige too. Do you think people are forgetting the classic brands nowadays?

  • Jay

    Why don’t more watch manufacturers make solar powered watches?

  • KrzysiekJ

    Why watches for diving so rarely used tritium tubes?

  • Carl Chothia

    i would love to know why these boutique divers are not available in South Africa please….

  • Danijel Tojagic

    Why diving watches have valve for gas and some not?

  • dfbugeja

    cool tool watch, love the style and position of the two crowns.

  • Kevin Peterson

    is there really a difference between Swiss and Japanees made?

  • DoctorHoon

    Why are Seiko spring drive watches so expensive? I want one but my wallet is far to thin…

  • FilmEditorFL

    How can I tell if a movement will be damaged by a watch winder?

  • The har

    what is the hardest piece in a movement to manufacture?

  • Stephanie

    Are all diving watches automatic?!

  • Nah Wei Xiang

    Another great watch giveaway! Where do i start if i want to learn more about watches?

  • Richard Pawley

    Split crown really makes this diver stand out from the crowd. Nice watch.

  • David Humphrey

    Why are there so few new hand-wound watches these days? Do people not know how satisfying it is to begin your day by winding a fine watch?

  • Cristina Lim

    ATM still confuses me.

  • Jonathan Schippert

    I am new to the watch-addiction, but i love it! I have been wondering for a long time what “in-house” is and what kind of movement the Stranger Time watches have? The brand looks really cool and innovative, love the concept! Being introduced to new brands is my favorite part of the blog.

  • Greg Smith

    Hi I am new to this blog and I was wondering how you can tell if the mainspring needs maintenance or if non-functional watches don’t work because of gearing issues.

  • Tim Calvert

    Is it entirely correct that quartz watches are more resistant to shock damage then automatic watches? If so shouldn’t all dive watches be quartz driven?

  • Shammy K

    With dropping profits and smartwatches encroaching, what do mechanical watches need to offer in order to reclaim lost territory?

  • Alexander Crawford

    Is there are reason many brands do not produce their own hairsprings?

  • redmamb4

    How many times do I have to enter this contest to win?

  • J.Edgar

    Those look shiny. I like the look of the steel but not sold on the rose gold

  • Andy Deason

    Stranger makes some good looking watches! Is there much of a difference between looking through a sapphire crystal that has AR coating on both sides rather than just one?

  • Ruadh V

    How many people get excited over how a particular watch sounds? I have one with an ETA movement that almost chimes as it runs. I love it. Others with the same movement don’t, so obviously a combination of factors influence the sound.

  • Brad Green

    What happens to watches that don’t sell, after they’ve been removed or replaced in the store? There’s a Mont Blanc watch from a few years ago that I would love to get my hands on, but it was just too expensive at full retail. I doubt they sold everyone they made…so, what happens to overproduced watches that don’t sell but are no longer in the retail store?

  • Joytu Das

    Is it wise to buy luxury watches like Rolex or Omega from Amazon?

  • Sergei Firsov

    Swiss made – what is it consists of?

  • Ionesi Victor

    Nice watch. How many pieces has the most common automatic movement?

  • Jim B

    Great watch. Will the stock market rise effect Watch prices?

  • Sam Moskow

    Love this watch. Great diver. If I could have a question about watches answered I would like to know where the future of watches is headed. As technology and manufacturing capabilities continue to evolve, what will the watch industry look like in 10 years? 20? 50?

  • Ace

    How does this watch differ from a dive watch with a super compressor case?

  • Chris Litak

    Nice aggresive diver. My watch question would be how do watchmakers who develop in house movements decide on case diameters?

  • Dave

    Nice watch, I like the internal bezel. I would like to know how watch movements differ, and what are the pros and cons of different designs.

  • jimley815

    Gorgeous. What’s the next frontier for watches?

  • Trevor Hirst

    Beautiful design. I was wondering why it seems that my manual wind watch loses time if I let the watch wind down. I feel that I have to keep it wound at all times. Is this something that happens?

  • steve

    Will gold watches make a comeback?

  • JF Schnell

    Stranger is quite simple for a diver watch. Looks like a watch I would use daily. Love the simplicity of the dial. I am surprised.

  • Vladimir Milenkovic

    Diver is more beautiful, love the silver color,

  • Craig Daniels

    Splendid diver. Love the silver. My question: Are quartz watches considered passé by serious collectors or no? Thank you.

  • Demetris stavrou

    Looks amazing. Are new watch companies a new trend in crowdfunding?

  • Jacky Yau

    Awesome watch. Why is it so difficult/expensive to find a watch with a smooth sweeping second hand (like Bulova precisionist or Seiko Spring Drive) when they’re easily found on cheap desk clocks?

  • Omegaboy

    How are silicon hairsprings manufactured?

  • jim

    is there a company or person that makes hand made watch straps

  • Ron_Miller_OH

    the most expensive diver watch is ?

  • Henry3

    I retired to sunny Florida about a mile from the beach a few years ago (early retirement…I’m still not yet 65)…and suddenly the only type of watch that appeals to me is a diver style watch…and those same few years ago, I fell in love with a specific Hamilton day-date diver…the Khaki King Scuba with the blue bezel (H64545153) and silver dial, which I couldn’t afford at the time, has since been discontinued, and, after months and months of searching, it appears that all secondary sources have dried up.

    Does anyone reading this post know where one could be found? The day/date is important because now that I don’t need to be at work any longer, I almost never know what day it is, and the (at least) 200m water resistance is so I can swim with it without freaking out when I forget to take it off before jumping in to cool off!

    Oh, and finally…please choose me for the free dive watch! I promise not to have a heart attack from the shock of actually winning something…although STRANGER things do happen to me from time to TIME!

    • Henry3

      Well, I just couldn’t wait to see if I win…so I went ahead and ordered the Stranger “Bull Shark” the other night, although it was a tough decision between that one and the model with the white dial…so if I win, I’ll take the “Megalodon”, lol! 🙂

  • John

    Is there an innovation or feature in a watch that never caught on widely but which you think really should have?

  • Wilson King

    How waterproof?

  • Anders Bastiansen

    A question I’d like answered is whether or not to use a watch winder if I want the best for the movement?

  • Dean

    Looks wow. My question. What’s the best position to leave a mechanical watch in overnight?

  • bilal babar

    looks amazing .my question ..whats the battery life of this watch ?

    • Ikkijkooknooitnaardiestommetal

      Zero minutes!

  • Gyorgy Gosi

    Watch winder or just let it stop and set it when wrist time comes?

  • Balkamos Neoklis

    Are bronze watches prone to scratches?

    • Ruadh V

      I hope so! Go check out pictures of old beat up bronze watches. They look incredible! I really want to get a Tudor Bronze Bay and beat the snot out of it. Too bad those are unlikely to be available used for much of a discount.

  • Shirley RoyalOak

    How much does the watch weight, different materials and movements contribute to varying weights which might not always be suited to an individual wearer/purchaser.

  • Sinisa

    Great watch. Fingers Crossed

  • Terry Laurie

    how good are the mid 1970’s seiko automatic movments?

  • frank m

    I always would like to see a video of how watches are made. without my reading glasses i can barely see the face , I can only imagine how small the mechanisms are

  • Jaume Marti

    I love this kind of watches. They are my favorite.

  • amber

    these are cool!

  • Raymond Metz

    Beautiful watches. What is the best way to keep watches wound? Watch winder or self wind? Does it alter the mechanisms at all to self wind every time?

  • Red side of Mersey

    Great looking watches. My question: can you over-wind a watch?

  • Thibault Peere

    Divers almost always look good! Question: How do you see wrist watches evolving? Do you think there will ever be a new breaktrough in wrist watch movements?

  • disqus_oyY8b9zRMS

    I have wondered how the Swatch and Richemont groups get along.

  • James Fann

    My question: Which mechanical (or automatic) chronograph movement is the most robust?

  • Miguel FA

    Nice watch! Why are they called “diver”, can you use it for prof diving?

  • Ikkijkooknooitnaardiestommetal

    I like many automatic watches, as far as they are not too big, too colorful or too heavy. Stranger I like because of the sporty yet also classy looks.. I think I prefer the silver one. Well, surprise me!

  • Lars Hansen

    Whits material is the most commonly, for the making of the minute/hours hands.

  • Filippo Valli

    Why is it that laidies watches are often only casing a quartz moovement, and do not have the automatic variant?
    Amazing watch by the way ;D

  • David Halliday

    Is Tags new 01 movement an in house creation or another Seiko modified piece? Regardless they are stunning
    As is this watch 🙂

  • Cole Erickson

    Great looking watch. I would like to know your thoughts on the Eberhard Scafografs new iteration..

  • Ally Porwal

    The question about watches I’d love answered is: how have mechanical watches stayed so relevant and popular considering timekeeping technology has advanced so much in the past few decades? What are the possible limits for the accuracy of mechanical watches, can anyone beat the standards set by Rolex and Omega?

    Ok, two questions. I couldn’t decide which one I’d like to see answered more!

  • The Grand Kipis

    Any chance of having a version with an ETA movement?

  • Oskar Svahn

    Never heard if Stranger before. Beautiful watch however.

  • Adrian Lessek

    Nice watch! I just want it!:D question: there is a way to put / change the luminous painting with something more performant Iike super luminova on an older watch who doesn’t have so good luminous dial or indicators??

  • Ricardo Reis

    On average, how long does an automatic watch last? Great watch, would love to have it in my collection!

  • Jaume Marti

    Fantastic. Is the style that I like. It would be great having one

  • Mike Ciccarelli

    I am a fan of the black on back dive watch. at 44mm, does this wear big?

  • Robert Baron

    Great dive watch! On another note, are all Omega Speedmasters manual winding watches?

  • Mehul Patel

    Big fan of your articles, regular visitor, trying to get onto the automatic watch ladder, would really love to win this watch to start me off ;P

  • A simple question, yet never fully answered: is it possible to change the water resistance on a watch? Turn 5 ATM into 10 ATM and so on?

  • JL

    Great looking watches. Is there a benefit to manually winding an automatic if you wear it daily?

  • Nathan Schneider

    I’ve been seeing a lot about “modding” watches lately; swapping out the bezel, crystal, hands, etc. I would love you guys to do an article on the practice.

  • Tim Berends

    Hi, watches are looking great. Is there a way to build in an ETA movement in those watches nevertheless they are great tho 😀

  • Jason Izzard

    With a vintage automatic, would an automatic winder be best for storage or is it better to let it stop between wearing?

  • M?n Phi

    I’m a big fan of Diver’s watches, as well as leather bands. But does it look weird if these 2 combine? Usually I see diver’s watches go with rubber or nato bands 🙂

  • Kutlubey

    Very nice looking watch. I see double crown,is it a compressor watch?

  • Tugac

    Nice watch!My question:

    How often do I have to take my automatic watches to the services? 2 years or more?

  • Matt Arenas Mercado

    Hello ablogtowatch! I would like to win the Stranger watch. Looks great!

    Here is my question:

    Do you think nanotechnology escapements like the one in the Parmigiani Fleurier Senfine will catch on?

  • Marc Truant

    thanks for the opportunity to win a pretty neat watch.
    what is the best way to clean a stainless steel watch and more specifically the bracelet?

  • Matt

    Fresh look for a dive watch. I like the gold tone.

    Question: is it ok to start an automatic by Swinging the rotor (in lieu of unscrewing crown and winding)?

  • Anthony Bell

    Thanks for the opportunity for the nice watch! As for a question, I’m wondering what you think the future value of all these micro brands will be? In 30-40 years will they appreciate or just be kernels of sand on the beach of used watches available

  • Mason Powers

    Thanks Stranger Time! Love the watch, hope to win (of course)… My question: can you suggest some beginner text books on horology? It’s always been a passion of mine, but most of the books I pick up are overwhelming. Thanks in advance!

  • BrikE

    I like this Stranger Ocean Predator watch, specially the gold version. Nice to win 🙂

  • Ben Bhella

    What are the top 5 most established watch companies in the world (date wise)

  • Mika Vääräniemi

    How is the rose gold palting done? PVD?

    The Leopard Seal with rose gold case, white dial and blue strap is a winner!

  • chris

    Great looking timepiece. Are luxury watches Rolex etc a sound investment for the future ? Will certain Companies products increase in value.

  • Adam Grizzly Wilkinson-Moore

    Nice looking dive watch. I’m not really in the market for investment watches like Rolex but what do you think about the depreciation of smaller but respected brands such as Sinn? Are watches from brands like that likely to retain their value over say 20 years and then make a usable heirloom piece as opposed to a cabinet (or worse bank vault) queen?

  • Dodo A

    What is the most durable watch mecanism ? I mean without servicing

  • Roman 47

    Like the clean look of the watch. Is the trend of ever bigger faces here to stay. How bib is too big?

  • grobbins09

    How do you make a dive watch more pressure resistant? Why aren’t all watches able to be pressurized to the same depth? Does pressure affect the movement in watches?

  • Denis Danijel Puhar

    I really like those watches in the giveaway, but I have a question, that is DIRECTLY connected to this collection and many other brands of watches. As I visited their website, I found out, that all of them have the NH35 automatic caliber inside. And since this is only the SEIKO export variant of the 4R36 caliber (at least to my knowledge) I have a question about this caliber, which no “expert” (even official customer services from different countries) until now could not give me a definite answer to (or the answers were completely opposite).

    I came into contact with the caliber 4R36 (NH35) when I bought my “new” Seiko 5 Sports. I noticed, that though wearing it regularly for an average of 12 hours per day (and more), I noticed, that the accuracy of my watch starts to fall EXPONENTIALLY the 3rd or 4th day of wearing it.

    I came to the conclusion, that obviously I’m not active enough during the day (though wearing it for a prolonged time) so, that it is NOT wound up enough (50% or more) and accuracy suffers because of that.

    If FULLY (or almost fully) wound, it gains only 5 – 8 seconds per day (excellent), but if not wound up enough (but still enough, that it does not stop), it starts gaining 20, 30, 40 and even more seconds per day (I think, that I observed sometimes going it so fast, that it was out of the official specifications). So my first question is:

    1. Is this normal “behavior” of this caliber (I thought, that even if I’m not active enough, 12 hours or more wearing it, should cancel the effect of the watch being under wound and going so fast, that it is sometimes even outside the specs)?

    2. If the answer to my first question is YES, what are my options (using a winder is out of a question for me)?

    One Seiko customer service suggested to me, that I can wind it MANUALLY regularly EVERY day without any consequences and solve my problem this way.

    The other customer service (from my country) gave me the EXACTLY OPPOSITE advice and said, that the crown should only be used to give the watch a “push-up” with 6 to 8 revolutions, if it has stood still for more than a day or two (and reminded me, what can happen otherwise, with the example of the caliber ETA 2824-2).

    He suggested to me, that I should use a winder (which is not – at least for now – an option to me), be more active (if possible) and only as a last resort, if the watch will in the next weeks gain even more time per day, then is maybe something wrong with it and I should get it checked out.

    Because of so much conflicting and opposing information and the fact, that this caliber (NH35) is gaining more and more popularity I’m completely confused and I do not know what to do anymore.

  • hen

    these are a great options for a not too expensive watch… The rose gold and black dial my favorite.

  • Matthew Butler

    How do you decide what movement you want in your watches.?

  • James D

    I really like the design of the hands on this watch. Which watches do ABTW readers consider to be in their top 5 collaboration pieces? Could make a good ask the audience too.

  • Spearfisherman

    I love the trendy looks of the predators. I personally think that dive watches should be versatile to be worn at different occassions. What is the risk of buying an indie watch as opposed to a classic brandname?

  • Aaron

    Placing the signature above the center makes this watch feel top heavy. I see it’s sized at 44m. I’ve noticed dive watches come in various sizes. How can you tell if a watch is the correct size for your wrist?

  • raxan1

    Nice looking watch. Not a fan of rose gold but it looks great here. How does the process differ to make watches safe for various depths?

  • Michael Vigfusson

    Nice looking watch. How does this rank in the under $1000 dive watch category? On looks alone I imagine it would be near the top. Perceived value looks to be quite high compared to others at this price point.

  • Lim Yong Hao

    Other than Japanese and Chinese movements and watch brands, are there any other Asian countries that manufacture movements or have reputable or up and coming watch brands?

  • Matthew Moy

    A beauty in this price range. What do you think about the long term stability of smaller affordable watch companies, such as those that begin on kickstarter, particularly in the age of smart watches?

  • Andrew Reittinger

    When going for a smaller, more affordable indie watch brand, what considerations should you make in choosing which brand to go for in terms of potential longevity or “cult” status?

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  • alexe christian

    Why are the watches sometimes so thick cause i doubt thickness relates to resistance to shocks?

  • Christopher Redhead

    I like the look of these watches. One question I have is : Is there a benefit to manually winding an automatic if you wear it daily?

  • Bishop Johnny Rivera

    I’m not a fan of the rose gold model as right now it’s a fad but stainless is timeless and the orange stitch on the strap really completes this piece

  • Jeff Moulton

    Why do most dress watches not have any lume? I can think of many times dressed up that having a lume would help checking the time in darker places.

  • Kenny

    Would love to see how these wear. 44mm is a large size imo but proportions and shape look bang on and that can make all the difference. How is the power reserve on this movement?

  • Shawn Lavigne

    is it true that the orient watch company is being shut down by its parent company?

  • markusp

    when will i finally win your monthly giveaway watch? 🙂

  • Luca Andrade

    What would be the watch you would get if you were a college student on a budget who wishes to become a watch collector?

  • Miguel

    The rose gold is tempting, since it would add some variety to my small collection, buyback I also like the classic look of the steel, and the contrast stitching is cool. What’s the lug width? If it’s 20mm, I could swap the strap out with my Speedmaster 3576.

  • Jeff Kolodny

    I would like to know what is the difference between the different black coatings on black watches. For example, How does ION differ from Carbon vs DLC vs PVD and so on.

  • Eric Shen

    What’s the latest with ETA supplied movements?

  • Justin

    When will we see 3D printing implemented more in the watch world

  • Mark Pataki

    i hope I win this time ?

  • Johnnie Peoples

    I have been studying watches lately, so I don’t have an educational question. Do you think this would be a great first watch for starting a collection?

  • Himanshu Arora

    After purchasing a watch, besides limited warranty does the major watch brands also takes care of servicing the watch themselves or they outsources it ?

  • Brandon Feil

    What watch does Salt Bae wear?

  • Richard Barnes

    A great watch to win! ???

  • o_oli

    When was the first dive watch created?

  • Jamie denny

    Entry for the comp. my question is:- should watches ever be considered an investment ?.

  • Omar

    I normally hate the look of two “crowns”. But on this watch it is interestingly unoffensive (to me). The accents give that nice “pop” to the ensemble. Nice.

  • Thor Svaboe

    Great looking diver, will def check it out, and YES PLEASE enter me in the competition :-):-) nice

  • Edy Woodford

    Very nice ?? classic look

  • Darren

    Why is it that over time the accuracy of my hand wound watch decreases? It used to keep within 10 seconds a day and now it’s closer to 30.

  • tagdude

    What was the first commercial made dive watch? Very nice watch!

  • Eric Chen

    what are reasons automatic watches might suddenly become inaccurate? I have a Swatch Sistem51 (which I bought because ABTW featured it and it’s a nice looking watch) that at some point started gaining 5 minutes a week.

  • Why did Stranger choose the NH35 movement over others and which did they consider?

  • Aevitas Jovis

    This watch looks amazing. Gotta be in it to win it!

  • Yevgeniy Melnik

    Which was the first diver’s watch?

  • Martin Miguel

    When will anyone come up with a trully classy, classic looking hybrid smartwatch?

  • Xin Chee Siew

    Cool watch

  • Ali

    What year was the first speedmaster introduced?

  • Stian Gressum

    This watch kind of look like a super compressor for the 21st century! Very cool indeed ?
    Why doesn’t the big name watchmakers listen more to what their customers would like them to make like the micro brands do?

  • mrhieu

    Looks really cool. Does it come with righty version?

  • Graham Congdon

    You have started tackling the ‘in-house’ vs none ‘in-house’ movement issue, how about an article on ETA vs the other swiss movement makers, pros/cons, strengths weaknesses, etc.

  • John Bush

    I’m a big fan of military watches (Marines, oorah). Any really big collectors or collections out there?

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Not sure if i entered this but i think this would look smashing on me.. Nice solid clear face, just the ticket.

  • James

    Not sure how I feel about the rose gold variant shown, but genuinely gorgeous faces.

  • Patrick Perkins

    They look robust, love that dial; can we have a lume shot?

  • vancitydm

    Love the look of these divers, any suggestions on where to get a seiko in western Canada?

  • goju1

    I’m a fan of the internal bezel. Not so easy to operate (when you are on the surface about to make your descent beneath the waves) but looks very nice on the wrist. And of course – can’t be dislodged…

  • Ade Harnusa Azril

    How do the crowns work?

  • db

    What is the lifespan of a good lume?

  • Ryan Teoh

    What truly makes a watch iconic?

  • Francesco Guglielmo Ruspantini

    Nowadays, great part of watches are made using CNC machines. How It could be possible to build a balance wheel using only hand machines having almost the same precision?

  • iBradcon

    I’d be interested in learning more about what makes a good watch strap. We read a lot about bracelets, but what differentiates a good leather strap from a cheap one?

  • Jamal Tariq

    Firstoff Love your blog guys, I just wanted to say thank you for the efforts.So my question is how difficult is it in the current commercial environment for microbrands to make it to the big league and are there some examples of the transition?

  • Ruel Tolentino

    Always have been a fan of big and sophisticated watches… this website has helped me a lot in making decisions on what to get and what to know about watches. about the watch being showcased for this giveaway.. it would be a great gift for me on my upcoming birthday to have a wonderful watch like this one..

  • Otso

    How are the watches made? Would be nice to read more articles of the process and maybe some photos of factories etc.

  • Nick D.

    How and why wrist watches have supplanted pocket watch and which brand(s) is responsible for this historical change?

  • Kai Simon Fredriksen

    I would really like to learn more about jump hour watches, got a special love for them and if there is anyone producing high end styled watches like those anymore.

  • Nick H

    Why do luxury watches come in such huge OTT boxes? Seriously, wouldn’t even wealthy people rather have the money off the watch?

  • Daieho

    I would like to know the thought process of watch companies when choosing which movement to use.

  • Zach

    How are micros affecting the big brands?

  • Michael Günter

    Nice watches. My question: How did the german watch industry develop in the last 20 years?

  • Ed

    Like the looks of this one. Agree that a lume shot would be nice. Is the bezel lumed? Would like to see an article comparing the different types of lume used today, along with strengths and weaknesses of each. Please include effective life expectancy for each.

  • Steve Bowden

    My Question is :
    How many rolls could a Rolex roll if a Rolex could roll rolls?

  • Michael J Malloy

    Looks great to me

  • What is the difference between normal automatic (mainstream) movements and the luxury ones? (exception from the complications)

  • OB94

    Cool watch, would love to have 😀

  • Whoisi

    What is the value of high end Japanese and Swiss movement?
    Is it more value of the typical Swiss movement over the typical Japanese movement?
    Why typical Swiss movement is so expensive? Compare to the Japanese one.

  • William

    Lot’s of nice dive watches out there at varying price points. A bit overwhelming in some ways if one is looking to add to their collection but wants to be thoughtful in spending money on a watch that will have longevity. I have always been interested in understanding what constitutes a “complication” officially? I have been reading this blog and doing other reading, as time permits, over the last several years and have formed a decent understanding but sometimes wonder when I read about a watch that has x number of complications and I can’t get it to add up.

  • Benjamin Sermersheim

    I’ve always wondered: why are some watches almost entirely made by hand, even the components? I recognize that watch making is a ‘timeless’ and fine skill and tradition, but wouldn’t it significantly cut down on costs for many of the watch models, making them more available to the public and allowing them to sell more? It just seems to me that the quantity effect would outweigh the price effect in this case, and be a better business decision.

  • jj1075

    Good looking watch with a movement I’ve had good luck with in the past. A worthy diver for the winner.

  • George Keiper

    Nice diver, would really like to own one

  • William Warshauer

    Great looking watch! Would use it for desk diving. How old is this brand?

  • Djsherif

    Looks like a fun watch. Would love to add it to my collection.

  • Wilson Meeks

    Nice watch. Will smart watches ever replace mere timekeepers or tool watches?

  • Ian Wurn

    Unique looking watch ! 🙂

  • Joel

    Beautiful watch! Why does a round pizza come in a square box?

  • Ian Wurn

    Unique looking watch ! Interesting names too. Wonder why the selection of Bull Shark, Orca, Barracuda & Leopard Seal though ?

  • Beautiful diver’s watch. Love the color choices.

  • Vincent Kruse

    The rose gold version looks great.

  • Vincent Kruse

    Does lume fade over time and is there a way to return it to its former glory (if it does fade) or to “boost its output”, for lack of a better term?

  • Tres

    Great looking diver’s watch. I particurlary like the rose gold version.

  • Steve

    Great lookinng, do you offer blue version ?

  • Inge Eide Johnsen

    Why are vintage Omegas so cheap?

  • JF Beaulieu

    Great looking watches! I’d like to know if we really need to services mechanical watches as often as the manufacturers say we do.

  • jon

    Very nice watch.

  • Javiersteva

    This watch is what I like The black case looks great.

  • michael mescher

    Very cool looking watch not to big, not to small.My question is how many swiss watch manufactures make both quartz and mechanical watches

  • mtnsicl

    I went to their website. The picture here doesn’t do the watches any justice. The dials have some really nice texture to them. I like a dial with texture. So, I’m giving these a, “thumbs up”. My ? Is: Why are there so many stupid ?s here? I mean really? Also, have you noticed when there’s a giveaway, there’s nothing but praise for the giveaway watch? Also, why do people call it a watch face instead of a dial? People have faces, watches have dials. Opps, that’s four ?s.

  • niteflyesr

    Would love something like this

  • Dennis Joseph

    Really like this watch. My question is, what do people think of the trend of some brands trying to incorporate smart features into their mechanical watches?


    The brass version of this piece is really gorgeous. But I’d like to know what are some of the slimmest mechanical dive watches on the market?

  • Elmer

    Nice watch! I really like divers watch as they’re not only a tool watch but could be casual and slightly dress on occasions. Although, I have only have steel watch cases, will Stranger Watches offer Bronze case in the future? And for the current Ocean Predator Diver, what is the ‘hammered dial’ material made of? Thanks.

  • Logan Williams

    Dive watches are my personal favorite! Recently I’ve gotten into aviator/pilot style watches too because of my bigger wrist I need bigger faced watches.
    As someone with a bigger wrist, can I still pull off smaller faced watches? Vintage pieces? If so, what are good brands and tips and tricks?

  • VishnuVasan

    Nice Looking Watch.
    Would be more than happy to wear it as my first wrist watch ever

  • DocSanti

    Great looking watch ! How often should diving watches be checked for waterprooofness specially being exposed to corrosive conditions?

  • Paul L. McCray

    Great looking watch!! Thanks for the chance!!!

  • Christian Lévesque

    Beautiful watches. Are there dial materials that can be used that change color/texture based on light/time of day?

  • Brian Tymczyszyn

    Love the crowns! I am curious about the coating process and how well it will hold up over time.

  • Ilya Rusakov

    Are Quartz Swiss Watches around $1000-$1200 any good for this kind of money?

  • Maxim Pyankov

    If web retailers are slashing prices by 50% – does that mean that the watch was, at any point, worth the full price?

  • Steve Russell

    Will gold plating make a proper comeback?

  • David A Rainey

    Great looking watch. Does it have any lume at all? Is it even readable underwater if it doesn’t have lume?

  • Christian Stewart

    What are the three most important things a watch should have in the 500-1500 dollar “entry” luxury price range?

  • Juan Torres

    What is you best advice to someone who’s trying to get into the micro-brand watch making business?

  • Mak15

    Would it really be that hard for a luxury brand to cut out the ADs and start selling straight to consumer at a significant discount (while maintaining the manufacture’s margin)?

  • christopher campagnari

    Dive dive dive….

  • Perry

    Why are more and more new watch brands moving away from a nice three hander WITHOUT a date function?

  • W. hartshorn

    Very solid look, are the straps made is real Kevlar nylon?

  • Lorandite

    How good are Victorinox watches compared to older swiss watch manufacturers?

  • Lorandite

    After how much time does an automatic watch need a service?

  • Terence Ho

    Since Bronze dive watch are in right now, would there be any affordable option coming form some of my favorite bftb brands like seiko, citizen? I mean some nice looking one 🙂

  • Krishna

    Is it possible for a watch to be both automatic and have GPS capabilities? Are there any out there at this moment? The ones I see are mostly quartz

  • Michael O’Donnell

    I’d like to know how rotor functions differ between Japanese and Swiss movements.

  • Stephen Wright

    Why did most watch companies stop making enamel watch dials. Interest as Seiko is bringing it back in a few watches that were mentioned in a recent article.

  • Mason Zhang

    This dvier watch is one of the most interesting I’ve seen and I’d definitely add this to my favorite collection of watches. This watch has a unique original design, and I’d definitely recommend this for divers and swimmers (of course) and also for others to wear to a fancy party or formal event. Heres my question: Would watch manufacturers be able to create these type of watches, but still keep the prices low to the consumer market?

    Thanks to Stranger Time for sponsoring this giveaway! Best of luck to all!

  • Mason Zhang

    This diver watch is one of the most interesting I’ve seen and I’d definitely add this to my favorite collection of watches. This watch has a unique original design, and I’d definitely recommend this for divers and swimmers (of course) and also for others to wear to a fancy party or formal event. Here’s my question: Would watch manufacturers be able to create these type of watches, but still keep the prices low to the consumer market?

    Thanks to Stranger Time for sponsoring this giveaway! Best of luck to all!

  • penemio

    Why are “divers” so much more purchased, collected, and sought after than other watches?

  • ivel1977

    What are the advantages/disadvantages to a domed crystal vs a flat crystal?

  • Mole

    Why don’t more brands use tritium tubes for lume instead of paint?

  • Daryl

    Will Tag Heuer come out with another affordable tourbillion watch?

  • Bob Acoff

    What is a good depth rating for a dive watch?

  • ricsif

    Why power reserve is underused?

  • Fran69

    What are the top 3 diver’s watches under a $1000, and why are they the best?

  • Rob D

    Are date wheels that difficult to make? when manufacturers are modifying a movement from another supplier, is it difficult to create a date wheel to match the colour/font of the dial.

  • Tom Olexa

    Nice looking watch! What is the expected ‘life span’ of the automatic movement?

  • Venci

    Whats the perfect time period for servicing the mechanism of a Rolex Daytona ?

  • Riando Sembiring

    Why are there so many diver watches?

  • Julian Edonaga

    how much diver watch use in diving compare all of diver watch that ever made?

  • Ryan

    Are solid end links a purely aesthetic option or do they serve some other purpose?

  • joseph

    Calibre de Cartier VS blancpain fifty fathoms , which one would you choose ?

  • Robert Koch Olsen

    The pros and cons of quartz movements. Quality differences between Seiko versus Swiss made quartz watches.

  • Dan Dienemann

    Will their be a bronze version?

  • ??????

    What are the most and least overpriced watches on market?

  • Colby Scott

    Are watch prices going to come back to reality?

  • larry

    I agree the prices need to come down someone’s making huge profits.

  • Daniel Yu

    Great looking watch!

  • Mikko

    Why does everyone make diver watches?

  • Chris Pearson

    Not keen on the rose gold but the stainless one looks fantastic.

  • Nick Tonna

    prefer the rose gold

  • Chester

    If a watch has to have a date indicator, why the 4:30 position? I prefer 3 (common) or 6 (balance, symmetry).

  • Carlos Marin Aguas

    the stainless steel one looks great!

  • Jason Tucker

    I would like to see a “shoot-out” between Swiss and Japanese movements. Which is better?

  • Ivan Zelenovsky

    Why microbrands don’t like quartz movements?

  • ???????? ????????

    Great watch! Please, explain me, how a rotating bezel really works?

  • Sergio Magos

    My question is as follows: why do watch companies use orange stitching for a color of pop? Basic white is fine with me or for real wow factor blue.

  • Stephen Thode

    What are the next best materials going to be in watchmaking?

  • Jan Gruszczy?ski

    Why are mostly Swiss and Japanese watches widely considered as the best in terms of quality and prestige, whereas there are many companies from other countries which offer amazing watches as well, but are less popular – can it ever be changed, and if yes, then how?

  • Andrew Billisits

    Why do watch brands resurrect old names to start new companies? If we don’t know any history on it, why not just make your own?

  • Roberto Paleari

    Watches sizes (case diameter and height), especially in case of divers, are continuously increased in these years, leading to watches very uncomfortable to wear.

    Will watch manufacturers return to smaller and reasonable sizes (like in the sixties and in the seventies)?

  • David

    I would have a hard time deciding which of these watches to purchase. I love the look of the Nylon watch bands. They don’t detract at all from the watch and I especially like the orange stitching on the stainless model. Though I would typically choose gold for a dressier watch, this works quite well with the dial face. What are the pro’s and cons between the different materials used for watch crystals? As I am learning, materials can differ quite substantially.

  • Pedro Gouveia

    How often should a diver watch like Ocean Predator Diver be revised?

  • sims

    nice looking watch. whats with the screwed down plate in between the crowns?

  • himem65535

    What is the hottest water temperature you can put a dive watch in before it fails?

  • Jeff Randall

    I’ve seen some dive watches with helium release valves. How does that function?

  • are watches coming back into fashion?

  • Ron McKelvie

    A nice simple Dive watch design and I could use a new dive watch.

  • APajic

    Great giveaway once more, wishing everyone good luck! I always wondered how exactly the sealing of the crown against water and pressure difference works in greater depths?

  • Lucian Virciu

    I like the silver one! it really matches the rest.

  • Korrey6

    How did you get interested in watches?

  • Stephan

    Are automatic watches better than Quartz watches?

  • Avit Rane

    Thats a classy diver!Would love to have it in my collection

  • Ah Shumaker

    What are the best ways to keep mechanical watches regulated other than having them professionally serviced?

  • Miguel Antonio Valenzuela Anti

    Are more complications desirable in more luxury watches?

  • Ankur Vaidya

    What is the technical difference between the Swiss and Japanese movements and is one considered to be “better” than the other?

  • MHWriter

    Normally not a brass lover, but both models of the watch are truly beautiful.

  • David Davenport

    What is the best way to care for my automatic movement? Is it safe for me to let it wind down, while I am wearing another watch, or should I be using a watch winder to keep it going?

    Thank you!

  • Harry Lakin

    Stylistically, why is the roman numeral for 4 usually represented on a watch face as IIII rather than IV?

  • SB

    What is the chance of mechanical watches becoming obsolete in the foreseeable future?

  • Kslugg

    Why doesn’t Ariel do more Hourtime Podcasts? I love them!

  • Brown Paper Bag ?????????

    Do you believe this trend of making big watches will end and companies will start offering again 40/41mm cases?

  • E. Cheng

    Why has the Seiko caliber NH35 movement been chosen for this watch?

  • Michael

    how often do mechanical watches really need to be serviced?

  • cepee

    What was the most expensive watch, that was made just for a movie?

  • Eric Thompson

    What is one of the worst ideas created for a watch?

  • Ryan Michael

    Why are so many watches 44mm or larger?

  • Ulysse Robert

    Why is there so few modern watches equipped with high frequency (36’000 VpH) mechanical movements?

  • Carol Roberts clark

    are watches made in usa better than overseas or is the quailty better than america just curious to know cause i think maybe overseas are better but i could be wrong your take

  • Jon Crissinger

    If you know how to maintain a mechanical watch, I’d love to see a guide to that. Also can we get a list of some indie makers with mechanical movements?

  • Bill Herndon

    Why do watch manufacturers think that the case diameter matters more than the lug-to-lug distance? The latter is pretty much the only thing I care about.

  • Tim Mai

    What function is dive watches with helium release valves?

  • Tien Tran

    Why don’t other companies have steel in 904L like Rolex if it’s superior?

  • Tim Tran

    What are the next best exotic materials in watchmaking?

  • Thom

    Why hasn’t there been any revolution/evolution of chronographs that are always in small subdials?

  • Kristian Haagen

    How come Japanese movements doesn’t have same praise and recognition as Swiss although they have true vertical in-house development

  • burnunit

    Will it damage a self-winding watch to leave it ‘unwound’ for several months?

  • Michael

    Great site and I’m not saying that so you pick me. A great fan of dive watches. This is a handsome watch. My question is are those solar watch chargers any good?

  • Larry Janeshek

    Great looking watch. What is the highest frequency for a mechanical watch?

  • BDwide

    Lovely watch. My question: what do mechanical watch purists think of the Seiko spring drive? I’m an engineer and I think it’s brilliant engineering and terribly innovative.

  • egznyc

    This is an interesting offering given its internal rotating bezel controlled with a second crown and the unusual textured pattern of the dial. I do wish there were some lume shots but I love the contrasting color used at 3, 6, 9, and 12. My question: how significant is the method by which rose gold – or any other surface treatment – is applied to the case, in terms of appearance and durability?

  • Fady337

    I would like to ask a question that, apart from the price element what difference does a Swiss watch make in contrast to the good Japanese watch. I’ve seen both Japanese and the Swiss watches work stunningly well over more than 40 years with equal maintenance and care taken. I mean like, then how can we differentiate between the quality of both Swiss and Japanese watches if they both run equally well.

  • Duarte Vieira

    What’s the appeal of a dead second watch?

  • Macchina

    I’ve often wondered if Jewels are still the best bearing surfaces in automatic movements. That system is centuries old. Rotors are almost all ball bearings nowadays. I’ve wondered about carbide plates in watches that simply machined holes where jewels currently are…

  • Fernando

    Like the bronze one.

  • Kendrick Bong

    I too like the bronze one !

  • Steve Bonine

    How are the German watch companies able to offer seemingly better value watches with cleaner dials than the more experienced and longer established Swiss manufacturers ?

  • Eddie Uribe

    How can some legitimate watch companies just blatantly copy designs from other watch makers and not face any repercussions?

  • eric

    My question is why so many brands design/build so many extremely expensive watches that a normal people can never (or have little chance to) afford… i know it’s about the skills or technology they got, but, who cares?

  • kibbyster

    steve stone: my question : Is there a watch face that wont scratch?