Contributed by Anish Bhatt

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Not much can beat a warm day, a nice new watch and a good camera! We don’t get too many of the first part in London, so when the temperature reaches anywhere over 20 degrees Celsius it’s best to take advantage of it!

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Our model: Oliver Knowles wears a single breasted suit in Alfred Brown wool, tailored on Saville Row by Timothy Everest. Cufflinks are by Mulberry, tie by Drakes and shirt by Hawes and Curtis. Grey and blue always seem to go together pretty perfectly. The cuffs are tapered well and the blazer creates a good shaped silhouette from shoulder to waist, which accentuates a gentleman’s physique. Someone once said a woman sees a man in a well tailored suit in the same way a man sees lingerie on a woman…some food for thought. Notice small details like the dimple at the top of the tie where it meets the knot…a lesson in the finer arts of male attire.

Wristwear: Of course the watch must be the centre of attention, and in this instance it’s the new ‘King Gold’ King Power Unico by Hublot. King Gold is basically rose gold mixed with platinum and extra copper to give it a warmer shade of red. You can judge the shade for yourself in the pictures. It has the added contrast of a carbon fibre weave bezel, which ‘sports’ the look up a little bit more. A nice alternative to rose/red/pink gold (or ‘Everose’ if you’re Rolex!) and accentuated by the skeletonized dial and Unico movement well. By the way, the Unico feels amazing, and is (finally) a movement worthy of being in a watch at this price point.

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The watch is pretty huge at 48mm in size and a gummy leather would have been a better option if you had to wear this with a suit, as rubber + big sports watch = smart casual in my book usually, but whatever, make hay while the sun shines and all that so onto the pics!

Hublot model reference is: 701.OQ.0180.RX and the retail price is GBP £32,300

Photos by WatchAnish and Adam Priscak

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