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Ever wonder where you can “pimp your watch?” There actually are a bit more places out there than you’d think, and you can get a ton of things done to your existing watches. Workshops like IWW (International Watch Works), are small companies with big roles. Not only to keep your watches healthy, but breathe new life into them.

IWW does not have a fancy website, but they do have a loyal following. Visit IWW here online. While they are located in North Carolina, you can easily send them your watch to get any manner of work done. Along with their standard services, they are open to a number of flexible customization options based on your particular vision. This is a nice benefit of working with a smaller operation, because you can have real personal contact with the watch mechanics and share your ideas as well as enjoy their feedback and advice.

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In terms of repair and restoration, here are the major things that IWW will get done for you. First is movement restoration. This when you have an old, or non-functioning movement that need to work again. Or it could be partially functioning and just need a “tune-up.” The complexity and cost of movement restoration really varies depending on a lot of things. So be patient with anyone when you have a rare watch, or one that needs lots of work. Remember how hard it can be to get parts for anyone no matter how good they are. You can also have case and dial restoration. Polishing, fixing, mending, buffing, and painting are all things available based on what you need. They will also reluminate or place extra luminant on watch hands and faces for a restored glow, or extra glow in the dark.

IWW Modified Orfina Watch With Black PVD CaseNow comes the interesting stuff, when you can customize watches. You’d probably have to start with a watch that is worth modifying but not too rare or expensive as to destroy the value. Remember that a specially modified watch often loses value unless subsequent buyers love the look as much as you to. You are best to stick with a sub $1000 watch, unless you really have some wild ideas.

IWW has a few different types of case modification. The most popular are likely to be PVD processing (black finish), and bead blasting (matte finish). The PVD coating process typically gives the case a matte look as well. Each give watches a more masculine look, and can interesting ways to reinvigorate a boring or stale looking watch. In addition, IWW will likely alter to look of bezels, and add new crystals when necessary.

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A lot of people opt for removing identifiers on watch faces and swapping out hands. Identifiers are logos or text on the face, which can be taken off for a cleaner look. Don’t like the cyclops lens on your crystal, they can remove that too. There are so many watch hands out there, that you have lots of choices, but when it comes down to it, you should make sure the new look is functional and attractive based on your preferences. Even number indexes can be altered or replaced as well. IWW offers a real full service customization shop.

The images are just a few examples of their work, and lots more can be found on their website. Prices really vary with what you need to get done, but the profit margins aren’t too high. This is craftsman level work from skilled workers in a boutique industry. Let IWW know if you have any questions, I am sure they will be happy to work with you.

Visit International Watch Works (IWW) online here.

See customized watches on eBay here.

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