Watch spotting is a really silly hobby, but I cannot help it most of the time. Walking around at events with my eyes at wrist level, sometimes I impress myself by spotting watches. Naming the brand, the model from afar. Is this like bird watching? Probably not as primordial. I spend a good deal of my time scoping out the watches people wear, and the watches I see. I am ranking up points in my mind.

My issue is whether I should judge people on the watches they wear. I don’t do it indiscriminately, but often times I will make a judgment call. For example, you seem someone with an expensive Rolex. To me, this means they throw money at image, and have no ability to choose. I am not saying all Rolexes lack taste or style, but they require no thought. It is the instant watch people with money and know nothing about watches go to. What impresses me more is a nice watch that someone has to put thought into. No specific examples come to mind because it really depends on the budget and personality. One watch I will always been impressed to see is a Breguet. One goal I have with this blog is to expand awareness and appreciation of various watch brand, and I encourage my readers to share their own appreciated brands.

It is hard not to be impressed by an expensive watch, but I tend to be awed more by the types that only a select few can identify. My first analog watch in college was a red face Citizen Promaster (which I will post a picture of soon). The $100 watch that I bought in Paris after high school received tons of compliments. “Oh, look at that nice red color” or “nice watch!” Things I would hear often. A few years later when I start to wear more expensive and sophisticated watches, rarely a word. One might think it was the transition from college to the normal world, or are people just noticing watches less? Thoughts are appreciated.

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