This is a nifty idea, and I am glad that we are seeing it from an Italian watch maker first. Welder is a bit new to the watch game offering arguably more modern looking large watches similar to U-Boat and the Bell & Ross BR01 line of watches. Large square designs house provocative round dials with everything from functional to minimalist looks. Priced aggressively among competitors, Welder seeks to be a fashionable and less expensive alternative to some of the other players. Most of their watches have quartz movements, with a few mechanical options either now or coming in the near future.

The Welder K26 line of watches has a number of different designs in chronograph and three-hand models (which Welder simply refers to as “data”). The new series come with four interchangeable filters that are red, light blue, lime green, and cream yellow. You simple unscrew the filter (which is placed over the crystal), and screw on a new one. The effect is a vastly different look for the watches, making them a better fit with your mood or outfit. This might be a very “fashion” orientated approach to watch wearing, you have to admit that sometime you want a watch the goes with your outfit.

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The K26 Model 5000 series models come in steel of black IPB (not as good as PVD) treated steel. Straps available are rubber or leather. I’d probably stick with the leather straps if I had a choice. Here is the model range with retail prices:

· Model 5000 Data, black dial with spheres and index white. $1,020.00
· Model 5100 Data, black dial with spheres and index white. IPB treatment. $1,110.00
· Model 5200 Chrono, black dial. $1,245.00
· Model 5201 Chrono, white dial. $1,245.00
· Model 5300 Chrono, black dial and IPB treatment. $1,310.00
· Model 5301 Chrono, white dial and IPB treatment. $1,310.00

Soon Welder watches (or already in some places) will have mass distribution in many American department stores and retail watch locations. Good for them as such mass distribution is difficult to come by these days. I look forward to checking them out soon. The designs are very interesting, without being too over the top. I will be even more impressed when they have more mechanical models and are still able to keep prices reasonably. I predict they will enjoy sufficient sales as the product line is robust and edgy. Check them out if you like what you see.

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