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Complicated All-Wood Watches By Valerii Danevych

Complicated All-Wood Watches By Valerii Danevych Watch Releases

Ukrainian Valerii Danevych makes wood watches with actual wooden movements. “It’s a functional work of art.”  This is a phrase that can sometimes be thrown around with reckless abandon – especially when it comes to our beloved watches.  To be sure, mechanical watches – regardless of their vintage – are engineering marvels, given that they give us a miniature machine that tracks the passage of the day.  We’ve recently caught wind of some mechanical watch designs that are very worthy of being called works of art – and functional ones at that.

Complicated All-Wood Watches By Valerii Danevych Watch Releases

First things first – yes, these are truly made of wood.  But make no mistake – these are quite different from other wooden watches that have hit the market from companies like WeWood , Sprout , or assorted Kickstarter projects.  Those other makes feature wooden cases (and sometimes bracelets), but the movement working away inside is the very familiar (and very non-wooden) quartz-driven type.  For these watches from Valerii Danevych, every single piece (aside from the springs) in the watch is made from wood.

Complicated All-Wood Watches By Valerii Danevych Watch Releases

Perhaps we could prattle on about how eco-friendly these designs are, but that’s really not the focus of these pieces.  First and foremost, each component is a beautiful sculpture in its own right, assembled into a wearable masterwork.  And that’s another term (masterwork) I feel safe using, as Mr. Danevych was inducted into the Horological Academy of Independent Creators (AHCI) in 2012.  So, how did he get to the point of creating these?

Complicated All-Wood Watches By Valerii Danevych Watch Releases

Born and raised in Kiev, Mr. Danevych was born into a family which, for generations, have been cabinetmakers. With that as his background, he was already creating miniaturized items, such as a 3cm guitar (which used hairs as strings) as a schoolboy.  This led to a career as a precision joiner. Doing “regular” construction and restoring items wasn’t as fulfilling as he might have hoped.  So, in 2005, he ran with the idea of creating clockworks using his woodworking skills – and without any education as a watchmaker under his belt.



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  • Ulysses31

    Truly delightful works of art.  I’m amazed he could produce a wooden movement so small with fine teeth that don’t simply snap.  How is it lubricated?  How accurate is it?  I’m guessing that the finer wooden parts are somehow infused with another substance that makes them more resilient to wear.  Whatever, these are very impressive timepieces.

  • Awesome post!

  • Lesthepom

    A totally unbelievable pice of craftsmanship I don’t know how he did it but I am glad he did it is a wonder to behold would love to see one up close
    I do wonder how it will survive a long life wood changes as it gets older and dries or swells I suppose time will tell

  • MarkCarson

    I saw some of his work at BaselWorld 2013 at the AHCI booth. Truly jaw dropping stuff.

  • inspired_design

    Wow, what a thing of beauty! The trend in wood watches has been fun to follow. Although, I do enjoy the hybrid design that came out with recently. Not on the same level as these, but a pretty sweet watch nonetheless.

  • WOW!  I work for Wood Mark Watches and I wish we could utilize wooden movement.

  • Webstore Time

    I would like to report an Italian brand that produces wristwatches and bracelets in natural wood with a very elegant design, Woodstar Milano (

  • The post said there would be pictures; I don’t see any 🙁

  • Denis Kharkovskyy

    V.Danevych etsy store
    Any watches may be made to order 🙂

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