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One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a watch enthusiast and a #watchnerd is experimenting and changing out your watch strap to find combinations that not only look good, but match your attire, mood, or activity. Going on an outdoor adventure? Then perhaps the safety of a N.A.T.O or Perlon makes sense, since these straps go underneath both spring bars and create a safety loop in case one bar fails during your adventures. Looking to spice up your favorite watch for work or a night out in town? Then a sleek leather strap will help to dress up your watch. Fortunately, Wrist Candy Watch Club (WCWC) is here to provide watch enthusiasts with options to customize their watches with straps for any piece.

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While this may sound simple, there are many factors to consider when choosing a strap. The first thing you want to consider is the dial of your watch. How complex or busy is the face? A watch with three or more main colors is best complemented with a solid-colored strap to help balance the watch and tie everything together. Taking the Zenith El Primero Original 1969 for example, it has four colors on the dial – red, blue, dark grey, and light grey. Solid neutral colors such as brown, black, or grey help to tie everything together, as well as keep the focus on the dial and not create a mess of colors and patterns.


While there aren’t any hard and fast rules – hey, the bottom line is it just has to look good, right?! – here are some tips and tricks to make sure that you don’t overpower the beauty of your watch with a super bold strap, or turn your watch into a swath of monotone color by exactly matching the dial color with your strap.

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Watches with two or fewer prominent colors provide the wearer with much more flexibility in experimenting with different colors and patterns. The Omega Speedmaster is, for all intents and purposes, one of the most iconic and historically important watches of all time. Its design is so classic that it’s been practically unchanged since 1957 while also extremely versatile to different color and patterns like a fish to water.

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Now that we’ve covered the color aspect, the second thing you want to consider is the environment or setting. Here’s where it gets more complex, but an easy way to choose the right strap is based on the rest of your attire. If you’re going to a black tie or tuxedo event, then you should typically stick to a bracelet, simple black leather strap, or a very dark brown leather strap with as few complexities in it as possible so as to not detract from the rest of your stunning outfit.

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For anything less formal than business casual, it’s free reign. You can pair it up with anything ranging from a nice rally leather strap, N.A.T.O, Perlon, or a two piece canvas strap. A good rule of thumb, again, is to follow your attire, which subconsciously reveals the environment you’re preparing for. By environment, this really includes the weather conditions, events that you’ll be partaking in, and the social atmosphere.

Let’s start with the weather, if it’s hot and muggy out, the ideal strap to counter that would be a Perlon strap or a N.A.T.O. You should stay away from leather, as that will trap heat in and also make your wrist uncomfortable from sweat. The porous nature of the Perlon weaving will allow air to flow, and the nylon from the N.A.T.O offers a cooler feeling on your wrist. Both straps typically can be washed with soap and water afterwards as well to keep them clean, something that’s much harder to do with leather. In places where there is winter and snow, leather does work better, but do be careful about getting the leather straps wet.

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For all those adventurists and active individuals, a N.A.T.O or Perlon strap offers the security that you want since it does add a level of safety net to your watch by going under both spring bars. If one spring bar fails, the watch won’t immediately fall to the ground, but will dangle on your wrist which will allow you enough time to react. You get even more security with the N.A.T.O, as there’s another ring and a secondary strap to lock your watch to the strap.


Now, the last consideration in choosing a strap is your own personal style and individuality. Let the strap tell something about yourself. Do you like the color blue, go with a strap that reflects that, be it leather, nylon, or canvas based. Feeling happy? Why not go with a bright colored strap like an orange Perlon, or a patterned N.A.T.O strap?

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Remember, our watches constantly cross our field of vision daily, so accessorize it with something that makes YOU happy. For other styling tips, check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see daily pics of our watch and strap combos! wristcandywatchclub.com

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