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Luxury Swiss sports watch manufacturer Wryst continues its sponsorship with the Isle of Man TT motorsport festival in 2018 and a truly aggressive special edition racing-inspired timepiece. From May 26th to June 8th, the fastest riders around the legendary 37 mile Snaefell mountain circuit will be gifted the Wryst Isle of Man TT watch on arrival.

Wryst first established its partnership as official timekeeper of the event back in 2015. With thousands of motorsport fans set to descend on the Isle of Man, especially for the prestigious Saturday event, 2018 is set to be bigger and better than ever. The latest addition to the brand’s motorsport-inspired timepieces is certainly befitting of the occasion.

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An Exclusive Timepiece To Commemorate A Moment In History

The Wryst Isle of Man TT special edition timepiece is one that will appeal to motorsport fans for many reasons, not least due to its design. However, the special edition watch isn’t only a piece of stunning craftsmanship, it also boasts the sentimental value of being linked to the world’s fastest tourist trophy since 1904.

In fact, the watch is so special that it is even included as a part of the prize on offer to competitors. The winners of each race category will be presented with the stylish timepiece, which is offered in a beautiful wooden box with leather lining printed with the TT trademark. Both the box and the watch itself pay clear homage to the event, making it a truly magical timepiece for racers and race fans alike.

An Aggressive Design To Represent The Most Dangerous Sport On Earth

Now in its fourth year of what has blossomed into an incredible partnership, Wryst’s latest design is the perfect timepiece to represent the Isle of Man TT, as well as brutal motoring competition in general. The Swiss brand has long been heralded as one of the finest makers of racing-inspired watches, but this special edition watch raises the excitement to a new level with a black, red, and yellow color scheme that captures the speed and adrenaline to perfection.

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The TT special edition Wryst watch isn’t all about looks. It is protected by the Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating on the case, screw-down crown, and features a signed buckle. This feature provides durability with a scratch resistance that is demanded by the motorsport arena. The timepiece is ready for anything the track can throw at the user. The chronograph dial is protected by a 2mm thick sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. A choice of three bracelets provides the wearer with a flexible approach too.

Sturdy, Full-Bodied, and Designed for Men

Aesthetically, the stunning Wryst Isle of Man TT watch has a dial that instantly conjures up visions of motor racing. The different dial materials and colors are all used to create that dashboard atmosphere in stunning style while the 24mm double injection bracelet drives home the sense that this is an exclusive luxury item. The chronograph design also carries a huge 50mm case that grabs the attention in a brash and instant fashion while the event logo encapsulates that idea of being a timepiece to celebrate a moment in time.

All aspects from the domed anti-reflective crystal to the engravings on the back scream class in an energetic style that is sure to be a hit with all race fans on May 28th and beyond. The Wryst Isle of Man TT watch is at this time exclusively available online and is priced at $965wryst-timepieces.com

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