2LMX Watch

2LMX Watch

2LMX Watch Watch Releases

Just announced is the new watch brand 2LMX with their first watch... the 2LMX. I think a model name will come later. The super cool mechanical timepiece is one of those things that helps me explain to people what I do when they ask "how is it that you write at least once a day on watches?" Because cool stuff like this keeps coming out. The watch is the brainchild of Arnaud Tellier. He is the former head of the Geneva Patek Philippe museum.

2LMX Watch Watch Releases

Interesting that he and his pals went futuristic after he resided over classic and vintage pieces for so long. The 2LMX watch reminds me of the Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical watch (a lot). These watches share concepts including the overall design. They both have vertically mounted tourbillons, they both have split dials, and they both have highly exposed cases and movements. More than a little bit of credit goes to Jean-Francois Ruchonnet for this design.

2LMX Watch Watch Releases

The 2LMX movement uses four drums (two of them have drums within the drums) to indicate time digitally. The system is incredibly neat to see in action. You can see a video on their site here. The drums within drums concept allows them to indicate 10 digits in a limited space. Plus, the watch only tells them time in a 24 hour format.

2LMX Watch Watch Releases

2LMX Watch Watch Releases

Looking down at the watch you can see the movement gears and tourbillon moving all the time. Really a good piece for gear-heads. The movement is manually wound with a power reserve of 120 hours (pretty good). It also has a slick constant force system needed for changing the drums around without losing amplitude. I really love the look of the movement - which you can thankfully see though the various sapphire crystal windows.

2LMX's watch case is 41mm wide by about 50mm tall. 2LMX will produce the watch in titanium, platinum, white gold, and pink gold. They will also make custom watches for you - but then again the base models are going to cost a fortune as well. The strap is either black or white rubber as well a other options such as alligator or leather. Super cool, expensive (not sure yet), and available in 2012.

  • Jim Clement

    It is a rather cool design. I see only two problems:

    1. I would never be able to afford it.
    2. If I could afford it – – – I would be so mesmerized by watching its’ inner workings on a continuous basis – – – I would never get ANYTHING else done in life.

    Great design though!

  • kris c

    Very nice. Great to see a new name for the list as well.

    I also get the Cabestan feel, but tell me this does not ring closer to the more sophisticated sibling on the Rebellion T-100. I dare you.

  • cluedog

    Really neat video, and great watch. Am I alone in my concern that the watch would not survive the real world as a daily wearer – imagine bumping that the sapphire crystal (at the angle) every few times you walk through a narrow doorway.

    How much does this watch cost in (Lange) Zeitwerks?
    (Assume 1.00 Zeitwerk = 60,000 USD)

    • http://ablogtowatch.com admin

      I think that Zeitwerks cost more. I would guess at least 1.5 Zeitwerks.

      • kris c

        Yes they do cost more. I price them out myself once in a while for fun. Of course, now that has slightly changed to the zeitwerk striking, which is of course much heavier on the wallet. 2nd mortgage. Et cetera.

      • Eric

        “Zeitwerk” as a currency denomination is hilarious! As in my car only cost “half a Zeitwerk.” Love watch lovers and their sense of humor!

  • Ajax jones

    Truly awful, sacrifice of design and beauty because sadly someone has discovered CAD and has allowed the constraints of that and CNC to cloud their judgement. Shameful

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  • qr373913339

    @admin how can we get the watch ,please

  • qr373913339

    @cluedog how did you get the cool watch ,please