Botta Design Watches Available Through Kenmar Watches

Botta Design Watches Available Through Kenmar Watches

Botta Design Uno on eBay Botta Design Helios Plus on eBay It is easy to talk about nice watches, it is harder to tell you where to get them. If only the watch industry had volume and distribution like the electronics industry. Perhaps someday. Until that point, you'll hear from me when I learn about a store online selling a desirable watch brand. Of course you will also see me point to eBay auctions.

The online watch store, Kenmar watches is now selling a full line of Botta Design watches which I discussed here. This is worth noting as Botta Design watches are among the best looking and Bauhaus minimalist watches around, and for an excellent price. Their designs earned them a Red Dot award, and I am happy to see them becoming more available.

My favorite Botta Design watch is the Helios Plus, which incorporates a spirit of pure legibility. Adding everything you need without anything you don't. The hour and minute hands align perfectly with the number markers, while the seconds display is in a subsidiary position. The result is a perfectly balanced watch from a symmetrical standpoint, with out any points of distraction. The Plus version adds a bit to the standard Helios model, including a date display.

Nother notable watch is the Uno, aptly named for having one hand. This is a traditional 12 hour watch, but utilizes just one hand. What you sacrifice in precision, you make up for in quick reference. This watch is meant to be read instantly, without the mental calculations usually needed when deciphering the time based on the position of two hands. It might only shave off a few milliseconds, but it does serve a purpose, and looks rather cool doing so. The Uno also hearkens to those who prefer to wear a watch, yet not be a "slave of time," focusing on to the minute punctuality.

I am happy to see that Kenmar watches is selling Botta Design watches, and even more, they are doing so on their website and via eBay. See Botta Design watches on Kenmar watches' eBay store here.

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