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Buying Authorized Display Model Watches At ShopWorn

Buying Authorized Display Model Watches At ShopWorn Watch Buying Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser.

On any given day, there are a lot of great watches out there on the market, and it’s likely at some point you missed out on a watch that you really wanted. Perhaps your go-to local dealer sold out of that product series, or maybe the watch was part of a brand’s limited edition or discontinued collection. In the old days, it would be difficult to find that watch without opting for a second-hand model. You’d have to scour message boards and estate sales, enlist the help of a vintage watch dealer, or call around to stores around the country in pursuit of that perfect watch. Enter, a new e-commerce website designed to bring watch enthusiasts the best deals (up to 84% off) on authentic luxury watches which have only been used as display models in authorized retail stores.

Buying Authorized Display Model Watches At ShopWorn Watch Buying

Tudor Heritage Chronograph Automatic Watch, 19% off on ShopWorn

What Does “ShopWorn” Mean, Exactly?

The term “shopworn” refers to products that have been on display in an authorized retail store. These items spend their time in either the store’s display cases or vault, and may have been lightly handled by staff or tried on by customers but were never sold. In the course of this in-store handling, shopworn products may have acquired minor cosmetic or surface wear, but appear virtually indistinguishable from new and are presented with original packaging including box & papers. The ShopWorn team are experts in acquiring desirable, deemphasized inventory and bringing those products online with their e-commerce store and ongoing sample sale, ShopWorn offers what no other website in the watch space does today – a revolutionary concept selling exclusively store-display model watches and sourcing these authentic and luxury pieces directly from brands and authorized retail stores.

Buying Authorized Display Model Watches At ShopWorn Watch Buying

Fortis Marine Master Day/Date Automatic Chronograph Watch, 67% off on ShopWorn

ShopWorn is the brain-child of two watch industry veterans and entrepreneurs, CEO Richard Birnbaum and President Larry Birnbaum, who started their careers as eBay pioneers selling designer products online at a time when e-commerce was uncharted territory. Now they’ve launched their own branded website with more watch brands and watch models than ever before, including: Omega, IWC, Hublot, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Zenith, Oris, Ulysse Nardin, Dior, Tag Heuer, Tudor, Maurice Lacroix, Tutima, Alpina, Girard-Perregaux, and more. Since launch, ShopWorn’s undeniable combination of value, quality, and hands-on service has garnered glowing reviews from customers and watch collectors (for example, this unboxing review on WatchUSeek.)

Transparency in Product Sourcing

The display model watches featured on ShopWorn are guaranteed authentic by virtue of the company’s sourcing strategy: buying shopworn and overstock watches exclusively from authorized retailers, and in some cases, directly from watch brands. The company is headquartered in the New York area, but the ShopWorn team travels the world to scout for new pieces at the retail level. Since watches are often pulled directly from store showcases for feature on, these products are virtually indistinguishable from new, having only been gently handled in store. In order to ensure quality, all watches must pass a rigorous inspection process before being photographed and listed on the website. ShopWorn’s website never uses stock photos from the watch brand. All photos on the website are of the actual watches for sale – what you see is what you get.

Buying Authorized Display Model Watches At ShopWorn Watch Buying

Graham Chronofighter Black Arrow LE Chronograph Watch, 53% off on ShopWorn

Buying a watch from ShopWorn yields benefits to watch collectors that go well beyond great sales and values. Product listings note watches come with original packaging and paperwork, as well as ShopWorn’s own 2-year international warranty. For example, Cuervo y Sobrinos watches on ShopWorn come packaged in the brand’s signature humidor boxes.

Buying Authorized Display Model Watches At ShopWorn Watch Buying

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Squadra Men’s Chronograph GMT LE Watch, 43% off on ShopWorn

If you have a question, you can reach ShopWorn’s responsive team by email, phone, or even Facebook messenger. The New York based company is hands-on and well versed in watches, should you have a question about a watch’s functions or condition. If you decide to make a purchase, ShopWorn will get it in your hands quickly with free 2-day domestic shipping to all US customers, no minimum purchase required. ShopWorn also ships worldwide.

Buying Authorized Display Model Watches At ShopWorn Watch Buying

Ulysse Nardin GMT Perpetual 18K Automatic Watch, 63% off on ShopWorn

A Shopping Hub for Luxury Watches

Now, only nine months since the site’s launch, new watches arrive every day on the website and sell out just as quickly. ShopWorn features a dedicated new arrivals page for shoppers who want to jump quickly on the latest products and deals, as well as posting new arrivals on their Instagram feed and in weekly new arrivals emails for subscribers, such as a Carl F. Bucherer Patravi Scubatec Watch for 53% off, or a  Bovet Amadeo Fleurier 18k Gold Watch for 42% off. Rolex, Omega, and Tag Heuer products are some of the most popular watch brands on the site that tend to sell out quickly. Whatever your taste, ShopWorn offers a spectrum of price points, with deals on entry level brands like Victorinox Swiss Army or Alpina, as well as on prestigious brands like Bovet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Hublot.

Buying Authorized Display Model Watches At ShopWorn Watch Buying

Hublot King Power Oceanographic 4000 Diver Musée LE Watch with Carbon Fiber Case, 49% off on ShopWorn

ShopWorn’s goal is to connect savvy shoppers with the best deals on their favorite brands, without having to settle for second-hand quality. If you are looking for the best values on brand name watches, keep on your radar for future watch purchases and you might just find an incredible deal. Currently, there is a special discount available exclusively for aBlogtoWatch readers. Check out the watches on ShopWorn right now, and get 15% off on all first-time purchases with code “HELLOABTW.”

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  • Dénes Albert

    I was quite interested to check out your inventory, but the site is down – far from ideal when you’re paying good money for a sponsored post. And no, it’s not just my connection.

  • SuperStrapper

    They actually have a watch I’ve been trying to find at an honestly good discount. Will investigate….

    • Travis Cannata

      I wouldn’t necessarily say their inventory is extensive, but they have a lot of pretty cool one-off editions at a decent rate.

      I kinda dig them.

      • SuperStrapper

        I noticed right away the inventory is not massive. But they have some neat stuff.

    • Mika Vääräniemi

      They had a watch I wanted and the price was right. Watch arrived in few days without problems. It was just as advertised and I could not find any defects with it. Not even minor scratches – I guess that timepiece had been handled with care in the shop. Highly recommended.

      • SuperStrapper

        Appreciate the recommendation.

      • proudAmerican702

        I’ll second that. I’m not normally a person to talk nicely on a Sponsored Post, but I just made my first purchase from them last week, a CF Bucherer Scubatec. I proposed a purchase price a little lower than they’d listed, and they accepted my offer.

        The watch came to me as-new in its box, and the watch itself was wrapped in thick plastic on the face and all down the bracelet. The watch didn’t have a single mark on it, and I’m very happy with the purchase.

        • Moonraker

          Cool. Requesting pictures if you’re able and willing.

          • proudAmerican702


            This isn’t a stock CF Bucherer photo—these are my Scubatecs. The black dial/red bezel is the one received from Shop Worn. Yes, I obviously love the Scubatec as a watch (Rolex does nothing for me) and I think I’m done (unless I find a steal on the white dial/rose gold variant.)

            The watch from ShopWorn arrived as brand-new.

          • Mikita

            Love Scubatecs! These are awesome, wear them in good health.

          • Moonraker

            Sweet. Thanks for that.

  • Ranchracer

    I can open the homepage but can’t get to any of the brand pages. Pretty lame.

  • Word Merchant

    Their website is slower than a Starbucks barista on valium, and the brand list reads like a who’s who of bad inventory management and also-rans. I clicked on the only two brands I’d be vaguely interested in, to find, as expected, that it’s the duffers on offer. Still if they’ve got the watch you want, and your currency of choice is Trump Dollars, you’ll do ok. Meh for the rest of us.

    • Word Merchant

      Replying to myself, I notice they have a lot of Graham watches for sale. The odd thing is they still want money for these monstrosities rather than offering people incentives to take them away.

  • christosL

    The website is a buggy mess

  • ShopWorn

    We thank you for your feedback. Due to the overwhelming response from the article this week, our site was temporarily down on Monday.
    We are happy to announce that the site is back up and running.

    As a token of our appreciation we are giving customers 15% off everything with code: TAKE15 ( valid thru 8/8).

    We appreciate your comments and are working to further improve the site performance moving forward.

    ShopWorn Team

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