Chronoswiss Pacific Watches Hands-on

Chronoswiss Pacific Watches Hands-on

In late 2010 Chronoswiss announced a new collection of watches called the Pacific. The family stylistically was a very different animal for the brand, and was seen as a unique attempt to capture the vintage watch loving market, from a brand already known for their vintage style watches. The result was a sort of futuristic 1960s mod design that felt both retro and contemporary at the same time. I was fascinated by the multi-level dial, and the bright areas of color.

I was finally able to get some hands-on time with a few of the Chronoswiss Pacific watches - that come in both three-hand and chronograph styles. The cases are polished and in steel. Size is 43mm wide and the lugs are long and typical of the brand. I don't think we see enough polished watches these days. There seems to be a preference among many people for brushed or satinized case finishes, but don't underestimate the power of a nice polished case. Breitling knows what I am talking about.

Speaking of Breitling, the three-hand Pacific reminds me just a bit of Breitling's new Transocean Automatic. Probably because they are thematically similar pieces (and have the same case size and movement). Though I think that most people will groove best with the chronograph. The various colors and hands, and all the design makes these the most distinctive of the collection. For both the three-hand and chronograph models, Chronoswiss will offer the dials in both a black and silver tone (though I believe the actual dial itself is made out of sterling silver.

As you can see while the case is relatively simple, other elements of the watch have a more complex look. This includes the chronograph pushers as well as the dial. The best watches often choose either a complex case or complex dial - both can leave a watch looking too boring or alternatively too busy and cluttered. Though there are of course plenty of exceptions.

Here Chronoswiss was wise to use prominent applied hour markers and (close to) properly sized hands. These are nice watches first and foremost because they are legible. The chronograph model uses a unique style that I think is simple enough to appeal to a lot of people. Props on the legible hour and minute counters mixed with the minimalist subsidiary seconds dial for the time. I like how the minute track for the main time reminds me a bit of blank sheet music (because they were thinking of the musical "Pacific" I bet).

Inside the Chronoswiss Pacific watches are ETA 2892 automatics for the three-hand models and ETA Valjoux 7750 automatics for the chronographs. The watches come in slick looking black straps with fun contrast stitching or metal bracelets (which are... interesting to say the least). Prices start at about $3,800.

  • r_s_g

    The three-handers are 40mm in diameter and there is also a chocolate brown dial available which looks lovely.

  • PaulDaly2

    These watches look fantastic and as usual you have presented them very nicely.

  • PaulDaly2

    These watches look fantastic and as usual you have presented them very nicely.

  • PaulDaly2

    These watches look fantastic and as usual you have presented very nicely.

  • AtSeaWatch

    Why are chronographs made larger than their three hander counterparts? It’s not like a VJ7750 won’t fit into a 40mm case. Heck, I’ve got one in a 36mm case. I think it comes down to the fact that chronos cost more and unsaavy watch buyers expect more watch for more money. Why else would they do it?

    As for these watches? They’re nice. I can’t say I’ve been much of a Chronoswiss fan. The scalloped bezels always struck me as being a bit too “grandfather” to me. Too bad the chrono is so big. Oh, and the bracelet looks a bit like a Fossil cast-off. Maybe the pictures are just selling it short. Bracelets rarely look as good in pictures as they do in the metal.

  • manivelle

    “Wen”? (second photo) What’s that, schweiz-deutsch?

  • arthurdavis

    thats strange Tutima has a new offering called pacific. Page 96 in Watch Time magazine. Nice looking PVD coated dive watch. good specs and a pretty good price. I am pondering whether to buy it.


  • Kris C

    No giant onion crown? This is not the Chronoswiss that I know.

    Really like the silver dial w/green chronograph model – very attractive.