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The Hamilton Watches From The Movie Interstellar

The Hamilton Watches From The Movie Interstellar Hands-On

Above is the actual Hamilton watch prop used in Interstellar by the character Murph (Murphy) Cooper. Like many people around the world, I was highly entertained by Christopher Nolan’s newest (at the time of writing) movie Interstellar, starring the talented Matthew McConaughey, among other A-list actors. The science fiction epic is very much inline with Nolan’s style, which marries complex science-based plot devices with a little bit of reality suspension, so that at the end of the movie, the viewer is forced to contemplate what they just saw and perhaps watch the movie again. Nolan is also skilled at creating powerfully moving scenes that marry emotions with character development in a way few other blockbuster directors are able to achieve. One of the most important characters in the movie was not a person but a watch.

The Hamilton Watches From The Movie Interstellar Hands-On

People who see Interstellar might not believe that Hamilton had no hand in crafting the incredible screen time that the watches enjoyed in the movie. In addition to a Hamilton watch worn by McConaughey’s character “Cooper,” another Hamilton watch was used as a key plot device by his daughter in the movie Murph Cooper played mostly by young Mackenzie Foy and later by Jessica Chastain. This latter watch is very much the more important piece when it comes to the movie’s story, and takes on the incredible role of being used to communicate Morse code through time and space. It really shows the symbolic power of a watch, and its placement in the story is very interesting (and very Nolan-esque). It is also a wet dream for watch companies given how it is able to make traditional timepieces very relevant for modern viewers.

The Hamilton Watches From The Movie Interstellar Hands-On

Custom Hamilton “Murph Watch” used in Interstellar movie.

The Hamilton Watches From The Movie Interstellar Hands-On

What people interested in the Hamilton Khaki Interstellar watches need to know is that the producers of Interstellar specifically asked Hamilton to work with them on the project and to supply two watches. First was a pilot-style watch from their standard collection to be worn on the wrist of Cooper, and another watch that was to be custom-made based on very specific requirements. This latter timepiece has been nicknamed the “Murph Watch” by Hamilton, and sort of mixes and matches some Khaki model elements in a new way that is particularly attractive.

The Hamilton Watches From The Movie Interstellar Hands-On

Hamilton produced about 10 pieces for the production, which actually were all returned to Hamilton after filming was over. Hamilton did a giveaway a few months ago for a lucky winner to actually receive one of those Hamilton Khaki Interstellar watches. Otherwise, the “Murph Watch” will not be available for any type of commercial purchase – even though I think it would do well.

The Hamilton Watches From The Movie Interstellar Hands-On

The Hamilton Watches From The Movie Interstellar Hands-On

Interstellar wanted to feature a very traditionally “tool style” timepieces with an American character. At 42mm wide, the steel case of the Murph watch has been totally brushed with a look that Hamilton refers to as “rough.” There is a simple stepped bezel and a large crown that is reminiscent of more classic timepieces. The Khaki-collection style dial is black with an aged type of lume and is beautifully symmetrical, as it does not have a date window. Currently, Hamilton does not offer any Khaki watches without a date window on the dial, and I have strongly advised them that producing one (even as a test) would more than likely result in very good sales, given how beautiful and legible the dials are. Inside the watches are Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movements.

The Hamilton Watches From The Movie Interstellar Hands-On

The Hamilton Watches From The Movie Interstellar Hands-On

Fans of the movie will be curious to know how Interstellar achieved the “Morse code” complication via the seconds hand. Hamilton informed me that the prop master was actually able to partially deconstruct the movement and insert a small servo motor to move the seconds hand as it did in the movie. There were no computer graphics involved in that. They were then able to put the movement back together again. The watch seen here is one of those watches, and it has some gel in the movement to block it from operating on purpose. You can also see the watch returned to Hamilton that was fitted with the servo motor – operated by hand to create the “Morse code” scene in the movie.

The Hamilton Watches From The Movie Interstellar Hands-On

It is also interesting to note that Hamilton had just a few weeks to produce the Murph Watch from concept to production and approval by the Interstellar producers. Hamilton is no novice to the demanding schedules of movie production and is known in Hollywood as a go-to brand when it comes to offering both unique and standard timepiece models for characters to wear. According to Hamilton, as of 2014, they have over 400 movie placement credits. Hamilton CEO Mr. Sylvain Dolla is really proud of this fact, and we’ve enjoyed a lot conversations together talking about working with various production teams. He makes it clear just how impressed he is at how many knowledgeable watch lovers there are in Hollywood. According to him, many times when Hamilton is approached, the producers and prop masters know exactly what they are looking for – and he is honored that Hamilton is called upon time and time again to participate in a range of movies and television shows.

The Hamilton Watches From The Movie Interstellar Hands-On

The Hamilton Watches From The Movie Interstellar Hands-On

While the Hamilton Murph watch will never be produced commercially (though I would not rule out that a watch similar to it will be), the Hamilton watch worn by Murph’s father Cooper is a standard model which is available as part of Hamilton’s current collection. That watch is known as the Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date. We actually did an aBlogtoWatch giveaway for that precise watch in September here. I am sure the winner was really pleased to see his watch model being worn on the wrist of Matthew McConaughey throughout the movie and in space.

The Hamilton Watches From The Movie Interstellar Hands-On

The Hamilton Watches From The Movie Interstellar Hands-On

The Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date also has a 42mm wide steel case, and in this case, contains a Swiss ETA 2834-2 automatic movement that offers the time with a day and date complication. The watch retails for a reasonable $945 on the steel bracelet as it was worn in the movie. Keep an eye out for more Hamilton watches in movies, and if you haven’t yet seen Interstellar, I highly recommend it. Just don’t expect to understand everything that is going on in full, and if you are a physicist prepare to relax your logic and education just a bit.



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  • DG Cayse

    Meh…product placement is big business.

    Even though I happen to like the product.

  • steveal

    ” the Hamilton Murph watch will never be produced commercially”

    Then how about a Seiko Alpinist?

  • Great watches, both. I’m a big fan of that Khaki pilot range, the day/date iteration being a fine example, although I don’t think Hamilton released it with a grey dial variant as they did with the original version. Which is a shame because I thought it was the best option.
    Looking forward to seeing Interstellar actually, in the theatre. I generally try to avoid the theatre, but some movies are just ‘theatre movies’ and I think this is one of them.

  • thornwood36

    oooooooh , i must rush out and buy it because a film star wears it…………………………..not

  • Fraser Petrick

    I love the Hamilton Khaki Automatic, if for no other reason, but the beefy, but not overstated hands; especially the pointy minute hand that touches the minute markers.

  • andrewcralph

    Of course it isn’t a production watch – nothing good ever made by Hamilton is.  I’ve never known a watch brand that pumps out more watches that consistently miss the mark.  This one is simply too good of a design for Hamilton to actually mass produce.

  • Triaed

    steveal There is a date window in this Seiko. In that case, I suppose the “Pioneer” would be a good option

  • Jimxxx

    Isn’t the whole point of product placement to bring publicity to the PRODUCT you are selling?! Creating a demand on a large global scale without fulfilling it is….retarded.

  • RangerKarl

    m_00nsy1 confirmed for ansible

  • Connected

    If you are looking for a Hamilton khaki without a date, try the H69619533. It’s a field watch and not the pilot.

  • I just saw the movie yesterday and enjoyed seeing a watch being an important plot device. While I generally sneer at gratuitous product  placement, this watch had a reason to be on screen, so it’s OK by me.

  • shinytoys

    Shout out to our backyard neighbors in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. We have loved Hamilton since it’s inception, and we’re proud to have you here. Love the product.

  • bichondaddy

    I really enjoyed the movie and the use of the watch in the movie was pretty ingenious.  Growing up with a dad that was a physicists, I actually understood some of the science in the movie, and found the movie very stimulating intellectually and really entertaining!  If I had one complaint about the movie….I found some of the music to be…well….rather annoying at times….and maybe it was just the movie theater…but some of the music was way too loud…to the point it was painful.  Just  a heads up…when you hear the organ music…just know it’s going to get really loud!!!

  • spiceballs

    Great movie IMO, especially for sci-fi types like me, and MM is very good (again) and award nominee.  Recommended. His Hamilton is OK but thought Murph’s was a bit Rolex-esque and might have been a bit more like her Dad’s – (MM’s watch?  And yes sound does get a bit loud at times, but its usage thru’out the movie is excellent.

  • mollari2261
  • ZL

    I have to say, it was really cool to see the movie, then come home and see this article and pictures. What brand besides Hamilton could be more appropriate for roles like this? I think Hamilton is a great brand with a lot of personality and down-to-earth feel (and prices), and there is definitely a reason Hamilton is in so many movies.

  • gyang333

    Jimxxx The Planet Ocean worn by Bond in SkyFall was a one-off titanium version that is not in production.  There is precedence for this.

  • tr143

    Jimxxx It’s not as simple as just sticking a current product in a movie. Have you no concept of brand marketing? Are you going to stick a 2013 BMW in a sci-fi movie about the future, or expect someone playing a 50s noir detective to chow down on a Subway $5 Footlong? Maybe you should think a little harder next time.

  • pmjones

    john_oldfield hey, I wear a Hamilton! /me preens

  • ustinj

    I absolutely loved this movie and it just made me want a Hamilton Day-Date Pilot so badly.

  • XavierNigel

    XavierNigel Hamilton, has American heritage but now swiss owned like Omega. How does it serve the narrative, couldn’t just be rugged look.

  • XavierNigel

    XavierNigel Hamilton was favored by railway while paving settlement of the west, was that Nolans reference to colonizing the universe?

  • AK74

    Murph Watch in Interstellar movie has some amazing spring in it. It can run without winding for decades 🙂

  • AK74 I Dad can knock books off of the shelf and line up the dust, he can wind the watch from the other side I guess. But good point in general.

  • Adam Rana

    Shadab Ahmed

  • Michael Angelo Vivas Villaluz

    The watch that bridge the gap with the 3 dimensional with the 4 dimensional space U0001f449U0001f601

  • Ken Cunningham


  • Josefina Patiño Núñez


  • Terry Gordon

    i bought the  Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date after watching the movie , very well built watch

  • Zehryo

    I might be a tard. After all, who am I to self-diagnose my mental deficiency?

    Point is, I’ve not yet understood which watch is the existing model and which one is the customized movie version.
    Anybody, please?

  • Senor Carlo

    I’m a bit late to the party since Interstellar came out a while ago, but recently rewatched it and payed a lot of attention to the different watches and man – gotta say these hamiltons were a good choice. Great screenshots!

  • Good, thank you.

  • BritishMedia

    Well, Ariel. You sure pushed my button with this post. I am a big fan of the film. How big? Perhaps the greatest science fiction film ever made.Surpassing that of “2001 ASO”- which I previously thought was impossible. This watch. What wonderful daily timepiece to wear. No, I don’t need the actual watch from the movie as a production model would be just fine. Thank you for this post. I would imagine there a lot of “Interstellar” fans commenting here.

  • clayjohanson

    Looks like the Murph watch will be announced TODAY. It’s all over Hamilton’s Instagram page. 🙂

  • Mickey ®

    Got one…but went back to check for a friend and SOLD OUT already. 2,555 Gone…wow

  • Mickey ®

    Hope you got one!

  • clayjohanson

    $995 for the Khaki Field Murph Auto. This is about double what it should actually cost, in my opinion — I love “Interstellar”, I love my Khaki Pilot Day Date (Cooper’s watch), and I would have loved to own a Murph, but I’m not paying that kind of premium for a watch that “only” tells time. (It’s only sold out, for now, at Hodinkee — the only “limited edition” aspect of the Murph is that there will only be 2,555 of the special boxes. Beyond that, it will be a normal addition to Hamilton’s catalogue.)

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