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Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Watch With Power For 50 Days

Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Watch With Power For 50 Days Hands-On

It is just like Ferrari to one-up someone. Hublot’s relationship with Ferrari continues with vigor into 2013 with the introduction of the intensely engineered Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari watch. With 50 days (days!) of power reserve this timepiece is record setting, and it also has a tourbillon escapement. There haven’t been a lot of watches in the Hublot Masterpiece collection: those watches which represent the top level of in-house made mechanical wonder at the brand. The LaFerrari is one of them however. Hublot’s take on luxury sometimes takes the form of gold and diamonds, but much of the time is about performance, mechanical intrigue, and modern design. The MP-05 is one of those.

Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Watch With Power For 50 Days Hands-On

Visually speaking, the MP-05 LaFerrari is an extension of the Hublot La Cle Du Temps (hands on there). Those both share a sleek, tapering black case with semi-organic design as well as horizontally mounted tourbillons that peek out on the lower part of the case. The MP-05 LaFerrari goes much further to incorporate design DNA from the 2013 LaFerrari car (where the name is borrowed from). Both the watch and the car are purposeful in their look, but also are given smooth lines. Much of the dial is open, with an impressively shaped sapphire crystal and view into much of the Hublot made caliber HUB9005.H1.6 manually wound movement.

Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Watch With Power For 50 Days Hands-On

Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Watch With Power For 50 Days Hands-On

Hublot claims that the new movement contains more parts than any other movement they have produced in the past. That is 637 parts in just the watch movement itself. Functionally, the movement offers the time and power reserve indicator, along with a tourbillon. Much of the complexity is of course in the design, but also to allow for the very long power reserve. That much power is produced by 11 mainspring barrels that are all coupled together. Imagine the time it takes to wind it. Interesting that synthetic rubies seem to be used as frictionless rollers over the barrels as they slowly move to reduce wear.

In fact, winding is enough of a chore that Hublot includes some tools to help. The LaFerrari watches come with a small electronic screw-driver and tool set that allows you to not only wind, but set the watch. That’s right. As far as I can tell, you can only wind the watch with the special tool. Why a tool? Mainly because of the torque (and time) needed to wind the many barrels. Winding a movement forever is not luxury (but apparently a small Hublot power tool is).

Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Watch With Power For 50 Days Hands-On

Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Watch With Power For 50 Days Hands-On

The MP-05 LaFerrari watch will come in a matte black case done in titanium with a rubber strap. The design is progressively entertaining with its unabashed expensiveness and focus on bragging-right spec specs. In fact, with a slightly similar design and look, the Hublot MP-05 is a Rebellion T-1000 killer. Rebellion’s watch also tells time on barrel drums like T-1000, and also has a similar long power reserve. Rebellion was known for breaking a few records with the 40 day power reserve in the T-1000 collection. Nevertheless Hublot sweeps in to create a watch with an even longer power reserve, and then just throws in that tourbillon. So in some ways the MP-05 watch is simply a removal of Rebellion’s main item of pride and offering those bragging rights to Hublot.


Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Watch With Power For 50 Days Hands-On

Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Watch With Power For 50 Days Hands-On

With carbon fiber on the case, there are some light design cues in the watch from the Ferrari car. The top crystal is one, and the entire case design is meant to mimic the shape of the beautiful car, though it is a light connection. The Ferrari relationship allows Hublot to experiment in new areas and work with the famous automaker to produce rather original timepieces such as this one. It doesn’t even mater that the MP-05 isn’t that easy to read (even though the numerals all have SuperLumiNova on them). Limited to just 50 pieces, this is another completely wild watch, and precisely the reason we get excited to meet with Hublot in this and all other years at Baselworld. Price for the Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari watch will be about 300,000 Swiss Francs.

Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Watch With Power For 50 Days Hands-On

Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Watch With Power For 50 Days Hands-On


Reference 905.ND.0001.RX
Series 50 numbered pieces
Case Black PVD made of titanium
Functions Hour and minute indicated by anodised black aluminium cylinders, SuperLuminova™ markings
Power reserve indicated by an anodised black aluminium cylinder, SuperLuminova™ markings
Seconds indicated by an anodised black aluminium cylinder, SuperLuminova™ markings
Suspended vertical Tourbillon
Ergonomic time-setting system under the case middle (wrist side)
Invisible manual winding
11 series-coupled barrels
Movement dimensions: Ø 45.8 x 39.5 mm
Thickness 15.30 mm
Tourbillon cage diameter Ø 14.50 mm
Number of jewels 108
Number of components 637
Frequency 21,600 Vib/h (3 Hz)
Power reserve 50 days



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  • Looks like it’s powered by the warp drive from the Enterprise.

  • DoMo2117

    This watch makes me scream like a little school girl ravaged by biebermania.  It is soooooooo hot . . .

  • ExperimentJon

    Hey Ariel, easy on the partying up at BaselWorld!  You have a few minor typos in there.  But if you ever need another editor who will work for the swag John Biggs refuses to take home, come find me.  (And 50 days of power reserve is incredible.)

  • Ulysses31

    FIFTY.  F**KING. DAYS.  Sorry, just had to let that one out.  It’s nice to see something different from Hublot.  I don’t think it would look out of place as some form of product placement in the new Star Trek film.  I like the way the strap flows in and out of the case so neatly, but I have mixed feelings about the overall design and legibility.  It’s amusing that you need a power tool to operate the watch.  So much for the pleasure of wearing something “human powered”, free from the restrictions of electricity.  I would say it’s inconvenient but with fifty days of reserve I don’t think you need to be carrying that drill around with you so I guess it’s OK.  Curious that the watch looks like it came from 2050 while the drill looks like it came from 1950; you can really tell where they spent all their effort and I find the mismatch slightly disappointing.

  • Ryan B

    It’s refreshing to see something new from Hublot that does not have their signature case design from previous watches. 50 days I will admit is a really long time to go between windings. Given that you need a power tool to wind it up takes away the luxurious feel from it and implies to me that this is just a gimmick to make the wearer feel more connected to this automotive inspired monstrosity the same way a mechanic feels personally connected to their own vehicle after a day of working under it’s hood. 
    That being said I don’t think the person who buys a 300,000 watch that needs to be wound by a drill will be reminded of the times they had to do “X” to their own Ferrari because when you have that kind of money you normally cringe at the thought of getting your hands dirty and would prefer to take it to a certified mechanic.

  • Kris C

    Ok, how cool is this? Crazy cool. 50 days and the looks to back it up; just awesome. I can’t believe they would crap all over it with Ferrari logos though, what a letdown. Please Hublot, release a version without the stupid co-branding. Then a winrar would be you.

  • DangerussArt

    Soooo cool. It’s a perfect companion piece to the La Ferrari automobile. Both are impractical, extreme, pricey and more of an artistic expression than anything truly useful. Sort of like a Faberge Egg, owning it isn’t about anything other than being able to own it and appreciate it.

  • DG Cayse

    Reminds one of a rather primitive death mask.
    Not the sort of thing I’d want to wear around all day (or night)…gad what a terrible visage.

  • MathieuRobert

    The position of the second seem a bit too low and small. Other than that, a nice watch.
    I like the overall look. The power reserve is nice.

  • ZL

    Unique, interesting – that’s good. Almost feels like it’s just borderline watch, pushing conceptual boundaries, bla bla bla. I guess I would wear it some days just to be kooky, or geeky, but on second thought, nah. I do like the wheel displaying the seconds though. At first glance, I thought of the Transformers symbol.

  • This is an interesting watch, but far from impressive. I mean you have to be VERY rich, or a collector of some sorts to buy a watch that doesn’t really innovate (50 days ain’t that much of a shocker when you see the eleven barrels) and, most of all, doesn’t manage to pack with it everything that it needs to work, and i think of that drill needed to wound the thing. I mean seriously? From this point of view, those many barrels are rather a handicap instead of an advantage, but it all depends on how they advertise it.

  • Emperius

    I would not make my day go by properly, even driving because I’ll never stop watching this timepiece if I’d ever had one.

  • Borys Bozzor Pawliw

    Just as an observation, SWF 300,000 would be enough to get you a real Ferrari 458 and a very respectable Hublot Big Bang in solid 18K gold. But of course, anyone in the market for this watch would not really be thinking along these lines… 🙂

  • PetraHeiri

    well, if it was not branded by ferrari, I would not even have read the article. i guess they call it “good marketing”, because the watch is plain ugly.

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