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Jacob & Co. Ghost Watch Hands-On

Jacob & Co. Ghost Watch Hands-On Hands-On

For me the most interesting watch I saw from Jacob & Co. this year was this Ghost G5 timepiece. The Ghost is a brand new collection for 2011 designed by Jacques Fournier (Horology Design Ltd.) in cooperation with Yvan Arpa who is now a figure at Jacob & Co. The Ghost will comes in a few forms and is called the G5 and GT5 as well (Ghost 5 time zones). The Ghost has a new five-sided case that is strange at first but ends up looking rather nice on the wrist. I like this watch a lot more than I might expect if you just described it to me on paper.

This 47mm wide case shows up on two other new for 2011 Jacob & Co. timepieces called the Grand and the Global. All the new “G” watches have quartz movements. The Grand and the Global have analog faces while the Ghost has a slick new type of digital LCD screen that I haven’t experienced before.

Jacob & Co. Ghost Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Jacob & Co. Ghost Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Jacob & Co. Ghost Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Jacob & Co. Ghost Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Jacob & Co. offers the Ghost in a number of styles and decoration. For example, this model is in a PVD steel case with a baguette diamond decorated bezel. There are other diamond bezels available, as well as polished steel cases. Looks like gold might also be available as this prototype has some gold around the pushers. While it is almost heresy to think about a Jacob & Co. watch sans-diamonds, there is a carbon fiber bezel as well that looks pretty cool and sporty. Be sure to realize that the diamond bezel version models are super pricey.

The big size of the watch isn’t actually too bad. The 47mm wide case is rather comfortable and the unorthodox design draws attention in the right way. The brand really designed something that is both blingy and techie at the same time – which is something exceedingly hard to do much of the time.

Jacob & Co. Ghost Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Jacob & Co. Ghost Watch Hands-On Hands-On

OK, so what is the deal with the movement? It has six screens, but the center one is just the Jacob & Co logo. Five of those screens are multi-functional screens that can show a range of information. That means you can see the time, calendar, chronograph, and other functions. I am not sure everything it does and to be honest you need to consult with the manual to figure it all out. To save battery life the screens are blank unless activated – due to the intense backlighting. The trade off is a range of color options. According to Jacob & Co. the screens are able to show 32 different colors. Not just that, but you can have the watch just keep changing colors – even while the screens are turned on. It is really rather quite disco if I may say.


Jacob & Co. Ghost Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Jacob & Co. Ghost Watch Hands-On Hands-On

The Ghost is fun, that pretty much sums it up. People are gonna complain about the strange shape and the screens that go from pink to purple to green to red. Jacob’s Jacob probably just sits back and smiles. He thrives off the high-end, high-risk, and highly original. The Ghost is really a timepiece that brand can call their own – and I swear I do want to wear one.



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  • Steve

    I am going to assume Jacob believes there are going to be a significant increase in the number of Jersey Shore knockoffs and reality shows about deperate housewives or Kardashians in the next few years. That’s the only market I can think for any of his “watches”.

  • Ulysses

    This actually looks pretty cool, except for the crystals. Looks like something torn off the dashboard of K.I.T.T. You can find a ton of similar stuff on eBay though, and even modded Casios with colour-changing back-lights. Look-out for the knock-offs :P. So what’s the price? I’d expect a standard one (without precious metals or gemstones) to be around $200? I know it’ll be obscenely priced in reality but i’m just estimating based on the value of other gaudy gimmick watches i’ve seen. Oh, the early Eighties want their watch back.

  • kris.c

    My initial reaction was one of near-disgust, but when I made my way down to the carbon fiber option I wanted one; it works out very well. Considering that J&Co watches are just an excuse to sprinkle diamonds onto everything, it’s nice to see one that has none. Unless those 5 screens are just flat-cut diamonds…

    The case design is neat – very original. But the picture with the princess-cut diamonds looks like a flying robot turtle from the planet Gaudytron.

  • Andres C.


  • Ed

    Well, they’re questionable, but they’re better than some of the other Jacob & Co. 5 time zone watches . . . Without the screens on, they kinda look like the old Chrysler logo . . .

  • Ulysses

    Something was nagging at me about the design, then I realised it reminded me of a sand-dollar (sea creature).

  • Geoff

    I like the look of this watch, but it having the screens off all the time makes it look at best a bit drab, at worst broken.
    I appreciate the battery life problem, it’s the same issue that plagues Tokyo Flash watches. You can’t keep the bright screen on all the time without it draining the battery in 5 minutes, so instead you keep it blank until the user briefly activates it. Then you see the watch in all its glory for 5 seconds and then it goes blank again.
    I can live with this on a Tokyo Flash watch which costs $100, you can’t expect them to push the technology too far for that sort of money. But given the unbelievable extents high end watch makers are prepared to go to to improve a movement’s functionality (flying tourbillon anyone?), it disappoints me that when using digital displays the same companies seem to make very little effort.
    For the sort of money this watch will cost I would have liked to see a solution to the screen problem, or at least some sort of attempt at it. Anyone else agree or am I being too demanding? 😉

    • kris c

      No, I agree. Casio does it pretty well and quite economical with solar power. That would nto have been hard to implement.

  • jeff hofbauer

    very very unique watches 🙂