Ladoire Black Widow Watches Hands-On

Ladoire Black Widow Watches Hands-On

Cool right? Here are the various flavors of the Ladoire Black Window watch. This is a hands-on follow up to my debut article that talked about the Ladoire Black Widow Mr. Green watch here. Read more about the Ladoire Black Widow Mr. Race watch here via my article at Haute Living. Lots more images and a gallery below.

  • Marcelo Toledo

    Really liked this model, any price estimative?

    • admin

      About 65,000 Swiss Francs

  • Dangeruss

    The black and white one is pretty awesome looking. Best of the bunch. Now where did I leave that spare $70K?


    very radical and nice design

  • Kudus

    I saw these at the local AD…very cool. But I must say I found myself thinking that the GMT hand was much easier to read than the “real” hours display….

  • kris c

    I think about this watch sometimes – I was really struck by it in the initial review. Seeing it on the wrist, it wears much nicert than one might expect. I still think the green-on-black version is best looking, although the red markers on white with black looks to be the easiest to read. The only thing I’d nitpick on it the spider web in the middle. Of course, my favourite one is the only one that shows it so prominently.

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