Montblanc Villeret Grand Chronographe Enamel Dial Watch

Montblanc Villeret Grand Chronographe Enamel Dial Watch

Most people haven't followed Montblanc's ascension to a high-end watch maker like I have. The path they made from even making timepieces in the first place to where they are now is interesting, and only took about 10 years. Villeret 1858 collection watches are among their highest-end pieces and rely on Montblanc Villeret - which was formerly Minerva. This Grand Chronograph Enamel Dial is like an old-world pocket watch in wrist watch form. Even the back of it opens up like a pocket watch. The enamel dial (here in blue) is quite amazing, and at 47mm wide - this isn't your usual petite classy timepiece. Oh, and the movement decoration is really good.

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  • Ivan Y

    Ariel — your link links back to this post.

    • admin

      fixed. Thanks.

  • Kris C.

    It’s nice. At first glance, I want to say that there is too much unused face. I don’t like ultra busy or incomprehensible faces, but you should at least make good use of the space you are provided.
    When I start to scrutinize, I get a touch of vertigo. The circles of the main dial do not meet up top-top-bottom where you feel they should. They provide a slight illusion that makes you think they actually form the upsidedown teardrop shape that other villaret cases have. Interesting, and not in a bad way.
    The hands are really well done. The hour hand touches the hours, and the minute hand reaches alllllll the way out to the minute counters, as it should.

  • Dangeruss

    click the image to visit the Haute Living post.

  • Witch Watch

    I too have been watching Montblanc closely and it’s true that they do produce truly exquisite pieces. I’d love to see this with hands on photo’s rather than the catalogue pics as used here.