Montblanc is one of Richemont’s most prestigious luxury brands. Although equally well-known for its luxury pens and leather goods, the brand offers a wide range of timepieces including the 1858, Heritage, and Star Legacy series. With a focus on reinventing classic designs from the ‘20s through the ‘50s and a reputation for excellent finishing, Montblanc is a well-respected watch brand among enthusiasts.

Montblanc is a manufacturer of luxury Swiss watches and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Richemont luxury holding company. Although equally well associated with its long-running series of fine writing implements, Montblanc is one of Richemont’s most prominent watch brands as well. Its most popular watch collections include the 1858, Heritage, and Star Legacy series. Montblanc is also a pioneer in combining traditional mechanical timepieces with smartwatch components.

Montblanc’s watchmaking efforts can be traced back to 1858 with the founding of Minerva by Charles-Yvan Robert, although watches would not be directly produced under the Montblanc name until 1997. Montblanc currently operates factories in both Villeret and Le Locle, both in the heart of the watchmaking region of Switzerland. Although many of Montblanc’s watches use third-party movements and components, Montblanc’s in-house manufacturing capability allows it to produce exotic bespoke complications and complex tourbillon movements of its own.

Montblanc timepieces range from simple retro-styled three-hand designs to ornate skeletonized tourbillon watches. Through its 1858 collection, Montblanc also offers a series of unique complications inspired by the world of mountaineering, while the brand’s Heritage collection offers a range of layouts that are rarely seen in modern watchmaking such as monopusher chronographs. Montblanc watches have proven popular among enthusiasts looking to capture the look and feel of early 20th-century watchmaking with modern luxury watch quality. Due to its involvement in high-end writing instruments and other luxury goods, Montblanc is also one of the most recognizable luxury brands in the world.

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