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Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue Watch

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue Watch Watch Releases

With the frenzy of Baselworld 2017 releases barely behind us, Tudor is at it again, this time partnering with storied Swiss watch and jewelry retailer Bucherer. Tudor’s Heritage Black Bay series, which already includes something like ten different variations, is being further expanded with the release of the new Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue. This updated model is part of Bucherer’s Blue Editions collection, an ongoing collaboration between Bucherer and some of Swiss watchmaking’s heaviest hitters like Audemars Piguet and IWC. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue is also the Bucherer Blue Edition collection’s first real diver’s watch.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue Watch Watch Releases

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue Watch Watch Releases

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue is essentially the same watch as the existing Heritage Black Bay Bronze (which we covered here) but with a deep blue dial and bezel. The new edition has the familiar 43mm aluminum-bronze alloy case, aged leather and fabric strap options as standard, no-date, vintage-inspired dial and hands, and Tudor manufacture COSC certified MT5601 movement with 70 hours of power reserve. This simple aesthetic update is in keeping with Tudor’s custom of releasing a new model and then updating it every year or so with changes in dial color, material, or more prominently with the addition of their new manufacture movement which is now seeing action in many of their watches. Tudor similarly updated their titanium Pelagos model with a blue dial and bezel in 2015 (in-depth review of the Tudor Pelagos here).

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue Watch Watch Releases

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue Watch Watch Releases

Tudor is no stranger to the use of blue in their watches, especially their divers. The Tudor Submariner, which was issued to and used by the French Marine Nationale (Navy) and other military organizations, has been available in blue since 1968. Tudor’s military heritage is represented in the Black Bay Bronze by the inclusion of a fabric strap inspired by the straps used by French Navy combat divers. The use of bronze, however, is something relatively new in the world of watches. Bronze has long been used in a variety of maritime applications such as for boat propellers and diving equipment and naturally develops a unique patina over time. Bronze is catching on rapidly with the powerhouses of watchmaking, having been used by IWC and Panerai as well as many others.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue Watch Watch Releases

Tudor and Bucherer’s new release of the Heritage Black Bronze Blue, while not earth-shattering, is a tasteful addition to their already extensive lineup of retro-inspired dive watches and represents Tudor’s willingness to follow watch industry trends. The use of blue will no doubt please a number of Tudor devotees because of the color blue’s historical significance to the Tudor name. The new Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue will be available from Bucherer for 3,800 CHF and will be delivered with a fabric strap as well as an aged leather strap. |

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  • Phil Dix

    super color combination. Just love it

  • Ooooh shiny! Don’t know if wearing it with a white shirt is such a great idea thought.

  • Word Merchant

    I prefer this to the Eterna. Good to be consistent.

    • Lincolnshire Poacher


  • Ulysses31

    “Black bay bronze blue”… say that ten times as fast. The Eterna looks better, but this is still a very handsome watch.

    • Yeah, needs a few more colors in the name.

      • proudAmerican702

        Tudor commercial recording:

        “Today we introduce the Bronze Bay Blue Black.” “Cut! Take two!”

        “Today we introduce the Blue Black Bay Bronze.” “Cut!!! Take three!!!”


  • Phacepalm
    I know this sounds pedantic, but it bothers me that they missed a space after the colon in the text of the depth rating

    • Han Cnx

      Rolex uses an ‘=’ there which is more appropriate. Maybe this is just the designer’s idea of a minimalist equal sign. (Does that help? 🙂 )

    • Omegaboy

      A colonoscopy is needed here. Colons are supposed to to be used to separate a topic from an example of the topic. A forward slash would work better in this case.

    • mtnsicl

      It does look very strange.

    • Anna Nuehm

      I seriously wonder time and again who gets to do the dial typograhy for some of the big names. This is a mistake of the sort only a sloppy rookie would make. The lack of attention to detail doesn’t reflect well on the (billion $$) brand.

      Apart from that, handsome watch.

  • The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    Beautifully photographed – Well Done!

  • It’s a shame they went with the 43mm case for the Bronze iterations. Even on my 7.25″ wrist, the standard 41mm Black Bay on a bracelet straddles the line between “wow, this is perfect” and “do you think this is a little too much?”. 43mm might push it over the edge. The blue and bronze combination is stunning though; worth a trip to the boutique to see it in person.

    Actually, that might be dangerous to my wallet. This *whole website* is dangerous to my wallet.

    Thanks, Obama.

  • Dan Baxter

    That’s a really handsome look.

  • G Street

    Given that I’m not a salty old sea dog, nor a patina fetishist; I’d really like one of these Tudors that just stayed ‘box fresh’…
    Yes yes, buy rose gold etc etc….

    • Spangles

      Rose gold tarnishes, too, just less and more slowly

      • G Street

        Given that I’m not a salty old sea cat… 🙂

  • Really cool and classic. Captain Nemo would wear one 🙂

  • R Khalifa

    This is the shade of blue the Pelagos should have used. Would easily pick up a Pelagos in this coloration.

  • Mark1884

    I like Tudor and the Black Bay collection. The bronze fad is interesting, but just not for me. Like others, I would prefer that the finish on my watch remain consistent and not patina with age.
    The bronze watches just look dirty to me.
    Other than the case material, I like the watch and the movement.

  • Omegaboy

    Would like to see the corner chamfers polished.

    • Yeah but they would “patina” anyway and look dull after a while.

  • DanW94

    Not a big fan of the blue on bronze look. Prefer the regular Black Bay bronze with the brown dial and bezel.

  • Framlucasse

    Nice piece. Too bad it’s in 43mm and ot 41 like the others BB…

  • Beefalope

    Nice watch. I have the $600 version of it made by Halios.

    • James Smith

      And I have the $400 version from Steinhart

  • Auto Correct

    Next “hot” watch material will be stacked tin foil. Mark my words!!!

    • Sounds like something for Richard Mille to do next – layers of tin foil held together with resin for a damascus steel layered look.

      • BILL

        With Richard’s proprietary TPAT – Two Ply Aluminium Technology

        • I use two ply in the bathroom.

          • Auto Correct

            Too Funny!

          • Auto Correct

            Richard Mille RM2Ply Charmin Ultra Tin Foil Tourbillion………Retails for a smooth $1.3 mil.

          • Berndt Norten

            Don’t squeeze the Charmin

          • BILL

            You wipe with aluminum? Yikes.

          • I said “use” not “wipe”. Ever tried smoking tin foil? Well don’t!!!

            Just kidding of course.

  • mtnsicl

    It’s a very nice looking watch. I wish companies had an option for a see through caseback.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Bronze is a big NO NO. It’s dull and uninteresting.

    • Garrett Hu

      I too have heard that Bronze isn’t ideal for watches as it is actually softer than steel so prepare for deeper dings and dents, also I don’t think anyone knows yet how it will perform over time interacting with a steel or titanium case back. Furthermore bronze can cause allergic reactions..wonder if it’s as nasty as a rash from nickel. Then again, I’m not big on ceramic or composite watches either…they are cool but it serves no technical advantage or purpose IMHO.

      • SuperStrapper

        You assume there is only one flavour of bronze (or brass).

        Steel has variants that are ultra hard, and some that you can scratch with your fingernail.

        • Garrett Hu

          Thank you for the insight, I am not in tune with all the different stainless steels out there, the only 2 steels I have encountered are 316 and 904 so I have never encountered other grades of steels in wrist watches. I don’t assume there are only one grade of brass but assume all brass alloys used in watches are inherently softer.

          Assuming that 316 and 904 would probably cover 90%+ of all SS watches out there, which brass alloy would be as scratch resistant and as stronger than any of the bronze or brass alloy that is currently being used for watches?

          Your knowledge/insight would be most helpful.


          • SuperStrapper

            It’s tough to keep up, and I’m not a machinist. But there is a ton of data out there if you’re interested. There are copper/nickel bronzes that are very hard, and then there are treatment available as well that can make them even harder on the surface: chemical, heat, and of course copper very readily work hardens, and so do alloys containing it.

            There are probably more than 2500 brass and bronze alloys that are known to the point of having extensive data and testing available for consumption, and that would just be the material without a supplementary treatment afterward.

  • Yojimbo

    hate hate hate bronze, love love love well done blue watches, so tooooooorrrrrrn

  • otaking241

    Great color combo on a great watch. Makes me look forward to Summer!

  • Phil leavell

    Did I read that right aluminum bronze couldn’t you just use a bunch of beer cans press it down and maybe this watch would be appealing to rednecks or future dumpster divers I’ve been thinking of buying a dive watch this really pushes me away .

  • Damian Antal

    Well,i think is a preety cool watch! Love the bronze and blue ?

  • Simon_Hell

    The most underwhelming, bland, yawn-fest swiss watch brand ever. It misses all the marks, every single time.

  • Garrett Hu

    That is a sweet combination, not too big on it being branded though….why can’t they make one with no co-branding? People who buy it will know what it’s about but having it stamped on the back, although it’s discreet just isn’t necessary,

    When I saw the first BB Bronze, it was really cool but then I started to think it would not sit well with my OCD at all so maybe I’ll pick up one of those KickStarter Bronze watches for a couple hundred bucks to try out first.

  • Yanko

    What’s the fascination with bronze? It is so stupid.

    • SuperStrapper

      What’s the fascination with steel? It’s so stupid.
      What’s the fascination with gold? It’s so stupid.
      What’s the fascination with titanium? It’s so stupid.

      And so on and so forth.

      • Mr. Snrub

        Well at least you have an idea what steel and gold will look like in 2025.

        Bronze feels like a trend.

        • SuperStrapper

          I don’t think that actually makes sense, because I do know what bronze will look like in 2025: bronze.

          Regardless, you’re entitled to your opinion, but that doesn’t make anyone else wrong. Rose gold felt like a trend a long time ago. I hoped it was. But buyers other than me enjoy it. I dont lose any sleep over it.

  • SuperStrapper

    Yeah, I probably want this one.

  • Mischa

    Another month, another BB variant. It’s slowly becoming like Speedmasters, minus the obvious historical background. As much as I enjoy the quality of a Tudor, and have been considering either a BB or a Pelagos, releasing so many variants makes me feel like I’d be buying a mass-produced, all-look-the-same piece, rather than something special and endearing.


    I am no bronze fan but here it works. Also like the numerals which are not on the regular black bay. Overall I think they did a good job. Like all black watches who knows how long the fad will last but i like it, aside from being too big and wait for it too thick

  • Ross Diljohn

    I am no fan of tudor but I keep looking at this one…why?…I don’t know who I am anymore.

  • Shinytoys

    I’m warming up to it…

  • Gerard Maio

    That dial is a mess, but that blue…

  • Chtaw Rekool

    Anyone have experience with bronze? What actually happens to this bronze over time? Does it turn green or dark yellow like it is eternally dirty?

  • MaynStream

    It’s a nice looking watch, however my vote goes to the Zenith Pilot Type 20 Extra Special Bronze

  • benjameshodges

    Tudor’s disappointing 2017 releases continue.

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