Welcoming New aBlogtoRead.com Female Watch Blogger Molly McDermott

Welcoming New aBlogtoRead.com Female Watch Blogger Molly McDermott


You no doubt have been reading a few articles on here about female watches and thought to yourselves that the tone doesn't quite sound like me. Hopefully at that point you noticed that the author of the blog article was not me, but rather the newest addition to aBlogtoRead.com; who will regularly be commenting on the watch world in addition to myself. So please welcome Molly McDermott, who is here to bring a different perspective to watch appreciation.

Molly is a veteran of the watch industry  - an experience that gives her a special insight and perspective on how to view and discuss the nicer things in life (that you can buy). Starting with bridal wear and the jewelry, she ended up working with luxury watches, until recently - but the passion and interest remains. It doesn't hurt that she is quite opinionated and energetic as well. You can be sure that she'll be honest with her thoughts but come at concepts with a tasteful and discerning eye. While Molly is going to be focusing women's watches, she will also be writing some very interesting articles on watch industry trends as well as advertising, and men's watches from a female standpoint. She will at least for myself, be answering that questions I frequently have; "well I like this watch, but would a woman find it flattering?"

Feel free to comment on her posts (which will likely be at least weekly) and tell her what you think.

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