It is hard for me to believe too. Some call me a machine, and others just think I am crazy. Most people who know me are sick of hearing about watches at this point. “This is going to be a watch talk free evening” they say (to which I frown). Then I remember that I have all of you with whom to share my passion for time telling machines. That passion has inspired over 500 articles over the past 15 months with no end in site. The established watch community is adopting me as a reputable voice (notable by my inclusion as the watch blogger on Luxist.com), and the growth of my readership is impressive. I’d be merely a guy who spends too much time online if it weren’t for you, the readers.


aBlogtoRead.com has seen a lot of change, and I hope that this trend continues for the better. Over the summer, I wrote aBlogtoRead.com’s  “300 articles published” announcement. That seemed like a big number at the time. Pretty soon I will lose count, but here is a way for you to catch up a bit. I’ve added a new feature on the site that some of you are bound to have missed. It is pretty cool actually. Look over on the navigation bar to the right. There is a newer section called “Random aBlogtoRead.com Article.” Underneath the heading is the title, which is a link to an aBlogtoRead.com article that you might have missed. Each time you visit aBlogtoRead.com, a new random article will automatically show up in that space . It even works if you reload the site from your browser. I think it is a great way to help introduce content to you, that you’d otherwise have to go back countless pages to retrieve.

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There are a lot of exiting things to look forward to that are coming up. I’ve new sources for content and am working more closely with watch makers to bring you exclusive and hard to get information that you might not be able to find anywhere else. Regardless, I will continue to focus on all aspects of the watch market from the ultra high end, to humility on your wrist incarnate.

Finally for now, I want to explicitly thank you, and offer my attention anytime you have any questions or suggestions (Contact aBlogtoRead.com here).

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