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Zero West Pays Tribute To Classic British Land Speed Records With The LS-1 Landspeed Bullhead Chronograph

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In 1920s, as humankind first approached the 200-mile per hour barrier on land, it was British engineering that dominated the field. It’s this spirit that led to the new LS-1 Landspeed chronograph from young British marque Zero West. The Zero West LS-1 Landspeed captures the ethos of this heroic era of motorsport, creating a truly distinctive sporting timepiece that combines rugged mechanical performance with a bold and purposeful visual flair.

The 44mm 316L stainless steel case of the LS-1 Landspeed is immediately recognizable, with an aggressive bullhead design that moves the crown and chronograph pushers to the top of the case. This case is then divided into two separate parts — the mirror-polished lug and backplate assembly, precision-machined from a single billet of stainless steel, and the matte black PVD-coated inner case. This inner case, visibly rising through the lug assembly through an expertly machined window, adds variety and texture to the design with a dynamic coin-edge finish. This unique two-piece design is as durable as it is handsome, offering a rugged 100 meters of water resistance.

The dial of the Zero West LS-1 Landspeed is designed to echo the dashboard instruments of the legendary 1927 Sunbeam Mystery, the first car to break the 200-mile per hour barrier in 1927. While the flared syringe hands and bold Arabic numerals are a throwback to a bygone era, the execution brings these elements into the modern day with an airy and contemporary overall feel. Topping things off at 6 o’clock is a set of coordinates marking the spot in Daytona Beach, Florida where the Mystery set its historic record.

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Zero West powers the LS-1 Landspeed with the legendary Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph movement, featuring a 48-hour power reserve. The LS-1 Landspeed is finished off with a supple black leather strap, handmade in the brand’s own workshop for a rugged, classically handsome look.

The Zero West LS-1 Landspeed is a stunning tribute to one of the most historic moments in British motorsports and a dynamically finished design that stands apart from the crowd. The Zero West LS-1 Landspeed is available online now for an MSRP of £3,300. Visit the brand’s website for more information.

GYRE Debuts The Sea Cleaner, A Sports Watch Made To Help Heal The Ocean

One of the greatest threats facing our delicate ocean ecosystems is ghost fishing nets, enormous abandoned nets floating at sea that trap and kill huge quantities of fish worldwide. Dutch watchmaker GYRE has stepped in to combat this growing segment of oceanic pollution, designing a sports watch made almost entirely from recycled ocean plastics. The GYRE Sea Cleaner goes beyond using recycled materials to create an attractive, charismatic design with a dedicated mission of saving the oceans.

The 42mm black case of the GYRE Sea Cleaner is made primarily from materials recycled from ghost nets pulled out of the heavily polluted Indian Ocean, mated to a stainless steel caseback. This lightweight and durable case features a suitably aquatic rounded tonneau shape, topped with a bold and chunky rotating dive bezel. In addition to cleaning the ocean, the case of the Sea Cleaner is designed to be effective far below the water’s surface with 100 meters of rated water resistance.

The dial of the GYRE Sea Cleaner combines bold dive watch cues with an emphasis on sustainability. The eye-catching oversized sword minutes hand, for example, is filled with a vibrant green lume, while the GYRE logo itself at 12 o’clock highlights the brand’s dedication to recycled materials.

In keeping with the watch’s emphasis on recycling and sustainable materials, GYRE powers the Sea Cleaner with a Japanese solar quartz movement. Reliable, accurate, and cost-effective, this powerplant avoids wasteful battery consumption in favor of clean energy from sunlight.

GYRE also turns to recycled materials for the straps of the Sea Cleaner, with durable NATO strap options in pure black along with a black and green pairing made entirely from plastic recovered from PET bottles.

The GYRE Sea Cleaner doesn’t just help to save the oceans in its design, but also in its sales. Five percent of every Sea Cleaner sale will go to benefit The Ocean Cleanup Foundation, helping to remove harmful waste from oceans and rivers. The GYRE Sea Cleaner is available until June 14 through Kickstarter, with super-early bird pricing beginning at $217. For more information, please visit the brand’s website.

Peren Honors Transylvanian Watchmaking History With New Limited-Edition Peren Hintz Watch

When it comes to the great watchmaking regions of Europe, the central Romanian province of Transylvania is rarely mentioned, but the area has a rich horological history of its own. Transylvania-based Peren is one of the youngest additions to this proud legacy, and its newest creation sets out to pay tribute to one of the greatest watchmaking names the region has ever produced — Eugen Hintz, prolific parts manufacturer and watchmaker for brands including Wyler, Tellus, and Junghans. The limited-edition Peren Hintz is a wearable, handsome take on the modern sub-seconds watch with numerous subtle tributes to Transylvanian history.

The 42.5mm stainless steel case of the Peren Hintz is classically simple in form, with a sharply chamfered polished bezel accenting wide-set mirror-polished lugs. Sporting a solid 100 meters of water resistance, this classic shape is finished with a vintage-styled domed sapphire crystal.

From the very first glance, the dial of the Peren Hintz sets itself apart with quiet distinction. The clean white of the main dial surface is open and spacious, with simple, wide-spaced Arabic numerals at the hours. The use of color on these numerals and the lumed hands make this a truly unique combination. The main body of the numerals, along with the hands and the outer printed minutes track, is a light and subtle lavender color accented with a thin yellow outline. The other major visual cue of the Peren Hintz is at 6 o’clock, where the sub-seconds hand has been replaced with a rotating disk. This disk pays tribute to the design of the Andesite Sun, an extremely precise ancient stone solar calendar located deep within Transylvania.

Peren powers the Hintz with the venerable ETA Unitas 6498-1 hand-wound movement, visible through a display caseback. This classic powerplant offers a reliable 50 hours of power reserve. The brand then pairs the Hintz with a stylish and versatile leather strap in rich tobacco brown.

A unique and refined tribute to two of Transylvania’s greatest timekeepers, the Peren Hintz offers an impressive wearing experience that punches far above its price range. Only 300 examples of the Peren Hintz will be made and will be available through Kickstarter starting in summer 2020. Early bird pricing for the Peren Hintz is expected to start at 396 CHF. For more details, please visit the brand’s website.

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