Alexander Shorokoff Chronograph Kostya Tszyu Watch Watch Releases

I haven’t spent much time covering this (Russian named) German brand, but they do make some cool stuff. This piece is a limited edition while a bit more mainstream with some interesting design cues. Yes, that bezel design is from a Vacheron Constantin Overseas. Alexander Shorokoff made this watch in honor of Russian champion boxer Kostya Tszyu and the piece has his name and silhouette all over it.

Tszyu is another person on my list of “people I don’t want to meet in a dark alley alone” but I have a feeling if you did run into him, it would help you out by wearing a watch with his name on it. The watch is actually part of a greater collection of timepieces from Alexander Shorokoff called the “Great Masters of Russia.” Not sure who else got limited edition pieces but, clearly, the collection is meant to appeal to Russian customers. The watch is pretty neat looking and a fine interpretation of how to design a dial around an ETA Valjoux 7750. One thing that I have never seen before is how they mimicked the look of the day/date window with the seconds dial. The dial is rectangular and inside is the number in the limited edition (out of 270). I thought that was very clever.


Alexander Shorokoff Chronograph Kostya Tszyu Watch Watch Releases Alexander Shorokoff Chronograph Kostya Tszyu Watch Watch Releases

As is common with Alexander Shorokoff watches, the dial has some very bold Arabic hour numerals and hands. Nothing like bold hands to make me happy and the textures on the dial are nice, as well. These images are obviously pre-production renders so the dial looks flat, however, I don’t think the final pieces will. The metal silhouette of Tszyu (still not sure how to pronounce that) in the chronograph hour registers as a cool, or crappy, element depending on your taste.

Alexander Shorokoff Chronograph Kostya Tszyu Watch Watch Releases

The watch is in steel and 42.9mm wide. Over on the back of the watch is a sapphire exhibition caseback and more honors to Kostya as a reminder of how he can kick your ass. Alternatively, if you are Russian, it is likely meant to be a reminder of how Russians can kick ass. Oddly enough, I think Kostya is based out of Australia even though he is Russian, but … Whatever. Enjoy the uber-cheesy video that shows more.

Once again, the Alexander Shorokoff Chronograph Kostya Tszyu will be limited to 270 pieces and will be priced at 4,700 Euros.

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