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In today’s fast-paced, increasingly connected world, the modern man has come to rely on a constant stream of information and telemetry as he switches seamlessly among work, exercise, and leisure. A technically advanced connected watch can offer this modern man all the functionality and information his daily life requires, but too often this capability comes at the cost of style. Alpina solves this problem dramatically with the AlpinerX Alive connected watch. Combining the look of a traditional Swiss timepiece with the high-tech sophistication and integration of a modern connected watch, the Alpina AlpinerX Alive offers a boldly uncompromising solution to the needs of the contemporary active urbanite.

The black 45mm case of the Alpina AlpinerX Alive delivers an aggressive, sporty presence on the wrist with wide, tapering lugs highlighted by a flowing continuous chamfer. Rendered in a mix of fiberglass and stainless steel for the perfect blend of light weight and strength, the classic sports watch form of the AlpinerX Alive provides a dramatic contrast with its cutting-edge functionality. The wide rectangular pushers and deep coin edge surrounding the bidirectional rotating bezel give the design an air of masculine solidity while ensuring that the tactile experience of interacting with the AlpinerX Alive’s wide array of capabilities feels as luxurious and engaging as a classic mechanical watch. The aggressive and rugged case design is more than just for show, with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a solid 100-meter water resistance rating.

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With the dial of the AlpinerX Alive, Alpina creates a striking and capable hybrid. Available in both graphite gray and deep navy blue, the 12 o’clock half of the dial is pure classic sports watch. Bold applied Arabic hour numerals are accented with a dynamic crosshair dial pattern and a pair of skeletonized Roman sword hands, generously filled with lume for easy legibility in even the darkest conditions. On the 6 o’clock side of the dial, however, the dial surface is dominated by an advanced AMOLED touch screen display, allowing for easy access to all of the AlpinerX Alive’s features. This crisp, brightly lit display also allows the dial of the AlpinerX Alive to remain open, clean, and uncluttered, with unnecessary information fading into the background until called forth with a simple touch.

The secret to the Alpina AlpinerX Alive’s dynamic versatility is the in-house AL-284 connected movement. Alpina worked with technology giant Philips for nearly two years to develop a proprietary integrated heart rate sensor for the AL-284, allowing the AlpinerX Alive to not only track the wearer’s heartbeat but also create and coach the wearer through the perfect tailor-made workout routine with the Dynamic Coach system. The AL-284 also maximizes its connected potential with not one but two integrated antennas. The first is an autonomously controlled Bluetooth antenna, while the dedicated GPS antenna is elongated to offer enough sensitivity for the AlpinerX Alive to connect with at least nine satellites simultaneously. Power use has always been a concern for connected watch wearers, but Alpina’s extensive work on the AL-284 allows the movement to achieve an impressive seven days of rechargeable battery life. The result of the extensive engineering put into the AL-284 movement is a wealth of capability for the Alpina AlpinerX Alive. The full list of complications includes an always on day/date display, a world timer, a split seconds chronograph, a heart rate monitor with notifications, activity tracking, get-active alerts, sleep monitoring with smart sleep alarms, weather tracking, breathing exercise tracking, message review, call, message, and email notifications, GPS tracking during workouts, hydration and V02 max monitoring, a cardio fitness index, cloud data backup, and the Dynamic Coach system.

Alpina pairs the AlpinerX Alive with both sporty and classical strap options. For those looking for maximum durability with a modern athletic look, both the gray and black dial variants of the AlpinerX Alive are available with a signed rubber strap matching the dial color. If a wearer wants something a bit more traditional and refined, the blue dial AlpinerX Alive is also available with a sandy tan calfskin leather strap. This strap offers a wealth of texture and a variety of handsome khaki tones with its lightly distressed finish, complemented by off-white contrast stitching.

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As the pace of modern life increasingly demands constant connectivity, the style and refinement of a traditional sports watch can feel in danger of falling by the wayside. With the sporty, refined design and top-flight capability of the Alpina AlpinerX Alive, however, enthusiasts are no longer forced to choose between functionality and style. The Alpina AlpinerX Alive is available now through authorized retailers, with an MSRP of $1,095 USD. For more details, please visit the brand’s website.

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