Widely considered to be one of the earliest progenitors of the Swiss “sports watch” dating back to the middle of the last century, Alpina still builds its modern watches around the same four tenets demanded by a robust sports watch: a stainless steel case, a shock-resistant movement, anti-magnetic shielding, and ample water resistance. In keeping with these principles, Alpina now offers a wide range of markedly capable Swiss-made watches with both quartz-powered, and automatic movements, each tailored for flight, diving, or overland adventure.

Long characterized by its signature red triangle, Alpina is a Swiss watchmaker that was founded in Geneva in 1883. The brand is widely considered one of the earliest progenitors of the Swiss “sports watch” as we know it today, with the creation of the Alpina 4 in 1938, named such for its four key characteristics: anti-shock, anti-magnetism, water resistance, and stainless steel. Understandably, the brand’s modern offerings maintain that same capability and purpose-driven ethos with a wide range of both quartz-powered and automatic sports watches tailored for flight, diving, and overland adventure.

While some of Alpina’s earliest innovations focused on timekeeping accuracy, robust construction, weather sealing, and special protection for the crown and winding stem, the brand’s modern innovations have looked to solve future challenges. This includes the fully recycled case of the Seastrong Diver ‘Gyre’ built from recycled plastic pulled from ocean currents, as well as the high-tech AlpinerX Alive, a hybrid ana-digi smartwatch which uses Alpina’s most state-of-the-art multi-function movement module for health tracking, mission timing, and navigation, aiding wearers on any adventure in extreme environments. In 2019, Alpina began its support of the National Park Foundation, and is now an official partner of the non-profit arm of the National Park Service in the United States, helping preserve and protect some of our planet’s most sensitive, and wild natural environments.

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