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Editor’s Note: With less than three days left until the AlpinerX Kickstarter campaign comes to a close, Alpina would like to share that there’s still a chance to make your pledge, vote on your favorite design, and be a part this significant launch for the brand.

In 1903, Alpina brought together a group of retailers called the “Alpinists,” to collaborate and develop new watch designs for the market. Today, in 2018, Alpina has brought that same spirit of collaboration and innovation to Kickstarter, to work directly with consumers to shape, mold, and influence the design of their latest horological smartwatch: The Alpina AlpinerX.

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At its core, the AlpinerX is the embodiment of Alpina’s history in watchmaking for the mountaineering world. In 1938, Alpina’s Alpine 4 was the pinnacle of horology for the mountaineer, utilizing the best technology available at the time. Today, 80 years later, the AlpinerX takes the same spirit of adventure found in the Alpine 4, and again, includes the latest available technology. The AlpinerX houses multiple sensors that cater to outdoor use – altitude, barometer, compass, temperature, and the first implementation of a UV sensor on a wristwatch. All the sensor information can be viewed on the digital display on the watch face, and can be cycled through via operating the crown. Combined with these sensors, the AlpinerX also utilizes smart technology to provide the wearer with further information such as call and message notifications, and fitness tracking.

By connecting with the Alpina smartphone companion app, the wearer is able to unlock further capabilities of the watch. Through its sensors, the AlpinerX collects activity data about the wearer, providing historical data as well as real-time information. Whether on a leisurely walk, or an Everest expedition, the AlpinerX will collect data on your steps, distance traveled, temperature, altitude, weather/pressure, and UV levels, and package it in an easy to digest dashboard of the wearer’s activity history. Through the companion app, the wearer can also utilize the Dynamic Coach to improve.

The Dynamic Coach is the center of all this technology, providing the wearer with tips on how they can improve based on their past performance, and allowing them to easily view their progress over time. The AlpinerX continues to help you even into the night, providing sleep tracking data so you can see if you slept like a rock (or mountain), while providing a full picture of physical health. The AlpinerX combines the latest technology, with the watchmaking prowess and history Alpina has built since their founding in 1883. Through this combination of technology and watchmaking, Alpina is able to provide an horological smartwatch with a quality build, eye-catching design, and functional technology and innovation for outdoorsmen and city-dwellers alike.

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To bring this technology to market, the AlpinerX is currently available exclusively through Kickstarter. This is Alpina’s first Kickstarter campaign, and the platform was chosen to allow for communication and direct collaboration with consumers. Through Kickstarter, campaign backers are able to vote on color combinations, and provide design feedback, ultimately aiding in the creation of the final AlpinerX. Buyers are able to pre-order an AlpinerX at a discounted price, and also design their own color combination on their watch via the companion app, where backers can customize the case, dial, bezel, hands, strap, and more, to select from over 3,000 color combinations to create an AlpinerX best suited for their personal style.

The Kickstarter campaign began with a goal of $50,000 CHF, and has already raised more than $1 million USD with over 2,000 backers. Kickstarter has allowed Alpina to design the AlpinerX in an agile way, to change and adapt based upon community feedback, a staple of what the Kickstarter platform has become known for. While Kickstarter has been a host for many watch projects and budding watch brands, Alpina has been able to stand out on the crowded platform by offering a unique product, powered by technology and supported by the Alpina name and reputation for quality. You can learn more about the watch, view potential backer tier information, and pitch in your feedback by visiting the Kickstarter page for the AlpinerX, or visit Alpina directly online. alpinawatches.com

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