Amazon Launches Wearable Technology Store For Smartwatches Watch Industry News

The Internet’s largest retailer,, has just launched a new section of their site dedicated to wearable technology with a heavy emphasis on smartwatches. The wearable technology pages introduce some of the newer tools that has been deploying above and beyond mere product listings. Included in the section are buying guides, videos, and other educational items meant to help consumers make sense of the arguably complicated and rapidly changing available devices and services.

Even though smartwatches and other wearable technology is arguably still a new and emerging technology, it is interesting to see how major retailers and brands are beginning to focus their attention on this upcoming area. There is even news circulating today that Apple will release their iWatch product toward the end of 2014 for sale. Amazon is not only offering the major smartwatch products from Samsung, Pebble, Sony, and more, it is even inviting new manufacturers to contact Amazon in order to get their products listed. Amazon is perhaps smart to offer an early aggregated source for smartwatches, given all the upcoming devices that we expect will be released in the next two to three years, which will likely have much more mainstream appeal.

It will be some time before traditional watch lovers find (if ever) a smartwatch product to replace their traditional watches, though I have observed many watches lovers rocking both a mechanical watch a fitness band such as a Fitbit or Jawbone. You can check out the full Amazon Wearable Technology store here. Amazon Launches Wearable Technology Store For Smartwatches Watch Industry News

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