I really think that everyone needs a wildly well-lumed “Émail-lumineuse” -based watch by Angular Momentum. The compound is a special enamel and luminant mixture that they do so well. You’ve seen lume, and then you’ve seen Angular Momentum lume. You’ll be reminded of the Jungle scenes at night in the new Avatar movie. See what I mean? All those bioluminescent tones together make for lots of eye candy. Angular Momentum has been playing with designs and this is one of the newer ones. Part radioactive warning, and part cuttle fish, this latest Freehand TEC/A13 watch is an interesting sign of the designs to come. I really like the large luminant dots on the bezel that continue mirrored on the side of the  bezel. This is a very interesting style and I think it works really well.

The case is made out of Angular Momentum’s new preferred steel – Staybrite 1.4435 Ncu that is specially resistant to corrosion and is very high quality. The case is 46mm wide and 12mm thick. The lugs are singular and like large knobs at the ends of the case. The strap is a very rustic looking natural rubber. The dial has the special luminant in green and blue applied right onto the “lemon” gold face. It isn’t easiest to tell in the images, but the dial is in fact gold. This creates the dial design. The hands are further covered in lume and are very wide. Actually, the hands are milled in the middle and lume enamel is filled in to the new space. This is a called Plique à Jour, while the style of the dials enamel application is called Champlevé. Angular Momentum placed a lume covered metal disc over the hand where they connect to the pins. This is a new style for Angular Momentum that enhances the look of the watch even further.

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Like all Angular Momentum watches, inside the timepiece is a Swiss automatic mechanical movement, and the watch has a 3mm thick sapphire crustal over the dial. Not sure about the water resistant, but the watch should be based on the Angular Momentum Dive-Tec/500 (that I wrote about) that has 500 meters of water resistance. The Freehand TEC/A13 is after all, a diving watch in theme.

Also, the Angular Momentum Freehand watches are those made specially by watch designers in just one piece. A design designs something new and just makes it. Unadulterated by the needs of mass production or mass appeal. These are real art watches because they emphasize the singular vision of an artist. Price is probably around $5,200 – $7,000 (price range for the Freehand models depending on their style and materials). Angular Momentum makes these piece unique watches from time to time – so let them know if you are interested in one.

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