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Out of the four new watches in this collection from Swiss Angular Momentum I like the painting of the Kingfisher bird the best. The little guy has a nice proud look and is wonderfully rendered in relative miniature on the reserve of the sapphire crystal. You don’t get one of the Angular Momentum Artisan Collection Timepieces because you want the latest wild looking timepiece. You get them because you are an art lover and want to combine fine art with your need to tell the time on your wrist. As I continue to see more and more of these master painted watches in the Verre Èglomisé style that Angular Momentum does so well, I begin to realize their place in the wrist watch world.

They represent a more refined luxury. Some of the people who purchase these watches might not ever even wear them – instead leaving them in a box for display among other like pieces. Whether you wear them only once in a while, or never at all, you can easily appreciate the look and feel of these impressive little pieces of art. Using the Time Galley watch case with diamonds on the lugs and bezel, this latest round of artistic watches is know as the Crown Jewels of Nature collection. The name doesn’t make a who lot of sense, unless it refers to the entire animal collection. Not sure why three Cockatoos and a Kingfisher make up the “crown jewels of nature.”

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Each watch is a little bit different in size and from about 40-41mm wide in 18k white gold. Inside the watch is a Swiss automatic movement with the time being displayed on the disc through the window. As you can imagine, each watch done with this level of effort (how long do you think it takes the artist to paint each dial? A long time) is exhausting, so the collection is limited in production, though I am not aware of exactly how many pieces. One of the things that I like about this collection from Angular Momentum is that  only a few people in the world are not only going to have this type of watch, but are going to be interested in this type of watch. Eventually watches such as this are going to be in museums for future generations to speculate about. They will wonder about the types of people that purchased timepiece like that, and the social circles that they were worn in. Prices for the watches is likely to be around $40,000 each.

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