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Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton Watch

Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton Watch Watch Releases

For Baselworld 2017, Arnold & Son unveiled yet another masterfully skeletonized watch that carries the brand’s conceptual DNA forward. The Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton is the newest addition to the DBG (Double-Balance GMT) collection which we reviewed the original, non-skeletonized version of in greater detail here back in 2013. For those unfamiliar with this piece, it’s basically two movements which share a winding system, housed in one watch. Skeletonized, this watch looks incredible and is the perfect example of Arnold & Son’s relentless progress.

Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton Watch Watch Releases

Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton Watch Watch Releases

First, a little bit more about Arnold & Son’s DBG system. Each time display is powered by its own barrel, with its own gear train, escapement, and balance, while sharing a single winding system. While this isn’t necessarily unprecedented, because of the offsets of the shared components compared to the independent components, it’s not always pretty, and rarely skeletonized. However, with the DBG Skeleton, we see almost perfect symmetry on the dial and caseback.

Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton Watch Watch Releases

Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton Watch Watch Releases

The unusual nature of the in-house A&S1309 movement allows for some added mechanical and practical benefits. For instance, because of the separate barrel, gear train, and escapement/balance, the GMT function includes a “minutes” hand instead of the standard 24-hour counter only. Each time zone display in the Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton can be set to incremental quarters of the hour. So for some Indian, Australian, and Canadian time zones that are off by half-hours, for instance, the watch can account for that. Additionally, the Equation of Time display at 12 o’clock determines the difference between each display, as well as whether it’s day or night in the second time zone. The A&S1309 beats at 21,600bph and features a 40-hour power reserve.

Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton Watch Watch Releases

Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton Watch Watch Releases

The case measures in at 44mm, will be available in rose gold, and is water-resistant up to 30m. The dial is completely skeletonized with dual balances set against Côtes de Genève stripes, providing a nice contrast and additional symmetry. The time zone indicators, as with previous models, differ with Arabic and Roman numerals against an increasingly popular smoked backdrop. I feel these add an eclectic touch to almost identical halves of the watch. Since the movement does feature independent time zone components, each time zone is managed by its own crown, or “ears” as some enthusiasts refer to them, at 3 and 9 o’clock. Each time zone is set with its individual crown, while the watch is wound solely by the crown at 3 o’clock.

Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton Watch Watch Releases

Overall, the aesthetic refinements to the dial and the symmetry of the Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton watch will refresh and breathe new life into the Arnold & Son DBG. It manages to display the intricate and impressive details of a very complicated timepiece without delving into the “too busy” category that many tend to fall into when tackling such a complex endeavor. While I can definitely see a white gold or platinum option in the future, I feel this is a welcome addition to the collection, and one I would be excited to wear. The Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton Ref. 1DGAP.S10A.C120P will be limited to 30 pieces and will carry a price of $38,850 which is actually a few thousand dollars less than what the original DBG watch in gold cost.




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  • Bozzor

    Have to hand it to these guys, they really know how to make style and technical substance come together beautifully.

  • SuperStrapper

    As far as skeletons go, there is a lot to like in this one. Rose gold is no fun, but a wg model (or even better, steel. Maybe ceramic) would be worth a good look. I assume both dials share a single centrally mounted seconds indication, which is attractive.

    I find it interesting that with such a dedicated push for symmetry that the balance cocks would be so purposely asymmetrical, but I would wager that it was done for technical, not aesthetic reasons.

    Another winrar from A&S.

    • The rotated balance cock locations looks just like a physical space issue. The have to attach them somewhere and unless they share a cock/bridge, this may be the only way they could do it. And a shared cock would be a real bear during assembly as you have to “plant” escapements simultaneously. Look observation tho Kris.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    stunning achievement.

  • Sevenmack

    Simply gorgeous! Now this is how you do a skeleton.

  • IG

    So the left side is made by Arnold and the right side by his son?

  • Luciano

    Amazing piece!

  • Word Merchant

    I am willing to suspend my deep dislike of skeleton dials in this case, because this watch is gorgeous. But my rule still stands. No skeletons (except this)!

    • The A&S Time Pyramid might be another exception for you.

      • Word Merchant

        Reckon so…

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    Which time zone is the seconds hand running from?
    Do the balance wheels synchronize through resonance, so beating at precisely the same speed?

    I’m beginning to appreciate skeletons, but I have a preference for beautifully presented, but simple movements. I find the concept here a little clumsy, but that doesn’t detract from the fact its both interesting, and quite beautiful.

    • Good questions (not that which display is driving the seconds really matters for time telling). I can’t recall but for resonance do the balances have to be counter rotating? If so, I think this design would not do it as the gear trains appear to both move in the traditional direction.

  • thecouchguy

    Very nice. I’ll take 2!

  • Ulysses31

    A true work of art. That sounds terribly cliché but after seeing droves of watches made of fancy reinforced plastic or that look revolting for the sake of it, this is truly refreshing to behold.

  • Are the two crowns not perfectly symmetrical, or is that an optical illusion?

  • Shinytoys

    Well, I certainly think we have the GMT issue handled…the movement and execution of the watch are top drawer…

  • Madness. Stunning, delightful madness.

  • Richard Baptist

    Arnold and son are just bringing out great piece after great piece. This is another stunner and I have to say that for the price, what you get isn’t bad. I love this watch as a study in engineering and skeletonizaiton. The watch is symmetrical on both sides and I feel the design must have taken some time to get all the components correctly positioned. Another tour de force from Arnold and Sons.

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