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Arnold & Son HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon Watch

Arnold & Son HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon Watch Watch Releases

Arnold & Son produces some beautiful moon phase watches, and there’s a new piece in the collection with a new twist. Building on the HM Hemisphere Perpetual Moon model, the Arnold & Son HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon watch joins the brand’s Royal Collection. With a second three-dimensional moon, the Arnold & Son HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon watch maintains the visual appeal of previous models but affords the wearer a view of the moon from both the northern and southern hemispheres. The elegant golden constellations along with the gorgeous blue guilloché dial make sure this piece fits in just perfectly with the rest of the line and the brand as a whole.

Arnold & Son HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon Watch Watch Releases

Measuring in at 42mm, the Arnold & Son HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon case is offered in 18 karat red gold, though perhaps in the future a stainless steel variant will be offered. In any case, the gold with the deep blue guilloché dial is just simply beautiful. The three-dimensional moons themselves are 11.2mm, and are joined by the gold stars resulting in an absolutely mesmerizing look. Regal is the word to describe this dial, and Arnold & Son have produced a piece that will make fans absolutely salivate.

Arnold & Son HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon Watch Watch Releases

Arnold & Son HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon Watch Watch Releases

The Arnold & Son HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon’s crystal is anti-reflective sapphire and the case back allows for more accurate adjustments to the moon phase by showing a third moon during eight different stages. Once set, the accuracy should hold for 122 years, after which a simple adjustment will guarantee it for another 122 years. The hand-wound movement is an Arnold & Son manufacture A&S1512 which beats at 21,600 bph with a 90-hour power reserve. The movement itself is 5.35mm thick and features 27 jewels, while the case is rated for 30 meters of water resistance. As if the case back weren’t beautiful enough, the Côtes de Genève shown throughout the movement is just lovely.

Arnold & Son HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon Watch Watch Releases

The Arnold & Son HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon comes with either a brown or black hand-stitched alligator strap and is sure to grab the eye of many a watch lover. The Arnold & Son HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon watch is priced at $30,

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  • PleaseSpellRoman4AsIV

    Beautiful as always, however I prefer the version with just one moon. This may make me wondering if I had a drink one too many and seeing double?

    • iamcalledryan

      I’m a one-moon chap myself too. What would be very cool would be a watch that could be adjusted to display N or S hemisphere through the same aperture – I guess it would not be too easy as it would need to reverse the drive, but cool for the traveller.

      OK I called it first, so brands come see me for the licence…

  • Raymond Wilkie

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you, in my case, the southern hemisphere moon so it a bit of a waste of space. For 30 k , i want a date window. The blue guilloché dial must look fantastic in natural light.

  • funNactive

    The deep blue on gold is a little too much for me. Love the texture of the moon (though I’d prefer to only have one while on this planet).

  • Unless I’m missing something, there is no difference between the hemisphere displays (as both are compromised version of what the actual moon looks like both in terms of shape and azimuth). But these issues exist with most moon phase displays (DeBethune is more faithful since they use a sphere). I’m assuming that the moon disk makes full revolutions (is not retrograde) so the little dipper constellation appears in both hemispheres! Again, this is what Ariel calls a “poetic complication” rather than anything resembling the night sky.

    Having ranted about all of that (most of which is not a complaint unique to this watch), I love this watch as its sooooo beautiful. And the moon phase setting on the back is just great. I’d like to see this in a steel case (lower price point) with silvery moons instead of “harvest moons”.

    • iamcalledryan

      There is one difference that is accurate on this display – the Northern hemisphere view has the moon phase moving right to left, and in the South it’s left to right. But it is still the same phase.

      • And on the equator (Singapore being about 3 degrees off of it) the moon just arcs overhead but still from East to West, so where is the moon display for that market? Just kidding.

    • Dorian Galt

      Mark – while there is an aesthetic issue with having similar moons on each half of the disc, there is a significant issue with the constellations – Ursa Minor and Cassiopeia. Both are only visibly from the Northern hemisphere (and some northern parts of the Southern hemisphere at certain times of year), so the N/S distinction isn’t accurate. Unfortunately this ruins the N/S motif.

      To remedy this, two jumping discs originally come to mind, but they would each need to cover ~270+ degrees and thus overlap. A better solution would be rotating moons on top of stationary backdrops, with appropriate constellations.

      • iamcalledryan

        The ultimate moon phase plus sky chart is the Patek 6102. Not only does it give you a running sky chart for the constellations but the moon phase traverses the chart too so not only can you tell the phase, but when it is in your view of the sky!

        • Yep, the sky in better in the PP but the moon phase display is still hokey (like 98% of all moon phase displays).

    • JimBob
      • In a month, the howling wolves would be arcing through the upper aperature while the single moon descends into the lower opening. Interesting idea, but I’m not sure how it would look at certain times (the wolves howling down at the center pinion?). Cheers

        • JimBob

          I was thinking to close the lower aperture and cover it with wolves. A problem remains: at some times of the month, the wolves will look silly howling at nothing.

  • I’m disappointed in the “North / South” indicators; an infinite number of things could have been used to designate the northern and southern hemispheres without resorting to the ‘N’ and ‘S’ with little arrows. Some watchmakers are so literal.

    “Make sure to put the words POWER RESERVE above the power reserve dial, in case the customer who bought the $30,000 watch forgets.

  • SuperStrapper

    I like the use of 2 moon discs on the dial, and love the detail in depth in them. I think it is a real shame that they used the same cast twice though. Couldn’t they have made a second one based on the other side of the moon?

  • Marius

    My main problem with this watch is that I see too much gold: gold case, gold hands, gold markers, gold moons, and gold stars. I like the steel reference much better as it is more elegant and has a more acceptable price. Moreover, looking at the movement, it doesn’t seem to be worth the $30,000 price. For this sum, I’d rather buy a Lange 1.

  • Sevenmack

    Gorgeous and yet, way too much gold. Hate to sound like one of those guys, but this would be better either in stainless steel or (in concession to the folks who want it) white gold. All in all, a nice effort.

  • IanE

    It may be ungrateful of me, but there is just too much moon for me! I love Arnold & Son, and moonphases (indeed my black dial JLC MUT Moon is one of my favourite watches), but I’d turn into a lunatic with this much of it on my wrist all day!

    • DanW94

      Lunatic – I see what you did there 🙂 Nicely done sir…..

  • JimBob

    THAT’S how you do a moon. #GOLDISBEST

    • I_G

      Silver is better for Moon. Gold is Sun.

      • JimBob

        Gold all the things!

  • Needs more moon

  • Shinytoys

    Yes, that would do nicely on my wrist 🙂 Make mine blue…

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