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Bamford London And Elton John Partner Again On Limited-Edition Mayfair Date Watch

Bamford London And Elton John Partner Again On Limited-Edition Mayfair Date Watch Watch Releases

Nobody does bespoke watch partnerships quite like Bamford London. Over the past several years, the British-based watch customizer has branched out from a line of blacked-out Rolex Submariners to a galaxy of one-off and customized timepieces from a variety of manufacturers. One of Bamford’s highest-profile custom projects came in October 2018, when the brand partnered with music legend Sir Elton John to create a series of 10 unique customized Franck Muller timepieces for Elton’s extensive personal collection.

Bamford London And Elton John Partner Again On Limited-Edition Mayfair Date Watch Watch Releases

Now, Bamford and Sir Elton John have reunited once again to create a limited-edition series of timepieces available to the public. The Elton John X Bamford London Mayfair Date is a wearable celebration of the highlights of Sir Elton John’s decades-long musical career that exudes Bamford’s signature sense of style.

As the name suggests, the Elton John X Bamford London Mayfair Date uses Bamford’s own Mayfair watch as a base, sharing the same Benrus Type 1-inspired 40-millimeter PVD diver case as the base model. The case measures in at a full 15 millimeters-thick, creating bold wrist presence while the 100-meter depth rating ensures the watch is rugged enough for daily use. The Ronda quartz movement is unchanged, as well, providing reliable and accurate timekeeping.

Bamford London And Elton John Partner Again On Limited-Edition Mayfair Date Watch Watch Releases

Where the Elton John X Bamford London Mayfair Date comes into its own is the dial. The “Dodger Blue” base, accented by skeletonized white ladder hands, and red seconds celebrate Sir Elton John’s historic 1975 Dodger Stadium concert in Los Angeles. On top of this blue base, the patchwork of “Elton John” logos repeated over the dial is a reference to the branding for Sir Elton’s current (and final) “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” concert tour. There are no markers or indices, preventing the complex patterned dial from feeling too busy or chaotic and allowing only the date window at 3 o’clock to disrupt the surface.

Bamford complements this piece with a minimal black leather strap, accented with red stitching to complement the bold colors at play on the dial.


Bamford London And Elton John Partner Again On Limited-Edition Mayfair Date Watch Watch Releases

Far from being a static partner in the project, Sir Elton John himself had a major hand in the design of the watch, reflecting Sir Elton’s long and storied musical career. In addition, Sir Elton’s associations with the watchmaking world go far beyond his relationship with Bamford London. The musician has been a noted watch collector for many years, owning unique one-off creations from a wide variety of brands, including Chopard and Rolex. Sir Elton brought both his passion for horology and his legendary musical career to the creation of this piece, and that passion shines through.

Bamford London And Elton John Partner Again On Limited-Edition Mayfair Date Watch Watch Releases

The Elton John X Bamford London Mayfair Date is limited to 40 pieces and is available for purchase now at Bamford’s website and at Dover Street Market retailers in London, New York and Los Angeles. Models are priced at $575 while supplies last.

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  • Mikita

    Pity that they had to use a piece of newspaper instead of the dial.

  • Tempvs Mortvvs

    Classy! … Right? ?

  • James Honour

    Actually understated for an ‘Elton’ product.

  • It would have made Every0ne’s life a whole lot easier if Sir Elton John had made his personal branding on a GA140-6 (EJ)

  • Raymond Wilkie

    How rich does one person need to be? from Bamford, frank Mullar and Chopard. Is their nothing this man won’t advertise 9 granted he does his bit for charity) I recently saw him in a Snickers ( marathon ) chocolate bar advert. This one doesn’t seem to use the Elton second hand seen on the FM. This one is just awful. He’s coming to Glasgow on on the 24th of November. Cheapest seats are £75.

    • Gokart Mozart

      Lose the diamonds and ej seconds hand and I like the FM. Not sure if that is a good thing.

      Lovely shade of green. It’s almost the same green as I used on my windows phone theme.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Sounds like you were made for each other. 🙂

  • DanW94

    Someone lose this watch tonight, in Mayfair
    George almost had his hooks in me, didn’t he dear
    His PVD had me hypnotized,
    Quartzified, the blacked out case whispered in my ear, take a look at that dial,
    doesn’t it make you smile,
    cuz’ rogue horologists like me are free to fly,
    Fly away, fly away and please buy….ooh, ooh, ooh , ooh

    • Berndt Norten

      I’m strangled by Bamford’s haunted Mayfair social scene
      Just a pawn out-played by DanW94 (say, ain’t our Raymond mean?)
      It’s four o’clock in the Scottish morning
      Damn it, listen to me good
      I’m winding my watch alone tonight
      Saved in time
      thank God my Bamford’s still alive

      • DanW94

        Lol, Brilliant!

        • Berndt Norten

          I thought yours was better. Mine is straining to keep up with you

  • Pete L

    Can’t think of anything about this I like. Looks cheap.

  • spice

    With hands this size and limited (battery) life, trump might have proven a far more suitable theme than EJ?

    • SuperStrapper

      8 years is the maximum so i don’t understand why that would be considered limited?

  • SuperStrapper

    Exactly what i think about when i consider Bamford watches. Trashy and unwearable.

  • PowNation

    Cheapest ultra limited edition watch that probably shouldn’t have been made.

  • I’ll just leave this here

    • ? I just knew it some0ne is going to post this hilarious interview between Mr. Bean and “John Elton”. Sweet Panagiotis. We think alike?

    • Foul Owl On The Prowl

      ? classic! Thanks for that!

  • Berndt Norten

    won’t you join the band?

    • Raymond Wilkie

      You’re a butterfly and butterflies are free to fly.
      Fly away, high away bye bye.

  • “exudes Bamford’s signature sense of style”- all too true. Looks too poorly designed to even be a Kickstarter quartz watch.

    Like many others here, I really like classic Elton John music and I’ve seen him in concert twice (decades apart – took my daughter to one less than 10 years ago). Quite a showman, but the flash he utilizes on stage doesn’t translate well into a watch – especially this POS.

    Typical Bamford – every decision was the wrong one.

  • Antjay

    i genuinely do not hate Bamford but this looks like something you would see for $15 in the jewellery section of a discount department store .

  • Ulysses31

    There aren’t enough instances of his name on the dial. Tacky, showy, and self-centred. It sums up the man perfectly. A once-great musician, now a has-been, hoping his name will sell this sub-par timepiece. Die-hard fans of Elton, and ugly, lopsided watches, will love it, but the price is at least $400 too high.

    • To be fair — I cannot consider any great musician as a has-been, even when they’re past their “prime”. He and others who have paid their dues with hard work and a timeless musical legacy, are entitled to a “retirement” where they don’t have to prove themselves any more. The Rolling Stones are another example.

      Few musicians can and have pushed musical boundaries after being in the game for so long — David Bowie and Tom Waits come to mind but there are others.

      Oh yeah and the watch sucks yellow bricks.

      • Ulysses31

        Maybe I was hard on him. I just feel like he has had no presence in the music scene for years. I feel like he’s trying to sell these on his name alone, which for me personally seems a little distasteful, even if it is a standard method of capitalising on one’s fame.

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