Much of the trend surrounding Bamford since its inception has been the democratization of its signature style. From its early days hand-customizing Rolex watches on commission, to working as an in-house customization service for brands like Zenith, to creating its own line of more affordable timepieces, the brand has consistently moved to make the blacked-out Bamford aesthetic more accessible to consumers. For its latest release, this philosophy has taken a major step forward, as Bamford has partnered with Japanese giant Casio to create a unique limited edition series combining this Bamford look with the iconic style of the original G-Shock. The Bamford x G-Shock Limited Edition 5610 is a stealthy and stylish update to the classic square G-Shock design, and a genuinely interesting translation of Bamford’s core principles to a purely digital watch.

The 43mm resin case of the Bamford x G-Shock Limited Edition 5610 keeps the shape of the G-Shock 5600 series intact, showcasing the ubiquitous rectangular form in a simple matte black finish. Bamford breaks up this monotone treatment with a contrasting white fill on the “G-Shock” and “Protection” bezel etchings. Other than that, this is the same elemental case design that has been a G-Shock cornerstone since the initial 1983 model. While this may be far less flashy than many of Bamford’s other cases in the past, in some ways the textured black form of the standard G-Shock is far more in line with the brand’s design philosophy than many of the stainless steel Swiss cases it has modified in the past. With this lack of change comes familiarity, along with the same dependable shock resistance and 200 meter depth rating as the standard 5600 series G-shock.

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The real changes for the Bamford x G-Shock Limited Edition 5610 come through the dial. The most eye-catching custom touch at first glance is the outer ring in signature pale Bamford blue, along with Bamford’s signature in the classic ‘80s retro Casio font at 6 o’clock. The largest change to the design overall, however, might actually take a moment to register visually after inspecting the piece. The digital dial display has been inverted for a “black dial” look, rather than the classic black LCD numerals on an off-white background. It’s a clever and innovative way of translating Bamford’s signature blacked out cues to a digital display, and one that doesn’t negatively impact legibility at all.

With very little in the way of technical change from the standard 5600 series, the Bamford x G-Shock Limited Edition 5610 still uses the 5600 series’ in-house solar digital module. With reliable solar charging and Casio’s Multi Band 6 radio controlled timekeeping system, it’s a dependable and accurate utilitarian tool, capable of resisting low temperatures down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Complications for this module include a world timer, 24 hour countdown timer, and a chronograph.

Like the case, the changes to the original resin G-Shock strap for the Bamford x G-Shock Limited Edition 5610 have more to do with injecting a touch of Bamford color into the style than any drastic design changes. Here, however, the custom touches are more substantial, with a pale Bamford blue inner lining and a matching Bamford signature on the first accordion style flat vent. While noticeable, it feels like a bespoke addition on top of the stock style, rather than an attempt to reinvent the look of the Casio G-Shock completely. With a design as enduring and iconic as the 5600 series G-Shock is, this very well might be the right approach to take.

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While perhaps not its most dramatic or unique design to date, Bamford’s work on the Bamford x G-Shock Limited Edition 5610 does create an affordable and stylish entry point into the brand’s signature custom aesthetic. Although limited in number, exact edition size for the Bamford x G-Shock Limited Edition 5610 has not been stated. The Bamford x G-Shock Limited Edition 5610 will be available exclusively through authorized dealers in the United Kingdom starting September 17, 2020, at an MSRP of £149. For more information, please visit the brand’s website.


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