For aBlogtoWatch coverage of Baselworld 2013 watches and other new products, we are going to follow in our own footsteps based on what seemed like effective coverage of SIHH 2013. What does that mean? Well, starting this year, we thought it would be interesting to focus first on covering those products and brands that aBlogtoWatch audience members said they wanted to read about. That way, the community is able to request what they see first from the show.

Once again, we will focus on covering the show on the aBlogtoWatch website, as well as the aBlogtoWatch YouTube channel, aBlogtoWatch Instagram feed, Twitter, and most importantly on the aBlogtoWatch Facebook page. If you follow the Facebook page you’ll pretty much get all the content in one place, which includes links to new articles here, as well as YouTube videos and random pictures we upload on Instagram throughout the show. Apparently, we’ve started a trend, as we are seeing everyone and their grandmother’s watch blog make the same plea to follow their coverage of the Baselworld show on all social media channels known to humankind. If you try to follow everything your head will spin, you’ll lose your job, and your significant other might commit you (if they stay with you). Let us be the ones who burn ourselves out on watches for the next several days – so sit back, relax, and enjoy the melodies of minute repeaters in your ear. If you do decide to brave out Watchpocalypse with us we will make sure you have fun, learn something, and in the end, leave you feeling just that much better about yourself.

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Let us know (comment on Facebook, ideally) what you’d like to see from Basel and we can also try to pose your questions to brands when possible. For 2013, it will be myself and our Editor James Stacey – along with unnamed deputies and Kristin who will Captain the aBlogtoWatch Facebook page – at the show, which runs from April 24 – May 2 this year. Let the marathon of watch coverage begin! Also as a shout-out to our colleagues, here are some other Facebook pages you can check out if you want to see even more: Watch Anish, Fratello, Hodinkee, Professional Watches, Les Rhabilleurs, and Monochrome.

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